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Jun 2017 · 1.1k
This Moment
Curing Jun 2017
If there is pain, In This Moment, face it
If there is peace, In This Moment, embrace it
If there is love, In This Moment, receive it
If you're here, In This Moment, don't leave it
May 2017 · 803
Dark Sky
Curing May 2017
Shooting stars may take your breath;
But form no constellation.
They do not point the way back home;
Yet still we love to chase them.
Nov 2016 · 1.2k
Curing Nov 2016
Make it your goal to enjoy the process of reaching your goal
Nov 2016 · 583
Curing Nov 2016
See the way she comes and goes?
She’s got the ocean in her bones.
Oct 2016 · 833
Curing Oct 2016
Look, we’re all family
Stop hating your brother and sister
Who look different than you
Or pray different than you
Yeah your skin’s a little different
But it looks beautiful on you
If we came together
Imagine what we’d do
If we loved each other like we’d love each other to.
Sep 2016 · 919
Curing Sep 2016
No one ever got hurt by loving too much...our pain comes from needing to be loved.
We fool ourselves into believing that love must come from somewhere “out there,”
...when in reality we hold infinite love inside ourselves.

  If we realize this, then we are free.  
Free from fear and hate,
Free from desire, dependence, and delusions;
Free from the prison of spite and self-pity we build and live within.  

We raise these walls to protect ourselves from pain
...before we realize walls can't stop pain.
Pain is inevitable...But suffering
Suffering is not.  

Though we may be in pain
If we practice Love we will not suffer  
Pain is visceral, suffering is spiritual

Anger, sadness, regret, worry...none of these things can survive simultaneously in a person who is intentionally practicing gratitude...who brings compassionate presence

...right here...

We must love without restriction or inhibition.  
We must love without judgement or expectation.  
We must love even when it hurts to love...
In fact, we must love ESPECIALLY when it hurts to love,
Though we are afraid, and may not be loved in return.  
You will lose nothing through practicing love, and will stay lost until you do.
Sep 2016 · 785
Curing Sep 2016
Theirs was a love just as pure as the sky
Screaming for freedom, forbidden to fly

Theirs was the song of a whispering heart
Two handfuls of dust as it all fell apart

He read her like poetry, she loved him like home
Ablaze in the void, like starlight they shone
Curing Sep 2016
I feel all the molten love I had for you cooling into a coffin of stone hugging my heart…suffocating me as I sink into this puddle of tears and muddy memories.
Aug 2016 · 416
Curing Aug 2016
I belong to everything
...and you're my everything...
Jul 2016 · 666
The Shore
Curing Jul 2016
They all slip through like grains of sand,
Like drops of water from my hand,
Their smiles flash like fireflies,
But my North Star is in your eyes.

You're freedom's promise...salvation's song,
You're moonlight's twinkle on oceans calm,
You are this perfect moment's soul,
The innocence this lifetime stole.

I'm the rage, the wind, the beast,
You're the sunrise in the east,
I'm the ocean, cold and deep,
You're the seashore I can't keep.
May 2016 · 920
The Light
Curing May 2016
My mind has finally settled
Like a peace after a storm
The gales have turned to whispered breeze
The night turned to the morn

The shrieking raging tempest
Gives way to sparrow song
The white hot lightening's fire
Has melted to the dawn

Through the trembling of thunder
Through the battery of hail
Through the fury of the heavens
The sun will still prevail

She twinkles in the darkness
Reflected in the moon
She melts the icy hardness
Freeing spring from winter's tomb

So too my heart now blossoms
Having weathered winter's blight
Sometimes we need the darkness
To appreciate the light
May 2016 · 669
All My Might
Curing May 2016
Yeah, right now I feel alright
I feel you here tonight
Missing you, my sweet starlight
Fill my darkness darling bright
Against the roar you're my respite
Against the storm you're watertight
Despite no happy end in sight
I won't lose you without a fight
To keep you here I have no right
So until dawn I'll hold you tight
And love you dear with all my might
May 2016 · 726
Curing May 2016
Oh, but what a fleeting life,
To do with as we please...

The future is uncertainty,
The past gone with the breeze.

Life is but one moment,
Repeating for a time...

How long we can't be certain,
But right now we are just fine.

Present with compassion,
Let intention guide your way...

This moment holds eternity,
Arrive here now and stay.
Apr 2016 · 321
Her Love
Curing Apr 2016
Her love was heaven's masterpiece born from purest light.
Her laughter held a memory of Eden's own delight.
Her touch a promise of salvation,
Her song an answer to a prayer,
Her kiss would steal your heart beat
And you wouldn't even care.
Feb 2016 · 670
On Love
Curing Feb 2016
My darling, I did not kindle the flames of love for fear of the darkness...
For was it not in the darkness that first we embraced, freeing my soul from its barren prison...allowing it to taste the purest nectar that flows from your sweet kiss?

Nor were these flames of passion kindled to melt the frozen winter of solitude...For was it not in solitude when I did most clearly hear the whisper of my own heart, singing to me your name before I had even known the splendor of your smile or the triumph of your touch?

My dearest, the blaze in my breast is not a decision, a choice, an invention, nor a, this incandescent luminosity we ephemeral beings identify as love is forged in a moment unbound by time, in some sacro-celestial domain unconquerable by mortal ethereal reverberation imperceptible to the mind yet irresistible to the soul.

How rare to have have truly loved in such a way that permits unconsecrated flesh to gaze fleetingly upon the glory of heaven and bask momentarily in the glow of immortality.

Yes my love, how fortunate are we to have loved and through loving became divinity's ephemeral manifestation.
Feb 2016 · 693
Her Song
Curing Feb 2016
Troubled souls love dancing to the voice of lovers past;
Whose songs are sown with melodies of days not meant to last.

That rhyme in time with teardrops to a heartbeat out of tune;
Whose haunting echoes fill the silence of an empty room.

They ring with her long forgotten name;
They drip from lips like poison...joining tears that fall like rain.

As lovely lies form lullabies that promise no more pain;
My soul will go on dancing as my heartbeat sings her name.
Feb 2016 · 854
The Dancer
Curing Feb 2016
She dances through the garden
Blooming flowers in her wake
Chirping birds duetting
With the crickets by the lake
A newborn fawn with wonder
Marvels from her resting place
For she never saw a dancer
Blaze with such resplendent grace
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Curing Feb 2016
Falling down like raindrops
And I just can't see the end
Hold yourself together now
Just don't let go my friend
Feeling darkness like a chill
Taste the salty tears
Choking on a lifetime
Filled with bitterness and fears
Time rewinds for no one
And tomorrow's a mirage
The pain won't last forever
But you'll always have the scars
Dec 2015 · 805
Curing Dec 2015
I cried for you last night again,
...and swore it'd be the last
Then as I slept I dreamt of you,
...and tears fell twice as fast
Oct 2015 · 931
The Rain
Curing Oct 2015
I should have never let you go...
I can't do this alone...
I thought losing you would set me free,
But now I'm missing home.

Things were getting easier...
I thought the worst was through...
I never saw it coming...
When I ran into you.

The icy truth wraps round my throat
and haunts me every night,
I'm never getting over you.
...and might never be alright.

The folly of a foolish heart,
Young, naive and free.
Blessed with a love so beautiful,
But was too blind to see.

I hope that there's a purpose
A lesson hidden in the pain
I hope I find the sun again
Cause I'm drowing in the rain
Oct 2015 · 412
Just the Same
Curing Oct 2015
Why am I this way
Trusting nothing others say
I'll love you forever
But I'll still push you away
A trillion miles from heaven
But it's right there in your eyes
I promised you forever
And we both believed my lies
Sinking into darkness
As I'm whispering your name
I hope it's not too late to tell you
That I love you just the same
Aug 2015 · 617
Missing Pieces
Curing Aug 2015
So I know it goes both ways
But it felt like you never really loved all of me
You loved me as much as you were possibly able
But some pieces were missing...and it's so tough to love missing pieces

Then again, it goes both ways
Maybe I needed to learn to love you better
Instead of expecting you to love me harder
Maybe keeping score isn't always the best way to win

Maybe holding on tighter hurts more than letting go
But if I'm drowning either way, I'd rather not do it alone
Jul 2015 · 643
My Ghost
Curing Jul 2015
You're the first thing I think of on waking
My last thought before drifting away
My dreams are bound by constant aching
That greets me new each day

You're the ghost that haunts my nights
The splinter in my soul
The only song my heart recites
The piece that makes me whole

In scornful silence evermore
With hopes to mask the pain
In silence, though, I can’t ignore
My heart calling your name

What a fool I must appear
To foster such desire
That our love might reappear
And set the past on fire
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
Right and Wrong
Curing Jun 2015
I woke up in the wrong world
At the wrong time
I know the right words
But they don't rhyme

In the wrong shell
With the wrong mind
I'll never stop looking
But I know I'll never find

The wrong lips
Speak the wrong line
The wrong eyes
Miss the right sign

The wrong voice
For the right song
The perfect sound
Where it doesn't belong
Jun 2015 · 2.6k
The Bus
Curing Jun 2015
Your scent it drifts
The breeze's gift
And locks me to your soul
Your smile fills
My soul with thrills
Look, now I've lost control
Your raven eyes
Lay bare my lies
And swallowed my heart whole
What chance had I
When you passed by
My heart and breathe you stole
Jun 2015 · 566
Curing Jun 2015
Not a poem, but I am reminded how thankful I am to be literate when I come here and read the beautiful words from this wildly talented community able to make my heart soar on even the darkest of days.
Jun 2015 · 865
Just Breathing
Curing Jun 2015
It never felt quite right...
Yet never really wrong
Pretending you're alright,
When you know you don't belong

All at once the Demon
Masquerading as a God
Perfectly imperfect
Magnificently flawed

The quiet desperation
Sweet silent isolation
Now all that I can own violent soul's vibration
That sordid celebration
That terrible temptation
The shattering of tender hearts...My downfall's orchestration

The final walk through paradise
The waterfall of tears
The bastion of loneliness
The sum of all our fears

The tiger crouched behind you
The bomb that's ticking down
The iron ball inside your throat
You choke on as you drown

The dusty corpse of yesterday
Crumbling to a pile
I think I'll sit here all alone
Just breathing for a while
Jun 2015 · 2.3k
Curing Jun 2015
I hope you have a daughter
Just as beautiful as you
I hope she is an angel
And she makes your dreams comes true

I hope she falls in love one day
I hope their love is real
I hope she drives him mad with love
The way you made me feel

I hope she loves her culture
I hope she loves her God
I hope he doesn't fit the mold
The same way I was flawed

I hope she doesn't hide from you
And that you've helped her understand
True love transcends both faith and race
And it sure as hell's not planned

I hope you get to meet him
And see how he makes her smile
I hope that if she tells him yes
He can walk her down the aisle

The hardest thing I've ever done
Was giving you my heart
And being crushed as ignorance
Tore our love apart
May 2015 · 940
Curing May 2015
Ocean waves chase shorelines
As the sun falls from the sky
Each grain of sand a memory
Of happy days gone by

I taste your tear drops in the ocean
And now I realize why
Each salty stream of sorrow's
Gonna haunt me till I die

I'll dance with you forever
You're the moon and I'm the tide
I'll willingly dive into love
And drown myself inside
May 2015 · 3.6k
The Problem
Curing May 2015
Too often our pain stems from the discord between
The problems we imagine
The problems we perceive
And the problems which exist
Apr 2015 · 344
Embrace your story
Curing Apr 2015
It's one of the most enlightening paradoxes I've become aware of:
That often the stories which seem the saddest or most heart-breaking are the most beautiful

The beauty is usually not in the circumstances themselves...but in how we respond to those circumstances with courage, strength, hope, resilience, and above all love...

It changes everything...
To acknowledge that such beauty can be born of the deepest darkness

Darkness that is able to crush despite having no tangible mass or substance
Darkness that consumes us if we forget that we are the light...

Light by its very definition is energy...maybe that explains why it can be so hard to battle can be exhausting
Yet, as long as we can perceive the darkness...we can also manifest the light that is our salvation
That is Beautiful...

To come to the realization that we are not condemned to be prisoners in the darkness until some outside entity bestows light upon us
At any moment, we have but to shift our perception inward and we find that which we seek

This is not to say that outside entities cannot help us to find this light...
But merely to reveal that the light which we seek is not withheld from us by any force outside of our control

This also does not mean darkness is ever eliminated, for without light darkness always returns...ever assuring us of its presence.

This means we must consciously and constantly strive to find within us our own light...
This is our journey...a journey in which each of us may arrive at the destination along vastly different paths using strategies as unique as our identities themselves
Although others may aid us on this journey, providing strength and encouragement, they cannot walk our paths for us...

Thus we must develop strategies...
Darkness can be so deep that we lose sight of our sources of light
This is where mindfulness is required
We must practice gratitude...not on occaision, but we must condition ourselves to be grateful even when surrounded by darkness
Even in darkness we can be grateful, and by practicing gratitude we arouse our inner light
Love is born from gratitude...we cannot have one without the other
And love is as pure an energy as the light from the sun itself
As the sun produces light, so too can we generate love through practicing gratitude
And with this love we may begin to realize that the light we seek comes not from without...but from within

And that is Beautiful
Not a poem...just a thought
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
Curing Apr 2015
The pain it burns
as hot as stars
Though we've healed
we hate our scars

The shame we feel
the dark regret
The ones we hurt
we can't forget

Hidden terrors
we relive
It's ourselves
we can't forgive

When monsters speak
for us instead
Most words are better
left unsaid

Although we're told
that life goes on
and night is darkest
before dawn

Still we hate
what we've become
alone and lost
cold and numb

It's waking up
without a name
It's wondering
who we became

The fall from grace
it's not so bad
it's this new place
that drives us mad
Mar 2015 · 5.1k
Curing Mar 2015
Smile, oh Smile!
Smile once more
Let the smile coming rolling like waves to the shore

Smile, oh Smile!
Smile with your eyes
As deep as the oceans and blue as the skies

Smile, oh Smile!
Just one more will do
Like a breath while you're drowning or a wish that's come true

And if you can't smile
Then finally I'll know
I won't ask again...I'll turn and I'll go

But oh for a smile
The sweetest I've known
Send me one more, like the kisses you've blown

As your lips widen
Your eyes do their part
You glow as if heaven was born from your heart

The envy of angels
She shines with the stars
And stands by the moon, despite all his scars

If life is a sickness
Her smile's the cure
Where the blossoming meadow meets cloudless azure

Where answers are simple
And love is secure
Peaceful and tranquil...precious and pure

Smile, oh Smile!
Mere memories are cruel
Reminders of folly, to punish the fool
Feb 2015 · 5.0k
Your Voice
Curing Feb 2015
At last I've found my voice he cried!

All along it was inside!

And on the day you find yours too!

Don't keep it locked inside of you!
Feb 2015 · 674
Tiny Parts
Curing Feb 2015
We're all searching for forever
But it isn't ours to give
All we can promise is a part
Of these tiny lives we live

What we must remember
But can't seem to understand
Is that forever's made of tiny parts
Like the beach is made of sand

So while you're searching for forever
To these words take heed
Oftentimes the tiny parts
Are all we really need
Feb 2015 · 758
Curing Feb 2015
Sometimes we forget who we are momentarily
Sometimes we forget for a lifetime
Sometimes we close our eyes at night and hope that it's the last time

Chances are the Sun will rise
Sparkling like a white wine
Somewhere in the dark of night, you're lonley fingers found mine

Sometimes we break each others hearts
Sometimes we are the lifeline
Sometimes I think we built our love right above the fault line

Sometimes one of us will slip
Eventually we'll realign
Impossible to pull away, break apart, unentwine

Sometimes we really aren't okay
Even though we say we're fine
Sometimes the pain behind the smile, is the only warning sign

Sometimes we wish for yesterday
But to the present we're confined
Slipping into disarray, watching as we're left behind
Feb 2015 · 16.2k
Curing Feb 2015
I look out from this little world
with all it's dancers dancing

Mighty trees tickle the sky
The birds in them romancing

If we but stop and listen
we'll hear the music playing

Stop a while and close your eyes
exhale the troubles weighing

Down around your shoulders
Thoughts that cloud your heart

We're only here but for a while
Before we drift apart

Like clouds across the silver moon
we're here and gone far too soon

Then pass into the inky night
Still around, yet out of sight

Some of our clouds stretch for miles
Others stacked in fragile piles

Some full and dark and hanging low
Filled with tears they can't let go

Some so wispy and so light
Their presence a mere oversight

Some whose wrath begets a name
Who form a mighty hurricane

Some who rumble in the night
Hurling lightening left and right

Some dark and brooding, filled with snow
Dumping ice on all below

Some that twist right to the ground
Violently they spin around

Some collide, some drift away
Some prefer night, some prefer day

So let us stop and gaze up high
To find ourselves within the sky
Just looking out the window, yearning to be free
Feb 2015 · 680
When I'm With You
Curing Feb 2015
So until I smile
Stay for a while
Hold me as I crumble
Into a pile

I don't need much
But I need you
And when you smile
I know it's true

Scary things
May happen too
But I fly higher
When I'm with you
Jan 2015 · 710
Broken Glass
Curing Jan 2015
Fixing broken glass
I've got a lot of glass to fix
I've found that glass and tempers
Do not kindly mix.

So tell me now my long-lost love,
Who gave her heart of glass to me...
Why do all the things I seem to love,
break so easily?

Fixing broken glass
We all have glass to fix
What hope is there for hearts of glass
In a world of stones and sticks...

All the twinkling pieces
Strewn about the ground
Far below the stars above
They fall without a sound

Fixing broken glass
Our world has so much glass to fix,
Maybe we'd be better off
If hearts were made of bricks.
Jan 2015 · 285
Into Love
Curing Jan 2015
Her smile was the final shove,
she without mercy let it show.
He wanted peace, she shot his dove
and through his veins he felt her flow.

Watch him tumble into love,
but deeper still there is to go.
Plummeting from far above
onto the jagged rocks below.
Jan 2015 · 506
These Words
Curing Jan 2015
How do I know if it's still love, or a darker sort of need?
As each wish that we send above, we do so out of greed.

I could dream of you forever, and I probably will indeed.
Love chained our hearts together, and I'm not asking to be freed.

My mistakes haunt me everyday, whilst smiling eyes mislead.
In disbelieving disarray, surviving love's stampede.

I write these words I cannot say, not knowing where they'll lead.
But I'll still write them anyway, these words you'll never read.
Jan 2015 · 2.2k
Curing Jan 2015
There you are...
Perched on the edge of my ocean.

Skipping stars across the horizon...
New galaxies bursting to life before my eyes.

And what is your name?
What does it matter?

I've fallen in love with the sound of every word you've spoken.

I can still hear you laughing as we danced barefoot under the universe.
Jan 2015 · 4.6k
Taken Chances
Curing Jan 2015
I may not be your saving grace,
But darling you'll discover...

I'll take a chance and break my heart,
Cause broken hearts recover...
Jan 2015 · 802
Broken-Hearted Serenade
Curing Jan 2015
An ode to darkness eschewing light,
Why not?
Her beauty,
it transcends sight!

Radiance reflected.
Incandescent revelry.
Each heartbeat supernova we can feel but never see.

As faithful as true love appears,
her touch incurs your deepest fears.

A broken-hearted serenade...
of choices better left unmade...

Memories burn as touches fade.
Thus, my heart, I barricade.

Here! Love, not armies would invade!
Jan 2015 · 416
All you do
Curing Jan 2015
deeply darkly
constant sawing

Whats that sound?
That nonstop gnawing...

softly slipping
slowly drawing

ever inching
unto death

drawing dreary
day to day

as sneering seconds
slip away

Too many tears to erase...
Too many yet to tolerate...

Too few breaths to win this race...

Were men meant to pontificate,
on gods and heavens that await?

Here only to eat and mate,
conquer, ****, and dominate?

With all we've done and all we've seen...
With all we've lost that might have been...

Don't only smile when skies are blue...
For without rain,
No flowers grew...

Despite the pain that's glaring through...
the guilt, rage, shame that you subdue.

Each day you set your course anew.
Our choices ink our life's tattoo.

May your heart be ever true,
Hate never cloud your point of view

May all your love return to you
and guide your heart in all you do.
Dec 2014 · 9.7k
My Heart and All Its Pain
Curing Dec 2014
Oh, what a gift,
...Stopping time's flow.
Just to hold you forever,
...Without letting go.

...Racing and burning,
...Forever returning,
...I loved you each day sure as the Sun loves to fly.
...Rising to Day.
...Falling to Night.
...Forever returning,
...Till the day I should die.

Yes, a gift and a curse,
...Our lives but a verse,
...We dance through the stars, as around us they burst.

A bleeding heart,
A world apart,
By sunsets final glow.

Loves tender fruit,
Pure to the root,
Deep in my heart you sow.

Through misty mornings clouding sight,
Through frozen winter rain.
I know tis true...
it beats for you...
my heart and all its pain.
Dec 2014 · 934
Curing Dec 2014
Like the hero of a story
...arriving two pages too soon.
The plot incomplete, like our own waxing moon.

Like the sweetest of fruits
...plucked a smidge premature.
Timing is crucial for love to endure.

If Love is a light be alone is the night
...before two hearts unite
...we search absent sight
...starving for you, yet unable to bite

He's felt it before he crashed to the floor
...a tormented soul seared to the core the deafening silence continues to roar
...he misses her more
...and more
...and more
Dec 2014 · 11.8k
Curing Dec 2014
Shine in darkness, shine with love
shine through all your pain.

Shine despite the heartache,
yet savor still the rain.
Dec 2014 · 2.3k
Curing Dec 2014
The scariest thing is,
we're ready to evolve.

Imagine how many of our horrors we could solve.

Even darker still,
they don't want us to unite.

But after all, what's been solved with all these wars we fight

And money is of course...
the most important thing of all.

Yet funny as it really means nothing at all

We're brothers and we're sisters,
under a common sun.

These lines we've scrawled on maps of ours...shattered instead of one.

That's the truest problem,
the final shackle yet to break.

The futures beams with brightness...but we've a final leap to take.

We must release the past,
We'll need both hands to lunge.

Balancing precipitously before the plunge,

Our consciousness transcending,
silence ringing in our ears.

The internal glow of love without the salty taste of tears.

We're worthy and we're ready,
and some of us awake.

Enlightenment expanding, like a ripple on a lake.
Dec 2014 · 1.8k
Curing Dec 2014
Sometimes it's not demons that break us,
the times when the angels forsake us

Sometimes they're all that remain.
Their whispers giving voice to the pain.

The pain that burns to the core;
allowing tears, once silent, to pour.

Saltier than a draught from the sea,
yet sweeter than we dreamed they could be.

Yes, these demons which lay bare our soul,
also allow us to regain control.

And the faster we flee from our pain,
the quicker we are driven insane.
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