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God's Oracle Oct 2020
The harmonious sounds of Divine Heavenly Hosts chanting thru Universal soul calming and soothing vibrations enchanted with strong energetic auras that resonate with the Human Earthly Vessels channeling thru them encoded messages of hidden symbological knowledge of the Ancients. By forming a conduit to transmit small and great vibrational cues of energetic signals we as pillars of "Light" transverse thru the cosmos in our spiritual bodies we learn that we are all interconnected individuals to a Greater Source known as the Maker. The musical internal invisible signals created and invoked go thru the force 2 opposing forces clashing against each other disfragmention of a space in time and quantum giving that emergence of an event a unique creation by forming a synchronized unified sound. Furthermore, the speed, force and unification of opposing forces forming a centrifugal force which has been intensified thru creation of the sound itself. The culmination of the elements of sound, color, and force are subjecated to change into a light or dark energy forming an array of new interesting phenomena.
Dissonance & Resonance
Orakhal Aug 2020
the wrongs

make it right

writing the right will
Orakhal Aug 2020
the body knows
that the mind has told it

command its emotion gently
thru instinct and intuition

and it will move beyond that its learnt
Orakhal Jul 2020
The purest form to thought
bes the formless thinker thinking

Thought cast to thought
bes thought thinking

Thinker bes the ocean
as thought bubbles to its surface
A formless thinker light body allows thought flow
without  being emotionally tied to it  
a formed thinker lives every thought it thinks
Orakhal Jul 2020
All calamity bes under your feet
not stepping on your head                  
eye gazes up to above not down to below
a silken light thread spun thru human allness
spinning the body to its ascending

It feels time now ahead bes disappearing
as does time before
senses becoming more liquefied and amplified
to a present state of light being.

All time bes vibrational memory you see
a mental recollection re activated
thru sloppy attention to thinking its there
as nothing old becomes new and nothing new becomes old
a new activation bes required to embody more of all light
to become a more expanded version of ones human and divine self.
mel Mar 2018
in the space between
any given stimulus
and your response
lies the power to choose
which vibrational route
your destiny pursues

— The End —