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The ray impaled darkness.
And heavy clouds is clear.
And you will see the lightness.
If you will open eyes so free.
The ray is gold and brithness...
The ray of wisdom and success.
So brighten like a sun shine.
The ray of joy and love.
Your little Ray of sunshine
Drop by drop made my
Dark cloudy sky shine
With full of hope.
It's leading me to the
Dazzling glory of
Everlasting success.
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
Rachel Ray was amazing
to the tot that watched
while grandparents talked
to the parent that brought me along

Sat hands in lap
on the living room floor
slowly arching back as each meal passed

We never made any recipe
though I'd thought a lot about it
and often wanted to
Seanathon Jul 2018
Thoughts which echo
Like the sounds of Ray LaMontagne
Through the somehow and the same
Bounce back and off these northern stars
And slowly fall
Down beneath our feet, this hilly plain
My heart it's like paper.
Star BG Jun 2018
Rays beat down
pouring, swirling,
opening eyes and cells
to celebrate new day.

Darkness of night
absent in moment,  
as wind picks up to hug.

Clouds vanish
revealing blue sky,
as miracles surface in breath.

Ray of light activates,
souring from heart,
emanating in smile.

Rainbow prisms
unseen by naked eye
filter into self
igniting recall of divinity.

We share moment
to awaken
and live authentically
in heart that sings with birds.

We dance gracefully  
to savor    
and live with gratitude
as sacred beings.

My ray of light,
your ray of light,
a gift anointed by God.
Inspired by Archie Bacons poem My Ray of Light--Thank you
icantbearmyself Jun 2018
you gave me
a thin ray of

I became
obsessed with
the idea of
hugging the sun
Donna Feb 2018
I opened a tub of butter
And saw a sunlit ray
I spread it on a slice of bread
And made a summers day
Inspired by buttering toast :)
John F McCullagh Jan 2018
When days of future pass
and cannot come again-
Half a century seems a moment.
A loved musician meets his end.

The haunting notes you played on the flute;
those somber moody blues-
will echo through eternity
though you, yourself be through.

A treasured disk of Vinyl;
A loved, remembered song.
I played it first when just a teen
living in my parents’ home.

A Sculptor’s work melts in the rain
It’s lines made indistinct
An author, once thought popular,
may  soon be out of ink.

A film made in the golden age
is faded acetate.
The beauty of white satin nights
I hope escapes their fate.
( Ray Thomas, a founding member of the Moody Blues, has died. Their album " Days of Future Passed" was one of my first acquisitions.) 1967
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