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daisy Jul 2022
whenever i see you
i feel like i want to live in your eyes,
even though it’s always cold,
i melt like a heated gold
and when i’m part of your sight
i couldn’t stand straight
‘cause you are an angel
amazingly at every angle

whenever your eyes meet mine,
i want to stare at them forever
i know i would never find any better,
yours are just so pretty that i burn
but i can never have you
‘cause you are saturn,
my favorite planet in my own milky way
already wearing a gorgeous ring.

—and so i made up my mind
that i would never,
ever reveal these feelings to anyone
‘cause you are an angel,
and you don’t deserve to lose her
for joshua
gabi May 2019
the spiky pavement under our toes
running aroind like no one knows
our whoops and shouts are getting violent
but our true feelings may always stay silent

you're thinking only of getting to bed
but i look at the stars as you run ahead
they hold secrets we'll never see
and wishes and loves we hope can be

i bring my mind down to look at you
and find my feelings all askew
for you see, my loyal, beautiful friend
im falling in love all over again
yes this is very specific shsjsjdksj
gabi Apr 2019
si no fueras tan solapada te podría ayudar
¿no puedes ver que solo te quiero amar?
haciendote una estatua para que no te vieran
¿pero para que el arte sino para que lo aprecieran?

no quiero que esto se haga una disputa
pero conmigo eres tan muta
se que las emociones se hacen un tumulto
pero no significa que lo tienes que poner oculto

no coge una brigada saber lo que te hace sentir
y no quiero hacer nada sin tu consentir
pero perdoname por ser parcial
a la idea de saber
que en tu corazon va a pasar

enseñame el meollo de tus sentimientos
dime todos tus pensamientos
prometo que no me parescarán inmundicia
hazte una casa conmigo,
soy persona hospitalicia

asi viviremos en perfecta ternura
con una vida muy dura
llenas de emociones
compartiendonos afirmaciones
yeah ik spanish i did this for my class and tbh it was super fun (and kinda easy bc spanish is my first language) anyway hope u enjoyed! :D
sí se español hice esto por mi clase y de verdad fue bastante divertido (y facil por que el español es mi primer lenguaje) pues espero que les gusto! :D
Bridjitta Oct 2018
I can only watch you from afar
Looking at you from the shadows
Observing the people that surround you

But I was never there
And there will never be that day
I can only dream of such things

Just looking from afar, makes me more than happy
Hoping that you would look my way for once

There are millions of words in my heart
But I must refrain from saying a single word
When I’m alone, I can only say to myself that I love you

Though there are times
That we are close together
But you always look pass me

Wish you could hear the words in my heart
But it’s probably too quiet for you to hear
One word of love blown away by the wind before it can ever reach your heart
As it fades away
Elvira Sep 2018
You never know, do you?
How your mere presence
Makes my knees crumble
And my voice stutter

How that cute little curve formed by your lips
Calms the storms raging within my soul
Or how the sound of your laughter
Warms the icy cavern between my ribcage

And I will always choose to stare at you
In a room full of art
In a world full of sunsets
For to me, you'll always be the greatest masterpiece
Rogue Aug 2017
Let me start by saying goodbye.

As to every moment you draw
near me, a sporadic mystical
event, left me in overawe of
you and your conflagrant hue
as you trail across me, I see
how glorious you ought to be;
how a great voyage you are on
and how I am of other kind, not
of your own; how we were never
to collide, nor a glimpse of me
in your memory 'twas never to
provide a hunch of who I am
Perhaps, this is how it should be
For a moon has her sun
and a comet has his journey
And the moon is to eclipse with her sun
and the comet has to go with his journey
Thus, I shall cut this heartstring,
and swim out of this drowning
sea of dreams and delusions
and breath the reality back in
Yet I will forever and always be,
an admirer of your beauty; and
maybe, in another time, you
might catch a glimpse of me
covered in blanket of darkness,
accompanied by myriad stars,
You will see me, I know you will
But you will never recognize me
for and with my eternal mediocrity

And I will end by saying hello.
Steph Dionisio Jan 2017
Who would have thought
your smile would create butterflies in her stomach,
your words would become music to her ears,
the look in your eyes would be her cravings?
And who would have thought
she has this kind feelings for you?
The smiles she get from you,
the prayers she has said,
the silent act of care she tried to give,
and the love she would like to show,
are the things you will never know..
For some things are better kept hidden.

-Steph Dioniso, January 4, 2017
complexify Oct 2016
i knew it was there.

i knew that you loved me. i knew it from the way you excessively laugh at my jokes, and the way you trust me with your problems.

i knew you felt us.

i knew that you wanted me. i knew it from the way you screamed when i scared you with ghosts and the way you care about me when your friends told me about how unsensitive you were with them.

i knew it but i thought it was only me.*

but sadly, it's all in past tense.
now we're just friends who talked like lovers.
Nigel Finn Dec 2015
Sometimes, when I'm trying
To pretend everything's alright,
Though, inside, I'm dying,
Someone sees my inner plight;

"Nigel...Are you crying?"

I manage to hold in the tears,
As if I thought their release,
Would spread the subject of my fears,
That will not leave me in peace.

That's why, when I'm sighing,
I will not confide in you-
When I feel like dying,
I'm afraid you'd feel it too.

"Nigel, please stop crying."

If I stop the pain from spreading,
By keeping it all within,
Then there's not a tear worth shedding.
"Are you crying Mr Finn?"

"No. I am not crying."
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