and I'm certain that there are things that I'll always be uncertain of. The need to let you go, the surge to feel your words wash over me,

and I'm certain that there are things that I'll never tire of. To gaze at the moon late at night, the [soothing] effect I experience while reading your words,

and my mind, which thinks up ways
on how to irk you, little by little ...

Dedicated to V. Just a mere realization on my part on how much special a person you are (to me). And some others ;)
Dr YumnaKay Jan 12

I walk breathless,
keeping within the circle of life,
my laments go unheard
as ​I suffocate, run loose and
eventually break free...
love binds in ways
I couldn't fathom before,
tormenting; and I'm caught off guard
as life calls - checkmate!

Ramblings of a raging mind. Edited. Repost.
Dr YumnaKay Jan 2

​In silence I wander, to distant places of my mind, probing, exploring the depths of the cavernous labyrinth. It frightens me, of what I'm capable of; of what I have so far gone through. I could not be sane - after all that, after everything, this body, this face, with a half smile etched across, though hollow, feels like an accomplishment.

Ramblings of an exhausted mind. Short diary entry...
Rory Dec 2017

And there is too little
Not enough softness

And the world may
One day do me in

And cause me to turn
To stone or nothing at all

And yet I am too strong to
Submit to these fears

And life may be hard but
So am I in my softness, my love

And my compassion that comes so
Easily to me that I may care for all

And while I may hurt and feel weak still
Now I know I may overcome all

it's been over a year figured i might as well come back lol, things have changed and i am doing better in my life, and i'm not so depressed anymore and i hope that changes will happen with everyone else for the better, and this isn't the best i've ever written but it certainly does sound pretty right? yeah i think so ^^ so hellopoetry i've missed you
Rebekah M Hearn Nov 2017

Planted in my mind by my father.
Fed & watered by my first love.
Shined down upon by my second "love".
Ignored in the winter months after the sun left us.
Then there was him.
It seemed like for once the tiny crack in my mind where it grew from was slowly starting to wilt and die off.
Then the spring came.
You let me down, and the next thing I knew it was 100* and the small darkness grew at an astounding rate.
I was trapped in my own personal hell.

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