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Pandora Feb 21
If i could go back in time
would my mistakes always haunt my mind?
step by step; i'm closer every day
Tomorrow seems a million miles away
attic civet cats,
wake me up; in a day past.
time travel by chance!
Aaditya Feb 20
Bags packed, got my hat, laces tied,
"Did you get your shades, honey?"
She said she wants to travel with me.
So I asked where, and she replied,
"Don't ask where, ask me WHEN."
"Back to our first meeting, then
change nothing
relive everything".
The best part of my journey, has been you.
You need

Who doesn't lead you
Who doesn't follow you

You need
The one
Who holds you, parallel
All the way
Be sure about it

You are enough
To travel the time
Regard, how far
You have come
Genre: Observational
Theme: People crossing the way
Arianna Dec 2018
Strolling the sunlit white halls,
Silent galleries ornamented
With the rich hues of centuries,

Old friends gaze back
From gold engraved windows,
Stoic behind glass curtains,

And I wave back
In passing, stirrings of memories
Rippling through my mind.

No recognition flickers in their eyes,
Though I recall the flush of cheeks in summer,
And the grace of hands raised in greeting.

Do you not remember me?

Hall to hall,
Gallery to gallery,
Scanning the walls for my own
Long-empty frame
For to travel through time
Back home.
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be just a figment of someone's imagination. Would it be like "Sophie's World", where the thoughts come alive and have their own consciousness within a mind containing multitudes?
Arke Dec 2018
if I went back in time knowing it all
memories had and the moment I'd fall
remembering how it felt to lose you
and the pain of unrequited love, too
I would do it over, and over once more
because it has always been you I adore
I would happily break my heart anew
if only for a chance to fall again for you
Thera Lance Sep 2018
December tenth stares from a wall,
At a girl with night-colored hair and
Eyes the shade of a twilight
That blurs purple into the darkness.

The girl looks out
At the blurred edges of this night’s snowflakes,
Falling softly past the windowpane
And down to empty streets below.

It has been more than a month since her birthday,
Her escape from fourteen
That twirled around the clock
A hundred or more times before
Finally stopping.

Maybe not a hundred times,
It was only one month
Repeating again and again
With thirty days of sunshine and one of rain,
Only one of rain.
Madoka always dies on rainy days.

A teacup clatters,
Not quite the clinks of shattering glass,
But startling all the same.
The awakened girl looks into
Kind eyes and golden curls left free to spill over a friend’s shoulder.
Still intentional in all movements,
The golden girl continues setting up the rest of that midnight’s meal.

Tiramisu melts upon tongues as
Two friends sit in silence,
And two survivors let their thoughts soften with the disappearing cake.

The quiet reigns,
Until the twilight girl leaves
With the waking of dawn’s light.
A soft “thank you” drifts with the snow behind her
While unnumbered days rise up ahead,
Forever blocking her sight of what’s to come.
This particular poem is a fanfic tribute of the anime series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. For those unfamiliar with the series, this poem is about a girl who survives a Groundhog's Day/ Edge of Tomorrow scenario where she's stuck in a month-long time loop for at least a decade and is forced to fight monsters and watch her friends and her loved one die again and again.
ElEschew Jul 2018
If Id lived in 1933 who would i be?
If id been born a little to the left
Up one floor
6 decades before...
Would I be me?
Of course Id be me
How could I not be me?
Which me would I be?
Would I be the Jewish boy in a camp?
Would I have been a poor woman falling for a trap?
Perhaps in 1933 i would have been lucky
In 1933 would i recognize me?
If i went back and saw me
Would I be in bread lines?
Would I be on a boat?
Would I fear for my life?
Would I be a wife?
In 1933 what type of me would i be?
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