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Arkapravo May 5
A travel in time,
to a better line,
where the virus,
hasn't yet thrown us under the bus.

A serendipity,
a worth for our proclivity,
say August of last year,
a care for our fear.

Fire away the antimatter engines,
add in the lustful draught of Benzene.
Fasten your seat belts, next stop paradise,
a grin, a cheer, pour me a glass add some ice!

** ** Captain America, Iron Man too!
have I lost my mind, nothing for a clue?
Lockdown has fried my brains, rotted my soul,
the virus kills in many ways, its a devil not a foal!
Written on 5th May 2020.
Whether in the nation of imaginings
Or the state of reality
With each room you enter
Threshold you cross, door you open
You must leave what you think you know
Johnedel Rubinas Oct 2018
When people hear time travel, they think fun.
Reliving moments in life that were filled with laughter and joy.
Like pounding back jagerbombs at the warehouse,
or leaving home and enjoying life on a resort.
When people hear time travel, they think atonement.
To go back and stop yourself from doing a loved one wrong,
or not making that left turn and crashing your camaro.
When people hear time travel, they think restoration.
A second chance if you will.
Like going back to school and studying harder,
or not making that last bet at the casino and losing all your cash.

When I hear time travel, I think of your lips.
Soft as a cloud and sweet as honey.
Your kiss had me surrendering my soul to you.
When I hear time travel, I think of your hands.
The most angelic touch, that could calm the angriest bull.
How it felt as if your fingers were made perfectly to fit into mine.
When I hear time travel, I think of your eyes.
A gateway to never ending happiness.
When we locked eyes, time would stop around us, leaving you and I in our own world.
When I hear time travel, I think of pain.
How you saying a couple words hurt more than a thousand shattered bones.
How you leaving felt as if someone punched me in the gut and left with every last bit of my breath.

When I hear time travel, I think yes.
Yes i'd endure all that again.
That crushing feeling as if you're 10,000 feet under the ocean.
Yes, if it meant I got to hold you again like a scared kid holding a teddy.
Yes, if it meant I got to witness how beautiful you look sipping on wine.
Your red lipstick staining the glass, and then my neck.
When I hear time travel, I think of you.
But just like time travel, our love doesn't exist.
For now.
Khoi-San Jan 4
It glowed in the dark
he gave it a shot
the lights went on now she's gone
The lonely old vs the digger of gold
Dancing Tree Dec 2019
drawing on recall
visiting timelines past
frames of life
experiencing different points of view,
observing different perspective

altering the now perspective
therefore dare I say,
altering the future one?

oh wise sages speak
change your perspective
& change your reality!

so, I travel back
every now and then
to revisit and heal
the days I don't seem to remember
quite so fondly.

CNR 2020
: )
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Year after year
--at daylight savings--
he kept moving his clock backward,
but never forward,
until he wound-up in the wrong century.

He then slept in masks,
his dreams repeatedly
disbanding and reforming,
as if in someone else's show,
but it was his hallucinating set-list, for sure.

He lived at the call of the void,
feeding off peppermint sticks
and clusters of chokeberry,
to help ease the pressure.

One phantom summer,
he read The Joy of Euthanasia
from cover-to-cover, over and over,
until he could recite death.

He poured his heart
into his new work
as an artist of tacenda,
--yes, he kept a lid on it.

And when the pretty young bees
buzzed about underneath
their brazen parasols,
he'd smile up at the sun
for her complicit glow:
the warmest days
always drew them out to him,
like honey on the tongue.

Now naysayers may keep
his name out of Canton,
but one day, like most serial killers,
they will name a school after him
and his hijinks.
Annie Sep 2019
All of my life has been a search
For things I could not see
For matters founding in my heart
For things that I could be
I sold my home and life
For principiality
But everything was worth the price
And Im remorselessly

Yet I wonder now and then
Whenever I am asked again
What I have answered once
Though I walked freely down that path
And there is no regret
and yet
I wonder what I felt inside
What caused my mind to set
This way along the past
What craving caused my vast
Amount of ruthlessness

I lost my time, with no remorse,
And all of my appeal
The breaking clocks may have been worse
But still, I could'nt feel
Nor understand
what Ive been searching for

And when I carried on my way
I lost myself in forlorn days
Where I found something new
I never had been searching for
And yet I felt that something grew
Inside of me
That let me fear
The things about to come

For I got lost,
found by someone,
Something that changed my mind
I didnt want to lose that fast
Nor leave it all behind

And for the first time I did fight
I changed the clockwork of my mind
I chose a place, a time a side
And wonder about all my life
About decisions, thoughts and creeds
I owned in future pasts
For any deed
I would regret
And yet
I wonder
What have happened
to my heart
I know we have met before,
At the cold sea of Atlantic
We kissed
We cried
It was fate, it was tragic,
We perished on the ocean floor

I know we have met before,
At the coast of Honolulu
We kissed
We cried
It was ******, it was blue
We perished as they bomb the shore

I know we have met before,
And now the world seemed so tranquil
We kissed
We cried
It was perfect, it was surreal
We perished when we're ninety-four
Let us open our imagination about a time traveller who learns that in every era, with a different body, in a different life, he's always inlove with the same girl.

Ladies and gents, I humbly give you "The Memoirs of a Time Traveller, enjoy!
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