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Anna Maria May 2021
The ideal mindset is that everything will eventually be ok, that calm will come after the storm.
But as I sit here on the back of the bus watching a child’s tiny hand trace the window in a pattern I’ll never understand, I realize that I’ll never get that back.
I’ll never get back a time where I could just be happy.
Childhood is bliss.
Eva Encarnacion May 2021
hey, hi, hello
—this is your life,
the view is vaguely familiar
out of the passenger seat window,
two years of autopilot
isn't generally recommended—
the mind can time travel or so it thinks
unannounced comings and goings,
quiet reintroductions occur daily
as to alarm no one of your departure
Can be read top down or bottom up

"Most people I know live their lives moving in a constant forward direction, the whole time looking backward" –How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu
Andrew Hartnett Nov 2020
I'd be broke
no doubt

no one knows about the internet in the 20's
so my programming skills wouldn't get me very far

I haven't read enough about historic sporting events
to make any money gambling

I wouldn't even know how to apply for a job
would I have to use a typewriter to type my resume?

I could start a moonshining business
but I wouldn't know where to get the moonshine

I could predict the future for a fee
but I would be limited to things that happen in the distant future

perhaps I could write a fictional novel of a dystopian future
and just write my memoir of everything I can remember
I wait for this weird blue box to land on my yard,
piloted by an alien who invites me to travel far

because I feel so lonely and depressed on Earth
that I make dreams out of my scars
doctor who is my favorite tv show and it just gives me so much happiness, oh I really wish I could travel far with the doctor to see beautiful things and live great adventures
Orakhal Aug 2020
We cant turn back time

we can re establish its occurrence
and turn time on its back
Emotion knows no time
and bes the intersect to all transformation
time travel for we bes the de activation of vibration
attached to events and experiences manifest throughout all time
Charu Singh Jun 2020
Here I can't explain you the date,
May be it's humanities fate.

We have reached a way higher,
In science and technologies tier.

The age is of time,
Where you can sublime.
Into the verses of technology,
Into the time and space's analogy.

This is the era of warm-holes,
And the era of time travel,
In which you can travel whole,
Into the any world's navel.

Set up to stop the light and time,
And get into between of it,
To hear the travelling chime,
From that dark narrow slit.

Getting into the dark tunnel,
Moving, getting deep inside,
Rather shaped like a funnel,
You get into the time's ride.
Arkapravo May 2020
A travel in time,
to a better line,
where the virus,
hasn't yet thrown us under the bus.

A serendipity,
a worth for our proclivity,
say August of last year,
a care for our fear.

Fire away the antimatter engines,
add in the lustful draught of Benzene.
Fasten your seat belts, next stop paradise,
a grin, a cheer, pour me a glass add some ice!

Hey Captain America, Iron Man too!
have I lost my mind, nothing for a clue?
Lockdown has fried my brains, rotted my soul,
the virus kills in many ways, its a devil not a foal!
Written on 5th May 2020.
Johnedel Rubinas Oct 2018
When people hear time travel, they think fun.
Reliving moments in life that were filled with laughter and joy.
Like pounding back jagerbombs at the warehouse,
or leaving home and enjoying life on a resort.
When people hear time travel, they think atonement.
To go back and stop yourself from doing a loved one wrong,
or not making that left turn and crashing your camaro.
When people hear time travel, they think restoration.
A second chance if you will.
Like going back to school and studying harder,
or not making that last bet at the casino and losing all your cash.

When I hear time travel, I think of your lips.
Soft as a cloud and sweet as honey.
Your kiss had me surrendering my soul to you.
When I hear time travel, I think of your hands.
The most angelic touch, that could calm the angriest bull.
How it felt as if your fingers were made perfectly to fit into mine.
When I hear time travel, I think of your eyes.
A gateway to never ending happiness.
When we locked eyes, time would stop around us, leaving you and I in our own world.
When I hear time travel, I think of pain.
How you saying a couple words hurt more than a thousand shattered bones.
How you leaving felt as if someone punched me in the gut and left with every last bit of my breath.

When I hear time travel, I think yes.
Yes i'd endure all that again.
That crushing feeling as if you're 10,000 feet under the ocean.
Yes, if it meant I got to hold you again like a scared kid holding a teddy.
Yes, if it meant I got to witness how beautiful you look sipping on wine.
Your red lipstick staining the glass, and then my neck.
When I hear time travel, I think of you.
But just like time travel, our love doesn't exist.
For now.
Khoi Jan 2020
It glowed in the dark
he gave it a shot
the lights went on now she's gone
The lonely old vs the digger of gold
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