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Caroline Sep 11
Mommy, daddy, you left me to the ragged and violent
Winds of winter.

Do you watch over me in these storms that
Venture on and on and on?
Am I fool to think that there are arms
Within the endless fractals of the sky that might
Reach down?

I can’t feel them
I don’t see you in my dreams

Is there a moment when the spirit turns from the edges of
This life’s shore
And simply
Walks away,
Disintegrating into nothingness and leaving us here below to


Into a void that doesn’t hear?

The sky is white today like blank paper that might await some
Prophecy or simply drift across the hills into the sea
Where the lonely petrels and the albatross
Skim their wings on the surface and pronounce

There is no message there for me.

Genre: Abstract Inspirational
Theme: Immortality
Lyla Jul 16
Are you up there?
I like to think
You’re there
In some heavenly abyss
A paradise - away from those you love
A paradise? Still

You all must
Up there
Looking down on those you love

Sometimes you escape your secluded abyss
And enter mine
When my body is paralyzed from my world
No longer yours
For a moment not mine
For a moment we remain

Or did my secluded abyss create you
A way to survive
But then
I don’t know where you ARE
You can’t be gone

I know
Your gone from my world
Please don’t be gone
From yours.
Samruddhi May 15
Before you take them away
Why don't you ever ask them
If there are any unfulfilled duties left
Why you never give them a chance
To redeem everything that is good balanced and heft

Before they leave for an eternal journey with you
Why don't you ask them
To keep enough for their to-be-fatherless kids
To not just keep running here and there but calmly sit
To love their wives before the final farewell bids

Is it too much to ask for?
Cause you see after you take them away
Families are broken and so torn
Next time
Before you take them away
Please for a while let them stay
Let them stay a little longer
Let them make their families a bit stronger
Why can death not come with a warning?
apollota Mar 2017
Put the feet back on the ground,
the earth has been found a home.
Leave the umbrella alone,
the rain has stopped and the reason is unknown.
Dry the eyes of their tears.
The fears were conquered tonight.
Now, soar through the sky in the light.
The things of secret are within the sights.
Mara W Kayh Sep 2016
A sweet taste lingers
Where your soul seared mine

lips like honey,
I still feel the nectar of love
scarring depths aroused many moons
after death closed them
tightly shut.
Warm as the summer sun
I can feel the glow of
your exalted love,
like a sheath of rain
penetrating a dying dessert,
bringing me
hungrily back to life.
Musings on love and lovers
yesterday was her very last morning on earth
and she made it special for all around her
her gracious smile and her inspiring words
her many stories of adventures on the road
all the little children gathered quickly
they wanted to hear every single word
after all she was a great story teller

sitting at the foot of her big feather bed
there was  wrestling for position
some wanted to be right next to her
others stood back to hide their tears
all knowing that time was drawing near

they all loved her so much
and she loved them all
more than they could ever know
silently their hearts aching
for what was yet to come

time seemed to stand still
in that very moment
and her voice seemed to float
on the spring breeze
her words resonating
within the childrens souls

she talked for hours
and as the end drew near
she showed such strength
she never cried out
she just smiled through the pain

at exactly three o'clock
she took her last breath
and gently faded away
her family watching over her
as she made her way
to her final resting place
the afternoon sun inviting itself
into the tiny bedroom
caressing her pale face
a gentle breeze
coming through the window
in a final swirl
and her spirit was gone
is not
the end

at least
not for
complexify May 2016
Did I ever lived before I was born
I'm 17 now
And I never had any girlfriend
But I felt like I had one.

Do you ever feel it sometimes
To hold, and to touch
To be held, and to be touched
By someone you love
Or someone you want
Or someone I loved
Or someone I wanted?

I don't know
If it's my memories
Messing up my imagination
Or my lust
Messing up my brain
Or did I really
Lived and loved before?
I never believed in such things. But sometimes it feels like it's real.
This is my last poem
I bid you farewell
It is such an odd thought
That my body might repel

But I thank you for your attention
I might be at peace when you read this
So pray for my soul to meet God
And ask Him to take me even though I don't deserve bliss
Thank you and goodbye.
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