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Orakhal 1d
its your childs mind

feel it your healing

we neither hear
nor listen to thought

we be busy on the body
and its weigh in on life force
Orakhal 1d
but really
we are a no body's any body
Orakhal 1d
Through the slip of time
this angel serves her feel to yours
cheeks her flush of beauty
to your misty emotional body
touching her heat to your hearts warm keep
slight as a whisper says goodbye
to her ever lasting stay
Orakhal 1d
you may shuffle the cards
and still play the same game

if you re arrange only the content
or thoughts of a mind
and not spin or feel it different at source
holding to its own story

an instance keeps returning to you
over and over in the flesh

until one re unites , balances and aligns all the bodies
vibrational firstly then emotional and mentally
to the point of activation or to the hollow space
nothing ever changes

the deeper you
shows up to the shallow waters
on the face of behaviours forthcoming
brought to you on your vibratory command
by others and the world about you
Orakhal 1d
The weigh of a life
is as shadow to light
on the backbone of a souls body

the throw of force from the open source
to the spin of a hearts command
hung on the heat of a higher mind
play rule to the skeletal bare burn
tasked to the clay on bones return to the mould
fetched blind on the parcel of a thoughts thinking
Orakhal 1d
is not a choice

it is a right
beyond choosing
Orakhal Jan 6
you'd surely
stop looking for your self

the nothings lost
is the best place to be looking
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