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Sep 2016
No one ever got hurt by loving too much...our pain comes from needing to be loved.
We fool ourselves into believing that love must come from somewhere “out there,”
...when in reality we hold infinite love inside ourselves.

  If we realize this, then we are free.  
Free from fear and hate,
Free from desire, dependence, and delusions;
Free from the prison of spite and self-pity we build and live within.  

We raise these walls to protect ourselves from pain
...before we realize walls can't stop pain.
Pain is inevitable...But suffering
Suffering is not.  

Though we may be in pain
If we practice Love we will not suffer  
Pain is visceral, suffering is spiritual

Anger, sadness, regret, worry...none of these things can survive simultaneously in a person who is intentionally practicing gratitude...who brings compassionate presence

...right here...

We must love without restriction or inhibition.  
We must love without judgement or expectation.  
We must love even when it hurts to love...
In fact, we must love ESPECIALLY when it hurts to love,
Though we are afraid, and may not be loved in return.  
You will lose nothing through practicing love, and will stay lost until you do.
Written by
Curing  South Carolina
(South Carolina)   
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