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snipes May 2022
What’s on your mind?

Tell me it all
Confess your heart
Sell me your soul’s dna
For your peace of mind
You’ll see it’ll be liked later
In the memetime
Favorite your favorite memories
Comment your combative perspectives
Post your voice in a live
Before you die off the line
Hang your life as a bulletin online
While your life has bullets on the line
Trademark dna data usage is being sold
So tell me your what’s on your mind

What’s happening?

I walk bare these days…
Each wire shows truth in the lairs
My fear dies within this air
Hell lives on earth as it spears my attire
Heaven is so sought after as it’s quit with its laughter
Each shoe walks but the souls near retire
I’ve tripped up so many times I still ride lower
I see liquor every time I look in the mirror
The wind in the sky is the dream in my wireless eyes
I say it to the face of time, I am happening
Until my last happy breath
I’ll be what always happens

Write a caption…

…in the meantime
Orakhal Aug 2020
Life appears in form
because you tell it to

it really isn't there otherwise
All bes mental Creating
Power thru Projector Projecting
Paint thru painter to painting

Each one has a vibe rate signature
calling forth to it all physical manifestations

no one creates for another
one sees only that they put in their eye
not that others put there
A M Ryder Jun 2020
This is happening
I am here
I am looking at her
And she is so beautiful
Judypatooote Jun 2020
Do i go out
Or do i stay in...

It's a Pandemic
Is it safe to go out

Gotta pick up
Milk, coffee and wine...

If I wear my mask
I'll be just fine...

But why aren't they
wearing their mask?

Gloves are helpful
Now not needed

Out of toilet paper
Out of alcohol wipes

Best to WASH your hands
With just soap for 20 seconds

Markings - 6  feet away
I'll be just fine

Birthday parties, weddings
Even funerals Cancelled

Oh no, restaurants are closed too
Pick ups are available

Now they are back open
But spaced out

I'll be just fine
Now to live through the Protests

Do I go out
Or do I stay in...

I'm so confused
I'll be just fine...
The whole world is going through a change in time...will it be our new normal
Butterfly Jan 2020
It just keeps happening

I can hit the pause button as hard as I want
But it just keeps on repeating
I should be a sleep
Audacity is when your ****** texts you
To wish you a Happy New Year
Because his therapist advised him to make amends.
The price of breaking my soul
Is more than a ******* text.
Arcassin B Nov 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

If the situation is as complicated as it seems,
figure out how to own this **** and manifest your dreams,
run now , the vapors are opening,
the happening is so seeming,
you map out your cause and effect,
when reality tells you reality check and seems you lack
like lack luster with facts and all accordingly leading you
back to the real world ,
you really just gotta chill girl,
Luck doesn't exist but karma does , if its any constellation,
old times reside where the modern was , but its all a simulation,
you say you are all about good energy, still with complications?
The Vultures are lurking roun' the corner , that should be your occupation,
gotta rewire the program so right with perfection installation,
Don't give a **** about fake friends , this was never about reputation.
Bhill Oct 2019
bliss anticipates
does it need to be needed
is bliss happening

Brian Hill - 2019 # 265
We could all use some bliss.
Maria Etre Aug 2019
The tug war
between my heart and my mind  
left me in a minefield
of questionable
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
Is science
about discovering
how an unknown Destiny
is happening?
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