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May 2016
The word tingles me

I don't know
But it feels weird.
To me
Violets roses are
Definitely more beautiful
Than red ones.

I feel like
Everything is a metaphor
Including you.
You're violet
And you're more beautiful
Than the blood running
In my veins.

But then
The sky is black at night
And violets
Would be swallowed.
You'd turn into black
Even if it's only for the night.

Metaphors inside my head
Irrelevant, illogical.
I imagined you
Turning into a radiant violet
Rebirthed at dawn
No notes for this one.
Written by
complexify  Earth, unfortunately.
(Earth, unfortunately.)   
     ryn, ---, complexify, Taylor Poe, Lucrezia M N and 7 others
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