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Nov 2020
av woond -  vwash maya

neeth - kh ya dash - shhma kh

t yeh t yeh - mal koo tha kh-

neh kh wayt- zeve yan akh-

ay khannad - vwash maya -
aph var ha

hawv lan - lakh mad -
sun kh yanan - ya omana

vwash vo khlan - khau v yen -
wah kh tah kh yen -
ay khana - daph kh nan -
shh vwo kh yan - l
- kha  av yen -

wela - tah lan -  l nee s yuna

ela - patzan - min - bisha

metol - dila khe - mal khu  tha -
wah hala - watesh vukh tah -

lah lam
al min
am yen
we  love to embody languages of all kind
as feeling and resonance

we hold vibration of love at the chest
as we engage any vibrational conversation thru  word and sound

the prayer we announce here sounds beautiful as you flow air and sound and its serious fun to learn
and also has a very powerful
sphere charge effect on being

we write phonetically
for ease of say
the dashes state the end and beginning of a word

shine brightly and in joy

breath tones
speak breathy to air effect

kha khe khi kho khu
tha the thi tho thu
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