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1.8k · Aug 2020
Time Travel
Orakhal Aug 2020
We cant turn back time

we can re establish its occurrence
and turn time on its back
Emotion knows no time
and bes the intersect to all transformation
time travel for we bes the de activation of vibration
attached to events and experiences manifest throughout all time
1.6k · Sep 2020
To Those Who Can't Be Loved
Orakhal Sep 2020
We know how much you mean to us
Do you ?
or does it hurt to the touch
or anger you up when you think to receive it ?

Let it not be a human love to be made real and welcome
seek again, but for the love that's found hidden
in the proof behind the pain where we be warming up
to who you really are beyond it all
886 · Jun 2020
He spoke
Orakhal Jun 2020
He spoke
and spoke
and spoke
and spoke

he had said nothing

and then he was heard
776 · Mar 2021
if you are missing someone
Orakhal Mar 2021
its you

not them
you are missing

be aware
of all feeling
held to the image of another
in your mind

and know
its you not they

requires an adjustment
771 · Sep 2020
Inner Voice
768 · Aug 2020
Love Apart
Orakhal Aug 2020
As you love me
you never miss me
for you created me to love
it bes that simple for kreators knowing they create all they experience and drop the belief  others have created or be creating for them
725 · May 2020
Orakhal May 2020
a stranger
loving you


your love
709 · Sep 2020
You are Never Lonely
Orakhal Sep 2020
You are disconnected
and the cure for that is

to fill yourself up with loss as love
and not wait on an experience to make it happen
or others to fill you in

only you can make you happy
by your own will and desire
676 · Dec 2020
We are all liars
Orakhal Dec 2020
telling a truth

than we not know
609 · Jun 2020
Orakhal Jun 2020
never plant more
on a less

meaning sleeps
in every chest
605 · Jun 2020
Soul Dont Care
Orakhal Jun 2020
be no sting
on the tail of a dove

A soul
knows nothing
of suffering love
565 · Jul 2020
487 · Sep 2020
You Don't Understand Me
Orakhal Sep 2020
and that's perfectly accurate
as its not yours

and your only job is to get you
481 · Sep 2020
Under Your Skin is Bone
Orakhal Sep 2020
Under your bone is life
Under your life is death

Under your death is birth
Under your birth is skin
437 · Jun 2020
The look of creation
Orakhal Jun 2020
I be
only capable
of seeing

that which
I put in my eye to look at

I create
as I look
I see what
I created
436 · Jul 2020
425 · Sep 2020
The Begger's Banquet
Orakhal Sep 2020
We be given to you
a will in ancient way
slept to the memory of open mind
in the rush and temper of tongue and fire
we dwell in the heat of a white wolves cry
as lamb be's birth brazen and naked on the spit of life

gentle eyes pierce the sky within the fold of skin
collected to sight on the razor sharp ray of sun
coloured to the souls velvet underground
brittle to the bones burn
no turning away in the no return
413 · Oct 2020
The Last Kind
Orakhal Oct 2020
Imagine you as dead as life can be
to a world cast in the living providence
of life's memorial

imagine the slow stone of wake
spin and split in its silent forever
oer your majestic body of ash and clay
faithful to the wild fire burn of suns melt
into the mould of soul

imagine the harness of all time being
bend its dream to angelic press and taste on the take of all
as the wave of perfect love birth with the fill of stillness
breaks the shadow of its own light

imagine the nakedness of child
spoken into its speak of never
and the only there is and always will
be comes
to no end be its last
to no last be its end
408 · Sep 2020
A Slow Cooker
Orakhal Sep 2020
be soft to the touch
and life will be tender on its body
406 · Sep 2020
The Little Red
Orakhal Sep 2020
Don't mess with the
mirror mirror on the wall

who is to fearest of them all
Orakhal Jan 2021
against the soul

not to feel
is a blissful martyr
a blissful martyr
ie a collective connection not  a sacrificial lamb
392 · Aug 2020
The Cure
Orakhal Aug 2020
desires all life die

so it can live
life thru its death
364 · Jun 2020
Orakhal Jun 2020
To hear
you be listener

to listen
you be ear
358 · Jun 2020
Orakhal Jun 2020
be no lack
most be asking for less
by not allowing more

all creation
be claimed
thru resonance of body
in accord with desire
354 · Dec 2020
A Clear Eye
Orakhal Dec 2020
golden light
to the soul
354 · Jul 2020
The Universal Underpants
343 · Nov 2020
Orakhal Nov 2020
av woond -  vwash maya

neeth - kh ya dash - shhma kh

t yeh t yeh - mal koo tha kh-

neh kh wayt- zeve yan akh-

ay khannad - vwash maya -
aph var ha

hawv lan - lakh mad -
sun kh yanan - ya omana

vwash vo khlan - khau v yen -
wah kh tah kh yen -
ay khana - daph kh nan -
shh vwo kh yan - l
- kha  av yen -

wela - tah lan -  l nee s yuna

ela - patzan - min - bisha

metol - dila khe - mal khu  tha -
wah hala - watesh vukh tah -

lah lam
al min
am yen
we  love to embody languages of all kind
as feeling and resonance

we hold vibration of love at the chest
as we engage any vibrational conversation thru  word and sound

the prayer we announce here sounds beautiful as you flow air and sound and its serious fun to learn
and also has a very powerful
sphere charge effect on being

we write phonetically
for ease of say
the dashes state the end and beginning of a word

shine brightly and in joy

breath tones
speak breathy to air effect

kha khe khi kho khu
tha the thi tho thu
343 · May 2020
333 · Sep 2020
The Easy Eye
Orakhal Sep 2020
It's all much easier
when you are not making hard work of it

the energy put out to solve  a problem
is the same energy that's feeding it
lean back from the script in action
and life will write you a letter of recommendation
328 · Aug 2020
Orakhal Aug 2020
bes a wider vision

not a more of it

one cant force more to a full glass
one can transfer content to a larger vessel
326 · Dec 2020
Truly See You
Orakhal Dec 2020
and just maybe

someone might
319 · Aug 2020
Made not Made
Orakhal Aug 2020
Life appears in form
because you tell it to

it really isn't there otherwise
All bes mental Creating
Power thru Projector Projecting
Paint thru painter to painting

Each one has a vibe rate signature
calling forth to it all physical manifestations

no one creates for another
one sees only that they put in their eye
not that others put there
309 · Jul 2020
Catcher in the Eye
Orakhal Jul 2020
As you thinks
it may smell bad
don't sniff it

As you thinks
it may taste bad
don't taste it

As you thinks
it may think bad
don't think it

catch the thought before it thinks back
308 · May 2020
Good Morning
Orakhal May 2020
A deep laughter
came to see me this morning
it was so excited
for the use of my soul

it slipped its fingers
across my chest
leaving by way of the heart

filling my rest
head to toe
its echo on my bones
its history
306 · Sep 2020
We Love to Love
Orakhal Sep 2020
not for the want of it

as its a giving to the self
not a getting for the self
301 · Oct 2020
There is no Hell
Orakhal Oct 2020
but heaven ignored

as man made mind
creates a hell to heaven
or a heaven to hell
299 · Oct 2020
The Orient Express
Orakhal Oct 2020
as you don't wish anything bad
happen your mind
be best you shine not s**t on it
298 · Jul 2020
Cued to applause
Orakhal Jul 2020
On empty stage perform thy play
no actors gathered in the way

no audience to hear I say
on empty stage perform thy play
297 · Oct 2020
The Thought Alone
Orakhal Oct 2020
the pursuit
of life

thru thought

is like following
a scent

to find
your nose
291 · Oct 2020
I Am You
Orakhal Oct 2020
as a picture of me in your mind
290 · Jul 2020
Receive in Kind
Orakhal Oct 2020
and expect not to go hungry first

you be well and all be's well
u be food to lack
and you be eaten to death alive
282 · Jun 2020
Orakhal Jun 2020
be the first word of life

to the air
with your breath

in thank
out you
in thank
out you
in thank
out you
282 · May 2020
Soul Mates
Orakhal May 2020


be's the medium
in which we exist
Thank you Seth
282 · Oct 2020
The Living Word
279 · Jul 2020
Orakhal Jul 2020
doesn’t spill a drop of worthiness

a cup
when it hasn't had its fill
279 · Jul 2020
Fire Fly
Orakhal Jul 2020
Lay thy dream in the heat of a swans pose
Tickle thy scent to a babies toes
Press thy taste on a breath of white fire
Wilt as wonder in a willows shire

Chase thy hunger to the lions eye
Flesh thy essence to an eagles mind
Spill thy will to a buzz in hive
Bottlenose swim in an ocean dive
278 · Oct 2020
Prey on a Red White Snow
Orakhal Oct 2020
remembered to the birth of time
held to nothing but the play of life

remembered to the warm of day cradled to the skin
no talk of living only laughter and joy
on the lip of adventure and discovery

remembered to the excitement of friendship
created to the star and hero on the sword of imagination
neath the flight of a dream

remembered to the glow of nurture
breathed to the skip and run of little feet on earths foothold
as the close of a hug to the beat of love
holds charge on the heat of a body not being
to that there you could be found by the hide of seek

remembered to the belt of a star to eve
as you make the first move on the kiss of sunlight
and touch soul to the flesh of sleeps fade
into the light of nights close

remembered to the rush of blood desire
thru the pound of a vein slipping its teeth
across the make of your naked pure

remembered to the sip of a body
thru the arc of a rainbows melt
as the ray of charge bursts open on the blister of sun
and drips to the earth of ground through the light of dust

remembered to the burn of life
held tight to the hunt of scent
gifting a rise on the black of slow heat
as the pelt of wolves prime escapes
to the prey on a red white snow

remembered to the last of kings and queens
answered to the truth of gravity
swept over the infinite mind on the lift of light
to the hand that one be hold
277 · Jul 2020
The Blind Spot
Orakhal Jul 2020
Zip the eye
at two places

Here to there >
There to here <
Orakhal Oct 2020
as its culture creates on demand

belief is the condition
the cure keeps looking for
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