Ola Radka Mar 2017

inner voice
be heard.

The world wants to hear your story.

Ola Radka Feb 2017

Listen to that inner voice of yours.
Your Lighthouse.

Nothing ever grows
comfort zone.

Ola Radka Jan 2017

Let the silence in you
Be your everyday guest.

Intrepid Human Dec 2016

Found my inner voice!
It was inside me
All along.

LolaPark Nov 2016

Nothing comes easily to me
except maybe impulsivity
it dawned on me recently
that my time on earth is transitory
I was depressed for a while, but
it is what it is so let it be it
I decided to chase my dreams
only, I didn't have the courage
it's too late to apologize to myself
for not realizing what my dreams were

My mind wanders a few times a day
I let it go wherever it may
I'm positive it will come back again

I wonder why people cry when they're happy
Isn't crying for sadness only?  
I remember when my friend passed
I asked God why it happened
I felt as though we would live forever
until the glass ceiling was shattered
I still do believe life has a purpose
if not, then what's the reason behind it?  

I sometimes pray I pass before he does
I know that's messed up but imagine the sorrow of loss  
I have low tolerance for pain hence why I take aspirin
I didn't understand addiction
until my coffee spilled

Life is a great big mystery
for anyone that lives it
If you're ever feeling alone
remember, we're all in this together
every time somebody tells you no
just get stronger

Honestly, I give advice more than I take
it's probably because I think way too far ahead
when I feel lost, I imagine I'm in this place
it's green and sunny, but kind of chilly
but it's cool, I like sweaters

I love you always
-Sincerely, your Inner voice

Conscious or is it Conscience?
Nikunj May 2016

It's that time of the year again
when my paper boats get itchy
seeking your streams to
carry themselves to ecstasy's ocean...

Pregnant sky expectant
of a grand extravaganza
guides me to the horizon
where your kisses are stored
in a sacred vault ...

I seek, I wander
like a kite without string,
winds taking me where
your sprinkles bear my name

Come! adorn my path
script a slippery song
on the muddy terrain
that smells like home now ...

K Balachandran Nov 2015

A million poems seeking light, I haven't attempted to write,
Create waves and tides in my bloodstream day and night,
Demanding to make them heard blending  words that inebriate,
Before I forget them and chase  other butterflies in my garden.

I feel guilty about my choice of words to weave, later sometimes
Couldn't get the emotions I try to express,in my poems,right, regret,
True, there is no democracy even in my choice of poetic subjects,
Disorder could be  the suited order in making my inner world speak.

It's as if I am some other guy when I write, my heart's real prompt,
I don't even insist to be perfect,an inner voice wants to speak it's truth,
I am stimulated by a creative lust and in the frenzy of inner coitus,
Forget even myself,it's a  race towards orgasm and strongly I  ejaculate.

The oracular cascade of poetry, but happens in magicalmoments
Amitav Radiance Mar 2015

So many feelings swell up
Rising above the brink of the soul
Ready to deluge the heart
Poetry finds another medium
Flows eloquently across the impassive paper
Forever flooded with feelings
Soul within heaves a sigh of relief
For the unsaid have now found a voice

Amitav Radiance Mar 2015

Let your mind settle down
Eliminate the noises and distractions
Listen carefully to the voice within
Deluged in the cacophony for long
Awaken the soul from deep slumber

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