So I'll burn the empty coke cans
And hope that they explode
I'll walk a day in your shoes
Hitting self-destruct over and o-

-ver, until it kills me
Pleasures spiral and sprawl outward
Escaping the small chamber your parents regulated it to
Devouring dollops of your time
Until you become sick and restless
Fevers, blankets, and soup for recovery
Seeking madness once you’re rested and wrestling with boredom
This ruinous routine is never naturally rundown
Only perishing once true passion is found
Part of philosophically accepting
The reign
And attitude
Of President Donald Trump
Is an acceptance of our
Collective Loss of Humanity
As essential to
Of course,
If our sense of humanity
Is not part of the maintenance
Of our current "civilization"
Many people will
Commit suicide
Or overdose on drugs.
The "fittest"
Will not necessarily be
The people who survive,
The most brutal or ruthless ones.
After all,
The fittest people
Would be INTELLIGENT enough to realize
That our survival
Depends on the health of the planet
As well as the wellbeing
Of fellow members of our species.
It might be the Idiots
Who prevail.
Amanda Jul 22
I want you to live, why don't you?
Set in self-destructive ways,
Wish I had the power to help you heal,
You are so gone you don't want to be saved.
japheth Jul 12
you painted me like a beautiful picture:

one with our future ahead of us,
one with both of us laughing.

there were strokes of anger
of pain,
of our fights,
but looking at it now,
the aggressiveness of your brush
definitely highlighted the beauty
of the painting:

it showed
the wrinkles of our face when we smile,
the creases of your clothes forming lines towards my arms holding you close,
the light in your eyes when you look at me — as if the world meant to me and i was the only who deserve it.

you left me in a single room.
i thought maybe, i was that special.
that i was one of — or better yet your greatest masterpiece.

as you smiled,
i felt happy.
i thought maybe this was it.
a painting you’re so proud to show the world.

you crept towards the door
went for the switch and turned the lights off.

and just like that, i waited for months
for the lights to go back on.

i knew in my heart,
that this beautiful painting i thought was your masterpiece,
became one of your hidden collections,
that only you could exclusively see.

just like what you did,
to the others before me.
i’m in a rut guys. i’m sorry. starting today i will be in a social media hiatus — a cleanse so to speak. i need to think of myself first. don’t worry though, i’ll keep writing during this days so good luck to me.
Andreas Peter Jun 14
I don't like it
but it's not for me to say
how best to deal
with internal silent
deafening mockery
still, I wish I could do more
than simply comply
when trough cracking dams and swelling waves
you ask
to be left Alone
Tøast May 17
Well you destroyed me,
Ripped the happiness away, shredding my skin into scars as I fall.
I trusted too much and now it's all my fault,
How could I ever hate the one that saved me, even if it was momentary.

You took a poets words away,
And stole my confidence.
So now I'll float through the night sitting on some drug fuelled motorboat,
Trying desperately to escape the iceburgs.

But the water is cold and inviting,
So let me be self destructive as the captain tries his best to fight me.
You've left me in the dust and I couldn't hate myself more.
Maddie M May 1
you know when you've reached your limit.
to everything.
especially love.
especially guys.
especially feelings.
to which I've learned how to numb it away.
by drinking the poison that harms your liver.
saying goodbye to the pain.
oh look there goes April's rain.
saying hello to the fun.
preparing to run.
being surprised by the danger
in all my attributes.
numb it.
numb it.
numb it.
my shadow is attach to the underworld.
guess whose taking over.
lost myself.
confused by myself.
murmurings are heard by the gossipers.
i don't know why every time i come to my senses
something backfires.
numb it all.

because we'll soon be found.
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