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3.6k · May 2016
Queen Of The Clouds.
complexify May 2016
As the clouds move
I thought to myself.

You're definitely the queen of the clouds.
You move
Full of grace.

As I watched
The clouds move
I thought to myself again.
You're as pure
As the whiteness of the clouds

I wish
I am the blue sky
So I could be with you
Until whenever.
Inspired while I was watching the clouds move and the album by Tove Lo .
complexify Jul 2016
Do you know why
Emptiness hurts the most?

It's because it never hurt you.

You feel nothing
And deep down inside
You know you wanna love
And be loved to infinity.

Why do I mention infinity
All of the sudden?
In maths, infinity equals zero.
Zero, or in other words empty.

You'll keep asking yourself
Of this neverending emptiness.
Infinite emptiness.

You know, once a glass
Is decided to hold infinity
Nothing can fill it up.
That's what happens to someone
Who decided on feeling empty
Subconsciously or consciously.

You may have someone
To love you afterwards
But it won't ever feel enough.

At some point
You'll stare into the wall
And wonder why
The glass won't fill itself.

There's a cure for sadness.
There's a cure for loneliness.

But there's no way you can cure
2.5k · Nov 2016
a liar
complexify Nov 2016
i am a liar
thought i could fool anyone
but i couldn't fool me.

i am a liar
about things
mostly feelings.

i am a liar
that said i moved on
nights i'll mourn

i am a liar
an escapist
never a realist.

i am a liar
yes, it's a sin
but it's how i cope
to continue to hope.
yeah? yeah.
2.3k · Apr 2017
that's not the case
complexify Apr 2017
i wander in
art galleries
colourful theme parks
busy streets
dark alleys

looking for someone
i knew once before
and it was you

i have always looked
staring into the abyss
looking for you

maybe i am a soul
destined to be forever
separated from you

you may think
that i might be looking
for someone else
someone i met before

but no
that's not the case.

i stare into the arts
to find me.
i see their smiles
to remind me
of what i was before.
hello everybody i am back with my stupid poems :D
2.3k · May 2016
Living Death.
complexify May 2016
What if
Death is alive?
Sorry, I must have confused you there.

No, I mean Death is anthropomorphic
Invisible to us
But everything it touches
Dies along with its name.

Scary, or sad?
Think about it
He couldn't even touch plants, anything!
Even metals rust
When his hands touched them.

For me, that's sad.
But think about this one for a second.

What if one day
Death falls in love with Life
And he decides that he wants to touch her
For the first and the last time
In forever?
Anthropomorphic = humanoid
2.1k · Sep 2016
complexify Sep 2016
i need some privacy
stop stalking me.

i need some privacy
i don't wanna sin so proudly.

i need some privacy
what's your problem with me?

i need some privacy
stop judging me.

i need some privacy
i want to live my life freely.

stop stalking me
it's scary.
i laughed at this one lol
2.0k · Oct 2016
comics, love, and heartbreak
complexify Oct 2016
as i was reading a superhero comic, in it there's a lot of superheroes.
*i thought about the relations between comics, love, and heartbreak.

in life

love was supposed to be the superhero.
and the villain was supposed to be heartbreak.

love was supposed to fill the emptiness
and heartbreak was supposed to **** people.

but we have come to an era where
love kills, and heartbreak heals.

*what is happening?
1.7k · Apr 2017
complexify Apr 2017
they told me that
i am a pessimist
that i should wear
my positive hat
and not think of malice.

i am very sure that
every pessimist
were once an optimist.

they went through
things that made them
lose hope
and lose their courage
to bravely trust and believe

from the tiniest bit of betrayal
to the biggest act of treason.

i believe no one is born a pessimist.
they were all once, optimists.

hope may be a superficial belief
but it's not as fake as you think it is.
from my opinion, pessimists are scared to hope too high again. including me.
1.6k · Feb 2016
Us Against The World.
complexify Feb 2016
It should be me
And you
Against the world.

Nothing can stop us
Nothing can betray us
Nothing could break us
It was supposed to be us against the world

We're superheroes
We're the king and the queen
We're the legend
We're the symbol
Of lust
Of love
Of us
But you
Chose to be with him
1.5k · Aug 2016
complexify Aug 2016
i'm scared to love someone.
you know, they tend to leave you.
i know because
i tend to leave, too.

and the flux void of future
scares me.
i was once to always be the first
to explore the thrill and excitement of the unknown.
i was once brave, to sail into the darkness ahead.

but i have changed
i'm not that person anymore
i'm more comfortable
in the fading lights of present
and in the cold hands of emptiness.
1.5k · Jul 2016
A Gamer's Mind.
complexify Jul 2016
I closed my eyes
Thinking about things.

I let my feelings flow their way

Into the palace of sunny day
And into the hues of grey.

Through the darkness I swim
Straight into the river of grim.

Sometimes I hear a melody
Trying to drain me.

"Come, come, come to me."
"Come closer, we'll set you free."

They wanted me to stay
But nah, they cannot touch me during the day.

Indeed I meet demons on my journey
And also angels guarding doors.
But I find it kinda funny
When I saw you on the shore.

I thought to myself
"*******, I thought I freed."
You're like one of the final bosses of video games
That I've already killed.

I'm just a poetic gamer
Pretty sure I'm not the first.
What do you expect
A poem with blue skies and endless universe?

Maybe, but not this time.

And so I recited a cryptic verse
And watch you burn within my curse.
Experimenting. :)
1.5k · May 2016
complexify May 2016
The word tingles me

I don't know
But it feels weird.
To me
Violets roses are
Definitely more beautiful
Than red ones.

I feel like
Everything is a metaphor
Including you.
You're violet
And you're more beautiful
Than the blood running
In my veins.

But then
The sky is black at night
And violets
Would be swallowed.
You'd turn into black
Even if it's only for the night.

Metaphors inside my head
Irrelevant, illogical.
I imagined you
Turning into a radiant violet
Rebirthed at dawn
No notes for this one.
1.5k · Jul 2016
complexify Jul 2016
once i entered the tiny, infinitesimal world.
the protons asked me

"how to keep positive"
*"in a world so negative?"
i'm wondering the same question too.
1.4k · Apr 2016
complexify Apr 2016
For the first time
I looked into your eyes
I thought it wasn't obvious that
I actually stared.

You would never understand
What I actually saw
Inside of your
Mesmerizing eyes.

It was brown
Almost black
But it was brown, I'm sure.

After noticing my long stare
You asked
"Is there anything wrong in my eyes?"

And I regretted
For I didn't say
That your eyes
Are flawless.
Your eyes are something .
1.4k · Jul 2016
Chocolate And Vanilla.
complexify Jul 2016
Once before
I told you why we couldn't be together
But here we are, holding each other's hand.

I remembered how I told you that
I'm the colour black, and you're the colour white.
I still remember the smile you gave me
Why, my angel's racist now?, you joked.

I was serious
But you made me laugh a bit back there.

I still remember how I justified
How different we are
To be together.
I'm a pessimist, you're a ******* optimist, see?
We're different, we won't fit with each other
We're like the ocean and the skies, separated forever.

I still remember your laugh
And your words after you kissed me.

Why does it matter that much
That we're different?

Why, my angel
You're a sweet chocolate cake
And I'm the vanilla ice-cream.

No matter how different we are
We're still happy together.
*Isn't that all that matters?
Yeah, literally eating chocolate cake while writing this one.
1.3k · Feb 2016
complexify Feb 2016
It was night and it was cold
But all I remembered was the touch of your hands
Warmth of your embrace
The sounds of the nature
The kisses on your neck
Our lust and your love.

It was night and I was cold
But you were there
Our warmth
Our love
Our lust
Your body against mine

But then
You stopped
And stared at the window
I kissed you
And your kiss
Was never the same anymore.
1.3k · May 2016
complexify May 2016
Hey, I have a question for ya.
Are you a liar?
It doesn't matter
If you lie about things
Or feelings
You're still a liar.

If your answer is yes
I have a question for you.

Who is the only person
That you can never lie to?

Think now, liars.
Who is it?
Your parents?
Sorry, I laughed a bit there.

Well, the answer is simple.
You can lie to everyone but not yourself, liars.
So think before you lie
Because you might stab yourself
With your own knife.
I lie about my feelings a lot of times, thinking that my mind would let go and forget about it. But it never happen. I'll always end up killing myself with my lies.
1.2k · Jul 2016
How To Avoid Getting Hurt
complexify Jul 2016
I laughed a bit.
You're asking me how?
Let me answer that for you.


*You can't.
you can't avoid what's inevitable.
1.1k · Aug 2016
truthfully fake
complexify Aug 2016
people only call me kind
because i'm good at pretending not to be evil

people only call me happy
because i'm good at hiding my feelings

and people only call me smart
because i acted like it

the truth is

i'm evil
i'm sadistic
i love pain
and i love inflicting pain.

i'm full of lust
i wanna do things
things that are  beyond imagination
evil things
i might love your soul
it's just i never told
that i want you entirely
your body, everything
call me pervert
at least i'm being honest.

i am sensitive
i ached on every single
words all of you threw at me
deep inside i have a volcano
filled with magma of hatred
but i chose to let it go
i chose to let it cool by itself
because i know no one cares if i get mad anyway.

i pretend to be smart
because i want to fit in
to be part of the society
even though how ****** up the community is
i pretend only to
to fulfill everyone's hope
about my so-called intelligence.

i'm just truthfully fake, i guess.
1.1k · Jul 2016
Agree With Me!
complexify Jul 2016
I know one thing for sure.

Everyone would agree with me
*If only there's an app for HelloPoetry!
Who's with me?!
1.1k · Oct 2016
it was there
complexify Oct 2016
i knew it was there.

i knew that you loved me. i knew it from the way you excessively laugh at my jokes, and the way you trust me with your problems.

i knew you felt us.

i knew that you wanted me. i knew it from the way you screamed when i scared you with ghosts and the way you care about me when your friends told me about how unsensitive you were with them.

i knew it but i thought it was only me.*

but sadly, it's all in past tense.
now we're just friends who talked like lovers.
complexify Feb 2016
Hey guys. Today was a busy day, but I couldn't help thinking about her and blanked out a few times. What I learned today was it is pointless to think about the past. Yeah, we can learn from it. But overthinking won't make you strong. It'll ruin you inside out. Just have fun, and enjoy life as it is. It may not be enough, but be grateful for what we have . <3
Wishing the best for everyone here! :)
1.1k · Aug 2016
complexify Aug 2016
the storm calmed
the flood subsided.


and suddenly i don't know you anymore
crossed my mind
complexify Jul 2016
i love you
i miss you
take care okay
don't leave me
i hate you
please get out
i don't care
you should go
1.1k · May 2016
complexify May 2016
"I wish I have no feelings at all."

Yeah, feelings are *******.
I agree.
But I'll also have to disagree.
I'm not actually an optimistic person
But I know a thing or two about feelings.

Feelings depend on you.*
Feelings are like a little brother of yours
Annoying I'd say.
Sometimes it would drift off by itself
That's why
Sometimes it would remind you
About things you want to forget.
But it depends on you
You're his big brother, or sister
Lead its way.
Don't let it drift off.
Play with it sometimes, a little imagination is fine.

Feelings would hurt you
Sometimes when you turn your back against it
It'll hit you with painful memories.

It wants your attention.
It wants you to feel, to cry and to laugh.
To learn from regret.
But be wise.
It's just a little kid.
Don't follow it blindly towards the void.

Feelings are like your little brother
If you look in a perspective.
So tell me
Do you still wish you'd lose your little brother now?
Don't ever say you wish that you don't have any feelings at all. If you have no feelings you'll never be stronger.
1.0k · Apr 2016
complexify Apr 2016
Diamonds, spades, hearts, and ace,
Whenever I see you, my heart will race.
It happens, every time.
1.0k · Feb 2016
complexify Feb 2016
The universe is complex
Yet not complete
Our souls met
And we weren't complete back then

But when your body met mine
Your lips touched my skin
It's like the universe was complete
Beyond perfection

I look into your eyes
I see death
And I saw me inside of you
And I am still wondering
When did I became trapped in your captivating eyes?

When we kissed
Stars explode
Black hole was formed
New planets was created
We were recreated.
I am damnly in love with you
1.0k · May 2016
complexify May 2016
Did I ever lived before I was born
I'm 17 now
And I never had any girlfriend
But I felt like I had one.

Do you ever feel it sometimes
To hold, and to touch
To be held, and to be touched
By someone you love
Or someone you want
Or someone I loved
Or someone I wanted?

I don't know
If it's my memories
Messing up my imagination
Or my lust
Messing up my brain
Or did I really
Lived and loved before?
I never believed in such things. But sometimes it feels like it's real.
958 · Oct 2016
i'm sorry for...
complexify Oct 2016
i'm sorry for leaving, for not explaining.

i'm sorry for taking you for granted, for making you feel unwanted.

i'm sorry for swearing, for being unsensitive and unwilling.

i'm sorry for being annoying, for always being irrelevant and spamming.

i'm sorry for always thinking about you, it's not like i want to.

i'm sorry for letting you go, it's just i think you deserve more.

i'm sorry i'm such a mess, maybe i should think less.

i'm sorry i don't have a good body, i'm just born wimpy

i'm sorry i cry a lot, because i'm tired of the battles i've fought

i'm sorry i think a lot, changing me into someone i'm not

i'm sorry for being sensitive, for always thinking negative

i'm sorry for being hated, for being me and for being complicated

i'm sorry for giving up, for always ******* up

i'm sorry for losing control, for overreacting and for not doing as told

i'm sorry for everything, to everyone for anything

i hope you'll forgive me, even though it's not easy.
i'm sorry.
917 · Jun 2016
Losing Myself
complexify Jun 2016
Sometimes I’m scared
Of my own mind.

It wanders into
Peculiar darkness
And fallen battlefields
It’d pick up the shards of my past
And create illusions of future.

Sometimes I’m scared
Of my own lips
It speaks its own mind
Before my tiny brain could stop it.
It yearns for your kiss
During the sleepless nights I had.
It’d repeat your name, I swear.

Sometimes I’m scared
Of my own self
My legs would run away from physical reality
Like a total coward I am.
My tears would fall by itself
My eyes would hurt
And it’ll stare into emptiness
My hands would write
About things I wanna forget
About love I’ll regret
And about you, too.

Am I losing myself?
Sorry for not writing for quite some time. This thing happens to me frequently though. My body feels alien sometimes.
915 · May 2016
complexify May 2016
You don't want me
Is it?

It's okay
I understand.

No one wants a stupid
Poetic, weak guy like me.

Is it wrong
For me to want you
So bad
I feel like I'm going insane
Because every second possible
My mind would search for your scintilla

****, your eyes.
I'm just, oh god
Just so in love with your eyes.

I always imagined myself
Staring into the ocean
And storms inside your cold eyes
Reminding me how lucky I am
To ever have you.

I guess
Write about you
Is all I can ever do.

Ah, the reason is easy.
You don't want me.
Unwanted is good, maybe?
897 · Aug 2016
icy heart #1
complexify Aug 2016
it took you less than a second to feel how cold my heart was.

i told you.

i told you that my heart had freezed because of the strong winds of my past, and the abundance amount of broken vials of love potions i drank, and the stiffness and sting of the darkness i lived in.

i told you that this icy heart could freeze anyone else's heart too, infectious it had been. it tends to demand revenge out of its misery, and those who are unlucky to hold it in their very skin will suffer of the same pain.

i told you that you can't cure me, even when you stayed up nights to make me a love potion, trust me you're not the first one. you're not the first one to try and make it melt because others have tried to and failed miserably.

now hand over my heart before it infects you too.
880 · Jul 2016
The Train And Patience.
complexify Jul 2016
While I was waiting for the train
To arrive
I realized why I don't feel mad or irritated
Waiting for it.
I don't have to think about the pause
The interval.
I could distract myself with gadgets, my imaginations and stuff.

I can think
About everything else
Except about the cessation and my patience.

Truly, your patience is really tested deeply
Only when you're thinking about how patient you have been before.

You'll feel obliged at yourself and you'll start to think
About how patient you've been and trust me
That's when you need to be careful with your mind.
That's the critical point.
That's the time your patience is really tested to its limits.


But my case is different with you.
I've waited for a long time
And after a certain point
I would overthink.

I would think of how long I've been waiting
And about how will I have to wait.

That's where it gets me
That's where my mind gets me, really.

Waiting for you
My mind cannot be distracted.

It's inevitable - both waiting and thinking about you
They come in one package; inseparable.


That's why to wait for someone hurts.
The thing is, you know the train would come, eventually.

It won't ever feel the same as waiting for a train
It would cut and hurt you deeper than any suffering
You'll ever have to bear.
Waiting for someone hurts. Let's hope for the best :)
870 · Feb 2016
complexify Feb 2016
I love you.
It was supposed to be that simple.
I miss you.
It was supposed to be that ******* simple.
I need you.
And it was supposed to be that ******* simple.

But do you love me?
Do you miss me?
Do you even need me?

Some voices whisper me in my ears
That you don't love me
You don't miss me
And you don't want me
And you seem to agree with the voices

And then these 3 simple words
Are the hardest for me
To be said.
I miss you.
854 · Apr 2017
my heart
complexify Apr 2017
there's a lot of questions
regarding my heart
that remained unanswered.

is it made of fragile glass
or strong diamond?

is it fixable?
hammering nails
and drilling screws in
or we just glue it all back together?

what colour is my heart?
definitely not white.
is it red?
jet black?
or merely grey?

is it beating
or maybe sound i've been hearing
were the marching parade
to respect the death of my heart?

is it broken
or it was never complete?
but then *if it's broken, how can it still beat?
just curious.
826 · May 2016
complexify May 2016
She's beautiful
I know that.
She's cute
I know that one, too.

Stop saying all these things
About her.
I know all of them.
But either way I'll choose you.

Oh, you know why.
Is temporary.
I don't need a cutie
Because I already have you, clumsy.

I don't need perfection
Your flaws are acceptable
I don't need her attention
I only need yours.

You have your flaws
They're all cute to me.
You're not perfect
And that's beautiful to me.

So, my heart has decided
It wants you and it really, really
Really, really, really wants you.
I have no choice
But to choose you,
My love.
Dedicated to you and only you :)
811 · May 2016
complexify May 2016
Love is indeed
A disease.

Sometimes contagious
Sometimes it's not.

There's some symptoms
Your lungs will burn

And you feel like
There's less oxygen
In this world.

And you'll feel volts of
Sparkling electricity
Going through your veins.

Be careful
This disease is incurable.
Survivors can heal
But never normal again
It stays in your heart
Until you die.
810 · May 2016
complexify May 2016
Your chest feels heavy, doesn't it?
You feel like you wanna drift off
Leaving everything behind.

I'll tell you what
I feel the same way too.

Because surviving's getting harder?
Because we don't get what or who we want?
Possibly be.

Or maybe just we need each other
To lift the weight
And maybe we will be much stronger?
Everything's a possibility.
785 · Nov 2016
lost myself
complexify Nov 2016
i think i'm going insane.

i think about me breaking apart for so many times after what happened.

people thought that i am being overreacting but no, i'm not.

i hate being depressed, full of stress and unrest. i hate seeing the clouds formed your smile, i hate thinking about your hands not holding mine.

i hate losing my sanity.

i hate seeing the trees swayed as if they are mocking my weaknesses, i hate hearing the winds blew, they sounded a lot like your voice that i missed a lot.

they told me that they searched their loved ones in the crowds, meanwhile i'm here seeing you everywhere i go.

i hate seeing your figure beside me on my bed, when you are actually sleeping somewhere else where only He knows.

i hate seeing myself in the mirror for i cannot form any genuine, happy and honest smile anymore.

as if your absence meant more than just losing you.

in the process, i lost myself too.
lately, i'm being more depressed that usual. i hate it.
784 · Aug 2016
figuring out
complexify Aug 2016
i'm still figuring out about
what to write.

maybe a little bit about
how we fight
or how you vanished out of sight?

i'm still figuring out about
what we had
it's just too sad
oh-uh, am i going mad?

i'm still figuring out about
what i felt
because all i ever had
was gone in a sec.

i'm still figuring out about
what to write.

maybe about
the sleepless nights
or our endless fights?

or maybe a bit about
the sensation you gave
or your presence that i crave?

i don't know.
i'm still figuring it all out.
what do you guys think?
764 · Jun 2016
A Storm Indeed.
complexify Jun 2016
I am a storm
Forced into this
Weak form.

Hey little daisy
If you think you loved me
You're wrong.
Nah, not because I said so
Neither because I was wrong.

I am a storm.
In my journey
I destroy things.
I destroy life.
I destroy happiness.
And do you know why?

It's in me.

It's the reason I exist.

If you still bare to say
That you're in love with me
Know that you'll run from me
Like everyone else.

So go.
Keep your stupid feelings to yourself.
No one should love me. I'm destructive. I've been trying to tell you, Nisa. But you're just too into yourself and your feelings. I did love you. I never lied to you that night. I could just move on from her and go on with you. I realized that a storm cannot live beside a beautiful daisy like you so I decided to turn things around and make you leave me.
754 · May 2016
21 May 2016
complexify May 2016
Why, today's a great day. I remembered our times when we walked together through the streets, laughing over how silly I look when we were only 7, I fell into the hole in front of us. But we were too into our conversations at that time. I fell again, and now I broke my leg. You cried to me, begging me to help. You only looked at me, as you do not know how to help me. 'Our hands can't reach each other, I fell too deep.' you said.*

There, the devil's revelation.

About us.

He told me that his revelations are not accurate
As he heard them from the highest firmament.
Today hurts so bad. Pray that I'll be stronger tomorrow. I love you guys.
725 · Oct 2017
i never knew
complexify Oct 2017
i never knew i needed your kiss until i tasted your lips

i never knew i needed your touch until i touched your hips

i never knew i was alive until i felt the fire burning in your eyes

i never knew how cold i was until i felt your warmth

and lastly

i never knew i was yours until i heard your whisper in my ears.
i love you and i always will.
711 · Apr 2016
Glass Heart.
complexify Apr 2016
If you ever think of giving me false hope
Or never ending lies
I suggest you don't.

My heart is too fragile
Mend of fractures of glasses
I've picked before.

It's too weak
After series
And series
Of hopeful regret.

So if you ever
Think about breaking my heart
I beg you
With all energy
I still had

Please don't.
I can't even think after writing this poem. It's too accurate to me.
709 · May 2016
complexify May 2016
Once upon a time
There was a boy.

He was happy
With himself
Until the thief came.

The thief stole nothing
From the boy
As he doesn't have anything
But his heart.

But the thief
Wanted something for herself
So she decided
His heart will be her fortune.

And so
The thief tries to steal it
She tried and tried
Looking for it
Everywhere she can ever imagine
But she never could.


One day
The thief gave up
And decided to ask the boy
'Where is your heart?'

'Isn't it with you all this time?'
The boy replied
As he gave her a smile.
Spontaneously came to mind.
705 · Jul 2016
Earth And Love
complexify Jul 2016
My mind is blank
This is the third piece of paper
That I crumpled.

I don't know what to think.

I used to have faith in things
In humanity, in love.
But ****, life stings
I'm burning my trust in the stove.

I used to breathe slowly
Enjoying the fresh air
But now pollutants are killing me softly
The atmosphere's their lair.

Mother Earth is dying
Humans savaging
Doesn't anyone realize the link
If she dies, she'll bring along everything?

I used to feel young and free
Without hate, without despair.
But the world worries me
How long until we all start to care?
After I crumpled the paper, I realized how I was wasting resources. I was wasting trees. So I uncrumpled the paper and started writing :)
679 · Jun 2016
complexify Jun 2016
I need answers
Right at this moment
I love you
And I would leave anything
Or everything behind
For you.

Dear, I know
I have too many questions
On my mind
But please
Couldn't you just answer one?

I wanna know
If I'm falling
And you would be there
To catch me?
Time and distance can never tear my feelings for you.
673 · May 2016
A Blood Rose.
complexify May 2016
I was always
A red blood rose

I used to be someone
Who loved someone else
And not to be loved myself.

It was hard
To accept the fact
That I'm not worth
To be loved
But eventually I accepted it.

But then
You came
Knocking at my door
Saying you're in love with me.

How can I accept
I mean
You must have been
A crazy maniac
Thinking that
You could break down
My wall that I've built
And strengthen
Since long ago?

Do you think I'd
Fall for you
And let my blossom
To be stepped on
By anyone else
After the first one?

And fall
As I won't
Let you
Or anyone else
To hurt me
And make me bleed again.

I am a rose
Fall for my deceiving beauty
And be in pain
Of my sharp thorns.
Another one because tomorrow's English test.
655 · Apr 2016
Future (Things I Want)
complexify Apr 2016
In the future
I don't wanna be
Who laughed at my own stupidity
For loving you before.

In the future
I want to be the one
Who kisses you good morning
And kisses you again at night
The one to wish you sleep tight
And say
'I hope angels bless you till morning light.'

I wanna be the one
To watch you sleep
In a way
That make you feel safe

I wanna laugh
Seeing your annoyed face
And the redness of your nose
After I pinched them
As I kidded around with you
At the kitchen.

I really love you
I wanna be with you
And I know I really do.
Also dedicating this poem to Athena Sofiya.
621 · Jun 2016
Into You
complexify Jun 2016
I am into you.
Too into you.


Into emptiness I look
As I could look at you no more.

Into hell I go
As I could hold you no more.

(As it go)

Into fire I burn
As I could feel no more.

Into water I drown
As I could breath no more.

Into darkness I fade
As I could shine no more.
I miss you but I don't know what now.
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