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Nicholas Mar 11
is excitement and the lack thereof

developing across
a bed of thoughts


Bending to your will and
guiding it

Alluding you entirely

Compatible in all ways but one,
or one way but none

Love is whatever you make it to be
defined only by the realization of it's existence
If I succumb to the current
of the raging river
would it take me home?
If I let it wash away my tears
would it cease my restless wandering--
when endlessly I roam?
Could I ever hope to drown in
stormy depths?
When I claw and I poke
at things I wont accept?
So I plunge in
awaiting the beasts that shall pull me under
Split me apart
pick me clean
and tear me asunder.
Megan Parson Feb 22
Once there was a file,
The file was used in a program.
Unfortunately, could never smile,
Digitally stuck in rolling RAM.

Wanting a life beyond the lab,
To be called more than just a tab.
Instead AMAZING, cool & fab,
Being able to dance & dab.

Tired of being cut, copied and pasted,
Duplicated, locked and wasted.
So s/he married a trojan,
And eloped, far from that dungeon.

To party with android & PUBG,
Feasting on apples & candy.

Living life in blissful entirety!
Bonjour my fellow poets & poetesses, i know its been long but my exams are finally over  *dab*  I wrote this poem in my computer lab, with the first 2 lines left behind by some kind soul. Love, Megan.
danny Feb 21
I would have it every other way,
the love has gone, flown off
our marital bed is just another
grave to be robbed.

The last time I tried you shouted
"Look at me, what part of me screams roses."
You have worn me down over the years
So I responded, "I may be an empty shell but I still have feelings."

Bitterness flows hot through my veins,
substituting the burning desire and passion
My heart once beat for you.
Only you.

When did it all change I moan
from the wrong side of the closed door.
"Between the blinks" you quipped.
And then I knew.
Matterhorn Nov 2018
Ever think that the world
Does nothing but tear us up
And beat us down
Because it knows that it is just
A ball of dirt
And we are made of stars?
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2018
Savy Feb 5
The universe talks to me.
And right now it's saying you're no good for me
Everywhere I turn, I see how we would not work
We're too similar
We don't add to each other's character
We don't grow together - we grow alongside each other
We believe the same things - but when we don't, we can't hear the other out.
I don't want to listen.

We drown in each other's eyes but claw up each others minds
Planting traces of explosives that time will force together
Into a whole, ready to shatter
And take with it our sanity,
Our mutual care
Our love

You're no good for me, the universe tells me
It gives me many alternatives,
Throws people in my path
Brings back old friends, previous acquaintances, long-forgotten memories
I'm not listening yet.

The universe tries to talk to me
I don't want to listen
I want to drown in your eyes like you drown in my voice

The universe tries to talk to me.
I don't want to listen.

But you don't talk to me anymore.
Should I start listening?
Esther Krenzin Nov 2018
So high, that you could touch the clouds
The world below looked so fragile and small
The lives and worries a single speck amidst the grains of sand.
City lights glowed like tiny stars, blinking in and out of existence following the rythm of code
like the algorithm of a computer.
What once felt so big, is now but a ghost
What once felt so small, is now invisible to the eye--
but not to the heart.
-Esther Krenzin-
High in the embrace of a plane, what do you see when you look below?
funny how
is a word
that fills
some people
han Jan 14
I’ve pondered
the root of my passion
science, history, and poetry
seemingly unrelated
externally, yes
but underneath
with traces of rebellion
and refutation
of societal standards
instead a constant avidity
to expand
in a sort of caustic relationship
that will always morph
something we’ll never grasp
intangible and fluid
maybe even arbitrary
but invaluable nonetheless
amateur musings inspired by my most recent read 1/14/19
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