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I put my fingure on you profile bar
to see you clear and have you more closer.
That the only thing every time I do.
yesterday's tulip still in the garden.

When the account blink online
I press my side button
and go for a sleep.
It's now a Enstine relativity,
that you are busy
with someone's chat or in my dream.

It's almost full -
text in form of draft.
Unspoken word with immature love.
I wish to format my brain
with full of your picture and smile.
But the backup is store in my heart
Not in my pendrive.
You have me in your contact list
I have tag you in my all poem.
I am waiting for a morning to pickup
that yesterday's tulip still in garden.
When we connect to our loving one by only social media
Steve Page Jul 28
I met a bold painter
With no brush to his name
He held up his stylus
And happily explained
It's all about screen time
It's what you install
It's the choice of the subject
And this one is bald.
Prompted by an on screen watercolour app and a surprise portrait from a new acquaintance at New Day 2019.
Bus Poet Stop Jul 2017

BusBusNYC (A Live Love Bus App)


if you made it this far, so fare one,
be undressed with thyself and impressed as well,
for thou joints me in holy matrimony upon a living map

where our presences can meet
in virtual real time as if eye new what that meant

but that blue dot is where this body possessed can be located by the nearest satellite finger snaking down from the heavens to Cain mark my foreheads location,
just like on Game of Thrones

don't you desire me, or rather,
the knowledge of mine

the who of me, that very useful information, can best be
seen moving crosstown on the M72,
which is a mythological bus for in twenty years eye never
seen it come, go, though all its stops clearly marked

see me moving in fits and spurts of bursts of movement,
leaping streets and avenues in a single
unbounded, unstoppable superbus leap

in a city of anonymity where all who walk it streets,  
ride the tides of its buses,
all ask a single Job-like question,
regardless of age,
"I am desirable, do you want me?"

eye say the ayes have it,
this is not a great poem

this live bus map app is the dating site ever created by
geeky human cells
alll this virtual meeting possibly leading to coitus  
with a stranger while Pandora serenades
with perfect synchronicity, playing and plying us with
Romance for a Violin and Orchestra in F Minor,
a combination musical **** work of

this bus app is
the social media's most immediate,
so meet me on the bus
at Broadway and 86 Street
where our metro cards can be
merged and we will be recognized
as a legal couple(ing)
in the eyes of MTA,
a multi-state agency and be bound in bustrimony
(legally married when riding on a city bus, only)

jeez, a crazy poem, not just, not a good one

but a true tale from the one who rides the buses and only
alights and delights with regaling tales and tellings

of love sortie sorrow maybe tomorrow the busbusNYC
app wil apply itself a smidgen better and
let me love you even with
a good under the hood
bus poem

someday we will,
this, thy poet,
who does desire youalone,
will hijack you and a NYC bus,
and visit the poets from India and
the Great Northwest

won't that be a fabulous poem!
What's New
The bus app can now help subgles locate
compatible mates interested in riding the buses and  falling in love
Sasha Raven Apr 18
For sure, I will prefer Steemeum and Steem!
They are so amazing, great, but you will deem?
And, all the time, this incredible app just runs,
it will shine in all its glory, like a million Suns!
Steemeum is just the beginning, it is just a start,
we are inviting you, to take the role, to be a part!
You might say: "He is just so stupid and so green!
And so much empty talking, I have never seen!"
All you need is to create a Steemit account,
to me, Steemeum app is a source and a fount!
Yes, I have a feeling, that Steemeum will rise,
I hope some day you will say, that was wise!
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
it's our most requested feature
it's our most commonly ignored request
give us more money
then we will maybe work on what y'all suggest
RedD Sep 2018
Tinder boys
With your head up high
Your camera down low
Us girls
Don't always
Want that
You know?
More to men surely??
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
There you are
pretty as a picture
the perfect life
you eat amazing food!

Thank you for sharing
Your private thoughts
Your personal contacts
how you shop
where you travel
Where you work

You gave me permission
To control you
when you signed up
to play that game
the game that tells you
which Brady Bunch Kid
Is most like you

a small price to pay
for your ignorance
you are not alone
two billion idiots
myself included
You can download everything you've ever posted on Facebook. It is shocking when you come to the reality that you gave all these companies permission to spy on your "private" life.
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2018
I was nomophobic,
A mobile addict,
I had no time for anyone,
Day and night I was glued to one.
As soon as I woke up,
I browsed through Whats App,
Photos,videos ,and juicy gossips,
Not to forget some useful tips.
With coffee,butter and jam,
I  switched to instagram,
I updated photos in latest style,
It took a while,
Soon it was time for lunch,
With the children a quick brunch,
And time to open Twitter,
My tweets were getting better,
I had a good fan following to the letter.
Tea and again Whats app,
A bite of a piece of cake or a chicken wrap.
Dinner and Facebook,
To the kitchen to have a quick look,
If the food had been prepared by the cook,
My mobile was my partner,
My relationships ceased to matter,
More important than my child was my charger,
When my mobile's battery was low,
Seeds of anxiety I would sow,
And when there was no connection,
I would sink into depression.
Something had to be done,
My addiction to lessen,
My husband sent me to a clinic,
Till I was no more an addict.
organizations or persons
of philanthropic bent
can assist the Hello Poetry site
by donating five thousand dollars
for a mobile app's content

as the members of this literary forum
aren't millionaires
there is a need to fund
the app's affairs

it is hoped that lovers of written art
can give a bountiful hand
their valuable contributions
could easily cover five grand

now that the seeking call
has been placed online
may donors soon flood in
with a veritable gold mine
Steve Page Jan 2018
There's no app
for job satisfaction.
No app for quicker
No app for joy
and love of life.
No app to avoid
struggle or strife.
No app for meaningful
for self-esteem
or bond formation

These each take time -
with patient dedication,
a repeated test
of your true determination.
These take quiet
and louder considered
A real-time flesh
with authentic, humble
I'm meaning a dangerously
high contagion
with the risk of personal dissatisfaction.
These take sustained
a firm hand on the neck
of your current situation.
These take more
than a one day binge;
you'll need to commit
to more than a fling.
More than a lazy
swipe to your right,
more than a stand
for just one night.
These take guts
and sweat and tears,
you might even find
that some take years.
But this is life
beyond the screen,
this is how
it's always been.
So lift your head
and take a breath,
we'll stand right here
and lend our strength.
All I can promise
are tears
and laughter
and friends who'll stand
closer thereafter.
Advice for those expecting easy progress through life.
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