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Sparrow May 8
If your Gods were just,
you would be the one penning this

And I would be blind
And I would be deaf
And I would be numb
To your flavour of bitter bliss
Ummmmmmmmm.. just a thought
Ammar Jan 6
Forever became never
Together became further
Us became ruins.
Now read it from the bottom up.
Selena Oct 2018
Know the power of your beliefs.
Be the change that you want to see.
Give first what you wish to receive.

Sounds simple, seems easy..
Yet, I'm still hit time and time again
with my own overlooked miseries,
which lead me straight back to these three.

Am I dumb, am I a monster,
am I doomed to self-deceit?
Why am I failing so hard?
I'm finding it kind of hard to breathe..

We're always facing our shadows,
taking notes,
but it doesn't have to be a bad dream...
These lessons are what I need,
and they're helping me to become a better me.
MaxiM Jun 2018
Life isn't about endings, its a series of moments.
MaxiM11: Perspective
Anya Jul 2018
I can easily play
With words
With meanings
Twist them around
Sometimes gaining gold
Other times, dirt
But one to me
May be the other to others
Rizna M Rameez Jun 2018
With so many thoughts
So many views
So many perspectives
So many aspects
Of the world.

How can a brain
Contain all of that
And yet hold true to every one
When each contradict to the extreme?

How to break free
When you don't know
Which is true
Yet, all are.
Or, are they?....
Somi kaushik Jan 2018
Can give 100's of satisfaction
For lightening the life.

Can give 100's of hopes
For moving away from the darkness.

Can give 100's Of proof
For achieving a brighter way.

Can give 100's of illuminance
For maintaining the self build perspective.

Poured oil in diya is enough to complete the life.
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
One day I wrote in my sonnet
Life is a very beautiful poetry
That lures curious minds like a magnate
and entices it to commit poetic adultery .

I reckon every man is a natural poet
So whether you live as a writer in the country
Or universally recognized as a laureate ,
Every man is the true embodiment of poetry .

Life , poetry and nature are so harmonious
Because they'll capture , stir and evoke emotions
It's like when hummingbirds gets curious
Their songs gives out inspirations .

Whenever life gets tough , poetry continues to flow
As sista Maya Angelou said '' write and be creative !''
Even in the dark your words can glow
Be stoic and see life from a poet's perspective. ''

Poetry measures life's angles like geometry
So call poetry the teleprompter to life
based on this I say therefore life is poetry
and poetry definitely lives in life !
Poetry lives in life
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