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Who would have known
that flowers isn't the only thing
that butterflies like?

Just the sound of your name,
and in my stomach
they begin to feel so alive.

Who would have known
that drugs isn't the only thing
that makes you stare at walls?

Just the thought of your face
and in my mind
memories begin to roll

And who would have known
that this would end up
being written as poetry?

Just because. ❤️
Disclaimer: I don't do drugs. Hehee
The writings
in the sand,
within a minute--
erased by the wave

Such as letters
by pencils
And 'quick memos'

But the
best way
your feelings

Is to speak
of it
so clear

the deepest
part of
her heart
will hear.
Maybe what lies
ahead of us
still seems so blurry
we have yet
to wipe our tears.

Maybe what
hinders us
from moving
is 'cause
we have yet
to face our fears.

And maybe
what's stopping us
from being okay
is 'cause
we always

have yet to do

what we should
have done.

Because we think,
we always think,

we have yet to
the right moment

we have yet
to realize

that we're running out of time.
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