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My heart being pressed,
my soul being crushed,
I am unable to breathe,
I am unable to stand,
what's happening to me!!!

Am I getting lost
or simply out of my mind?
what's rising within me?
a whirlwind of thoughts
or a whirlpool to drown me!!!

everything seems blue,
and i have no clue.
Can someone help me?
Can someone sort it out?
how to get these things out!!!

could this be

our lucky numer

listen to me
she wrote

this may
have never
Obscrea Dec 2017
I think I miss you a lot
More than I realize
Because things keep
Happening and I

Find myself wishing
That I could tell you
All about them.
Jean Sharlot Nov 2017
I'm having akward feeling
I want to talk to tell stories
I want to listen to be updated
I want to laugh to have fun
But i was here away from everyone
Arlene Corwin May 2017
Saying Political Things

I suddenly find myself
Saying political things.
A president who has a name
That pumps out rhymes that rhyme with stump and thump and clump
So numerous, so humorous you try in vain
To stifle sniggering, giggling, trying to abstain
That is, when you are not afraid of what comes next,
(What, whose head will come undone on any pretext.)
I, who never had opinions of significance inside my head,
Find that I am sitting up in bed
Watching the news,
The countless views,
And find I’ve got some too!
The boohoo, screw you kind, and views about:
Is North Korea bad or mad?
Why is the crime rate rising?
Is it rising?
Not the least surprised
If it goes either way.
And so I say,
It’s unexpected to discover
Arlene Corwin (former Nover)
Faltering and altering, but taking stance,
Dancing around matters of importance,
Though they may be comical to you,
Positing her new-found thoughts political.

Saying Political Things 5.29.2017
Our Times, Our Culture II;
Arlene Corwin
Is it happening to you too?
Arcassin B Aug 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

#2 pencils for your thoughts,
A minor invite to let the words flow from ones inner chi,
Slipping through the cracks and tears of images and frames that
Makes the mind project the bad memories in paranormal states
Of thinking about dark figures appearing in front of you and
Putting fear and feat inside while your body is paralyzed from
Head to toe in hopes that your soul will not get carried to hell as you
Hear the voices,
Let the ocean and the sun shower over your phases and sins,
Being young is a giving, it's not an accomplishment,
Clicking heels and biting black fingernails,
Be as spiritual as the dawn and the shine on fifty cents,
Young Man , Young Lady,
They are one,


Lucy's in the sky with diamonds tonight,
She's looking good,
Sparkles running through the vains of her eyes,
She knows it's just not fair
I miss you just as much as you miss me even though you're
Never there,
Up in the sky.....
I live to die......
a garden grave....
a garden grave.....
There are no slaves in the valley,
It's more important than family,
Some people deal with it commonly,
But also has their own anatomy,
I'm glad I find it so challenging,
But I rely on strateging,
You can't escape from the happenings,
Don't let your heart end up in packaging.

Pauline Celerio Jun 2016
This should not happen.
I shouldn't be thinking of you.
I shouldn't be looking forward to that day
I will meet you once again.
This should not happen
I shouldn't be here lying awake
At 1:48
Rereading all your messages.
This should not happen.
I should be able to leash upon these emotions.
But they are starting to break free
Against my wishes.
This should not happen.
Haven't I learned my lesson?
Haven't I felt the repercussions
That I brought upon myself before?
This should not happen.
I shouldn't be feeling this way.
I shouldn't be building castles
That one day are going to break.
This should not happen.
But I also tire of holding
Everything inside me
So should I just let things be?
This should not happen.
Not when I will be vulnerable again.
Not when I will be miserable again
Once things don't work out.

I shouldn't let this happen.
I really shouldn't.
But I can't help it.
Oh God I can't help it.

I can't help it anymore.
Should I open my heart again?
Nath Rye May 2016
never was i
going to be held by the throat
ever again,
played with a leash
like a mindless dog

i was wiser than that

but son, when love strikes
your supposed wisdom is met
and negated by
a dash of crazy
a hint of impulse
that, dear, oh dear
lead to
a multitude of reckless decisions.

but maybe that's the way
life's meant to be lived

take a risk
nothing much
Divine Dao3 Apr 2016
Slid  slide . . .

Humid.       Hommo.    Lie.      
Ad Homminem.


Potent as a flower
In my hand

Are your hello smiles

An autochtonous wild
Self borne man
Electric feels

As all aboding
Spanish essence


Through the air

Some wisdom thoughts

Through those silent lucidities

The you who's caught as I
Am by the

Stepping out of, staring at the deep
Dark  event  horizon

Where we meet again
At the day dormant
Vacancy of things
In all iclusive
Blythe mimicries and diversities

Me me cries consciously

To see Thee as
Next to you




N   a  ~   n   o

T  h  e  a  t  r  e
Particular  it  is    

Li­ps sealed
Ludistic lush

Final rounds

Addressing us- n'our

Cosmonaut no-order
At its utmost  

Eventually harboured home

Projections are rising
and scrolling
By the

Middle F


You don't have to say  

brandon nagley Dec 2015

The governmental beast's
Plotteth right before thine sight;
As many art blinded
By the lies put in the night.


Making many believeth
Through their media puppet's;
Whilst big elite pulleth thy string's
Secret society member's push it.


Illuminati, Bilderberg's,
Skull and bones, some unknown;
Now spotlighted, being known
Martial law, to break thy home's.


All for greed, their new world order,
United Nations vehicles parked
In California; train's with guillotine's
Thirty-thousand that is,
Whilst the young protest
Ignorant bullsh....
Freedom's being taken
Before thy eye's,
It started by the taking
Of the natives land;
European suicide.
Blood shalt be spilt
In the land of the high
Because of the filth
Of rich men's ties;


Rockefeller called it
Whilst Rothschild named it;
Henry Kissinger indugled it
Bush. Sr didst inflame it.
Training going on
Worldwide for this,
A complete takeover
An r.f.i.d chip.
A tracking device
For the forehead and hand;
Revelation thirteen dear poet, poetess, and man.
Revelation stated; (And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.) Didst thou readeth that? Didst not get enough fill? Also goeth this. Revelation,
16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
Readeth this again, no man may buyeth nor sell without the mark of this devil tempted man;
Already into act into Mr. Obama's healthcare law,
Bilderberg's saidst by the year two-thousand and seventeen they want their chip Into all,
Signs art showing, were coming to a close,
Awaketh to Christ's truth and his love Utmost.
Christ spoke: I am the way, truth and the life, no man
Cometh to the father but by ( me) Jesus that is the Lord and the king,whilst other's art found in tomb's- Christ hath holes in his hand's and his feet, millions of near death experiences- with only jesus didst they meet. Awaketh mine poet's, get out of slumber, An Antichrist is upon us, the demon's knoweth their day's art numbered. Taketh a look around: demonic influence. Satan's got a short time to killeth, And surely he wilt do it. A prominent Jewish Rabbi is telling his people in Israel he believed their Messiah is here, so art the Muslim leader's, what's wrong? Not clear? Them telling other's they believeth their Messiah soon shalt appear, just means the antichrist wilt show, and a Tribulation's near. Awaketh from slumber I telleth once again, these book's of Christ weren't a play or a myth for pretend. The heaven's art moaning, the earth tis in travail, prophecies hath come true as more art daily neath the veil. Many by the million's art having dream's of his return, please no comment needed if it's for making fun of or scorn, tis I want none to mourn but to open their sight's to truth. Be aware, payeth attention to that thing we calleth the news. Find Christ, if thou hath not, if so cometh back to him, I sayeth this as a warning. Poetess, poet's, beautiful friends...... For God is a loving God, waiting for thee and me to return, a new age of the slave, is waiting for it's turn.......

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
In the book of Romans in the bible is states
Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord ( jesus) thou shall be saved... If not saved I suggest the sinner's prayer to Christ and to truly trust him.... And be saved in Christ... For he is loving and forgiving though will you choose him or the world and the things of the world where you will have no peace nor rest? Up to you poet....
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