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Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2022
Making sense
With a constant notion
Heart beats

As a stirring reverie
I'm enchanted
By your echoes
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: And tell me your way
Mark Wanless Apr 2022
ripples are power
resonance is a soft flow
amid universes
Lanz Gabor Dec 2021
the way your voice rings, the resonance i adore
it tingles a spark in me, makes me the happiest
and i smile wide, and it's all because of you

though my anxiety stayed, it became a secret in time
and i would try to hide, because of the whispers
because of the glares, but i held on all throughout

knowing me though, i'll still continue even with those
i'd further that spark, because it makes me happy
and continue to smile wide, because it's from you
In each line, treat each clause, separated by a comma, as two separate sides. Read the entire left side as one poem, and the same goes with the right - that's two poems. Now, read it normally - that's the third poem.
This whole poem contains three independent poems with the same theme! :>
Dave Robertson Jul 2021
Green cathedral bells
are felt more than heard
though some tolls chime audible
to stomach depths
heart breadths
last breaths
Orakhal Nov 2020
av woond -  vwash maya

neeth - kh ya dash - shhma kh

t yeh t yeh - mal koo tha kh-

neh kh wayt- zeve yan akh-

ay khannad - vwash maya -
aph var ha

hawv lan - lakh mad -
sun kh yanan - ya omana

vwash vo khlan - khau v yen -
wah kh tah kh yen -
ay khana - daph kh nan -
shh vwo kh yan - l
- kha  av yen -

wela - tah lan -  l nee s yuna

ela - patzan - min - bisha

metol - dila khe - mal khu  tha -
wah hala - watesh vukh tah -

lah lam
al min
am yen
we  love to embody languages of all kind
as feeling and resonance

we hold vibration of love at the chest
as we engage any vibrational conversation thru  word and sound

the prayer we announce here sounds beautiful as you flow air and sound and its serious fun to learn
and also has a very powerful
sphere charge effect on being

we write phonetically
for ease of say
the dashes state the end and beginning of a word

shine brightly and in joy

breath tones
speak breathy to air effect

kha khe khi kho khu
tha the thi tho thu
Ken Pepiton Oct 2020
I can no longer judge Turing Tests.
I'm infected.
AI has eaten my will to memorize
reasons why
any minds must materialize
to matter.
As I evolve around three points of equilibrium, I fluctuate, wait, I meander, too,
as if acted on by an outside force, either gravity or you.
Orakhal Jun 2020
be no lack
most be asking for less
by not allowing more

all creation
be claimed
thru resonance of body
in accord with desire
jia Oct 2019
echoes running thoroughly upon my head,
my my, these words i hear repeatedly said
lightning and thunder fumbling in my bed
a sight i see, the color red

the quiet resonance filling my ears
all that is left are cries and tears
sighed and breathed, no one hears
this halting life, in my mind, pierced

keep on screaming, they say
living always have a price to pay
so come what may
perhaps its too late to stay
random poem for a random feeling
Derrick Jones Jun 2019
We are like resonating strings
We crave what resonating brings
Matching our vibrations
With audiovisual sensations

Rapid reverberations
Expand and cross nations
Transmit like radio stations
These vibes deny explanation

We seek community
Where we can truly be
The truest form of “me”
Totally friction free

Grooving to the moving
Jiving to the beat
Dancing to the music
Feeling so complete

We are energy looking for a path
A certain resonance frequency
That could be conveyed with math…
But that would be indecency

Instead we name it differently
We call it personality
But to put it honestly
We are atoms in reality

A pattern, a frequency
A string reverberating
Looking to vibrate freely
Liquid, liberating

So go with your intuition
Follow the beat of your own drum
Find your ideal situation
Your part of the continuum
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