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Curing Jun 2017
If there is pain, In This Moment, face it
If there is peace, In This Moment, embrace it
If there is love, In This Moment, receive it
If you're here, In This Moment, don't leave it
Curing May 2017
Shooting stars may take your breath;
But form no constellation.
They do not point the way back home;
Yet still we love to chase them.
Curing Nov 2016
See the way she comes and goes?
She’s got the ocean in her bones.
Curing Oct 2016
Look, we’re all family
Stop hating your brother and sister
Who look different than you
Or pray different than you
Yeah your skin’s a little different
But it looks beautiful on you
If we came together
Imagine what we’d do
If we loved each other like we’d love each other to.
Curing Sep 2016
No one ever got hurt by loving too much...our pain comes from needing to be loved.
We fool ourselves into believing that love must come from somewhere “out there,”
...when in reality we hold infinite love inside ourselves.

  If we realize this, then we are free.  
Free from fear and hate,
Free from desire, dependence, and delusions;
Free from the prison of spite and self-pity we build and live within.  

We raise these walls to protect ourselves from pain
...before we realize walls can't stop pain.
Pain is inevitable...But suffering
Suffering is not.  

Though we may be in pain
If we practice Love we will not suffer  
Pain is visceral, suffering is spiritual

Anger, sadness, regret, worry...none of these things can survive simultaneously in a person who is intentionally practicing gratitude...who brings compassionate presence

...right here...

We must love without restriction or inhibition.  
We must love without judgement or expectation.  
We must love even when it hurts to love...
In fact, we must love ESPECIALLY when it hurts to love,
Though we are afraid, and may not be loved in return.  
You will lose nothing through practicing love, and will stay lost until you do.
Curing Sep 2016
Theirs was a love just as pure as the sky
Screaming for freedom, forbidden to fly

Theirs was the song of a whispering heart
Two handfuls of dust as it all fell apart

He read her like poetry, she loved him like home
Ablaze in the void, like starlight they shone
Curing Sep 2016
I feel all the molten love I had for you cooling into a coffin of stone hugging my heart…suffocating me as I sink into this puddle of tears and muddy memories.
Curing Aug 2016
I belong to everything
...and you're my everything...
Curing Jul 2016
They all slip through like grains of sand,
Like drops of water from my hand,
Their smiles flash like fireflies,
But my North Star is in your eyes.

You're freedom's promise...salvation's song,
You're moonlight's twinkle on oceans calm,
You are this perfect moment's soul,
The innocence this lifetime stole.

I'm the rage, the wind, the beast,
You're the sunrise in the east,
I'm the ocean, cold and deep,
You're the seashore I can't keep.
Curing May 2016
My mind has finally settled
Like a peace after a storm
The gales have turned to whispered breeze
The night turned to the morn

The shrieking raging tempest
Gives way to sparrow song
The white hot lightening's fire
Has melted to the dawn

Through the trembling of thunder
Through the battery of hail
Through the fury of the heavens
The sun will still prevail

She twinkles in the darkness
Reflected in the moon
She melts the icy hardness
Freeing spring from winter's tomb

So too my heart now blossoms
Having weathered winter's blight
Sometimes we need the darkness
To appreciate the light
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