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My inner voice is speaking to me,
telling me to give up
On all the paranoid things that has been happening.
Feels like I'm a feather
Left upon to drop
But the wind is stubborn
not letting me to be in the place I'm supposed to.
I'm struggling ,suffering
But incapable.
Incapable of being my own,
And to be, where I should.
Feels like I'm a feather.
ALC Jan 19
It sooths my soul,
Easing me into a secure state.
Persuading me to lift the corners of my mouth
And smile a sparkling grin.

Then it snaps,
And screams nonsense in my ear.
Causing alarm and panic to kick me in the gut.
Causing my head to spin,
And my stomach to clench.

It tries to sooth the whirlwind it has lead me into,
To put me back on steady ground,
To breathe through the confusion.
It whispers soothing lyrics to me
To lift my spirits once again,
Encouraging me to smile
Imploring me to steady my nerves.

But panic for some unknown horror has already sunk in,
And the alarm bells are screaming in my ear.

With gasping breaths,
Clenched fists,
And a pounding head,
I release myself into sleep
Where even My Voice doesn’t have control over me.
-ALC January 18, 2019
Everyone has an inner voice that helps them to do bad and good things. Sometimes it just likes to **** with your mental state and send you into the rabbits whole.
Dark Poetess Jan 4
How can you forgive anyone but me?

Why can you accept anything but me?

How can you remember everything but me?

Why are you so kind to others but not to me?

How can you be so concern to anybody but me?

Why are you listening to them instead of me?

How can you cheer them up and let me down?

Why are you blaming me for the things out of my control?

How did you give someone a chance and dump me?

Why did you give up on me and hold on to other's expectation?

How did you love them before me?

I am your inner voice, this is yourself begging you to keep my worth, take care of me, nourish me, you are me and I am you, no one can separate us. Let's keep your sanity together.Let's do this together.Don't shoo me away.Be more gentle to me.Love me before anybody else and see the difference.
InsertPenName Oct 2018
How do we explain a near death experience
Especially when it was the first fresh breath we took
How to explain light
When dark is all that’s ever know
How do you turn to blasphemy
When God’s light directly shines
And enlighten the most important movement of one’s life
How do we even begin to explain
When we died for the last time
Still we can try borrowing quotes
And metaphors, rhymes and tinker of words
Though they will be as useful as trying to eat fire and sip rocks
But how do you stitch a soul into something
When you’ve only known hollow inside
This was how it was
When we saw them for the first time
You don’t realize drowning
Till you touch the surface for the first time
It was a dance slow and steady
Our beings so close even air changed it path
Yet so far way, we couldn’t have been further apart
It was was that time when time didn’t exist
when blood came easy
And breath came harsh
How do we explain them
Without tassing every sorry excuse for a phrase
Into the river in despair
Full of more soul than soulful
And holding more sorrow
Than a broken something in middle of the most beautiful
...One thing
The sole living evidence that god existed
And a sweet sting that The devil is not too far behind
For something so divine cannot exist without
Existence exiting itself
A faithful service, a conspiracy between coincidence and fate
Masters of talking to much and saying nothing
While being too much and existing nowhere
Who bear more meaning than meaning of meaning itself
And holds less meaning that the word iqwbefbl
This is the most accurate description of the time
We saw, when the heart of stone spared a beat
For the first time
And the last time
Erase from memory
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
When to start is
The bold decision
When to stop
What ultimately matters

If the inner voice,
Makes you stronger
Changes your life
Shines your soul

Leave what stops
Break the webs
Never look back
They were not mean to you

Know your worth
Be sincere to self
Be a whole
Let it be
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Never settle for less
George Krokos May 2018
To those wailing of their loneliness which nobody hears
is like crying in the dark with no one to see your tears.
They're lacking in the gift people come to know as love
which is missing in their lives being Graced from above.
Oh, how mournful are the lonely people of today
who can't seem to find friends with whom to play.
Tho' living in a community they're just really like
outsiders looking in onto their abandoned psych.

At times steeped in depression and unable to rise
out of the gloom they're in which isn't a surprise.
Some even feel that they'd be much better off dead
and find it hard shaking this notion from their head.

There are those who're victims of families torn apart
in a desperate situation wanting to make a new start.
Others are poor in spirit without a glimmer of hope
accustomed to tribulations suffering a life of mope.

Yet, some others again are recipients of a harsh life
imposed on them by unwanted circumstantial strife.
The consequences of their actions brought them here
after indulging in those things offering a false cheer.

Be sympathetic towards any who're in such distress
and offer a helping hand to them; by yourself bless.
To be lonely is also a feeling of being empty inside
which in turn is reflected in one's life there outside.

It seems they've squandered their time in various ways
and gone against their conscience in the course of days.
Adding to their woes by forsaking the quiet Inner Voice
heard from deep within their soul with the right choice.

This has left them feeling empty inside as stated before
like some of those who are said to be in the spirit poor.
If there's no sincere repentance or seeking help in need
change won't come for them like that Spirit to proceed.
Written in 2018. For all the lonely people - you are not alone.
Nicky Mar 2018
Inner voice, hello, there you go again
You come and you go but your usually the same
You know so much yet I still distrust
Listen to you intently now this is a must

Intuition,gut feelings, higher power and more
I hear you, I feel you, deep down in my core
It's a gift that you were given aged five
That gift you were given, it's kept you alive

It's taught you some lessons, both good and bad
It's helped your emotions, both happy and sad
It's made you quite blunt, you call what you see
Losing friends and lovers, that feeling is key

A form of protection, an inner radar
knowing things that others don't, especially from afar
Energy and vibes also known as sixth sense
You're lucky to have this gift but your ******* intense
Ola Radka Mar 2017
inner voice
be heard.

The world wants to hear your story.
Ola Radka Feb 2017
Listen to that inner voice of yours.
Your Lighthouse.

Nothing ever grows
comfort zone.
Ola Radka Jan 2017
Let the silence in you
Be your everyday guest.
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