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Ashley Kaye Jul 2020
Breakfast for two is true

Twin mugs full plates
the disshelved kitchen

My one yolk eyes me;
its sunny stare brightens
the awkward lack
of intimacy.

Sipping orange juice in lieu
of the morning after,
the passing closeness
a treasure all its own.
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Michael R. Burch

There was a moment
  without the sound of trumpets or a shining light,
    but with only silence and darkness and a cool mist
      felt more than seen.
      I was eighteen,
    my heart pounding wildly within me like a fist.
  Expectation hung like a cry in the night,
and your eyes shone like the corona of a comet.

There was an instant . . .
  without words, but with a deeper communion,
    as clothing first, then inhibitions fell;
      liquidly our lips met
      —feverish, wet—
    forgotten, the tales of heaven and hell,
  in the immediacy of our fumbling union . . .
when the rest of the world became distant.

Then the only light was the moon on the rise,
and the only sound, the communion of sighs.

With all the understandable gloom, doom and despair over the coronavirus, I was reminded of this early poem of mine that used the term "corona" in a much more positive light. I wrote this poem around age 18 and it has been published by Grassroots Poetry and Poetry Webring. Keywords/Tags: Corona, coronavirus, touch, union, communion, sighs, expectation, unity, trumpets, heart, pounding, ***, arousal, union, ecstasy, consummation, consecration, omen, comet, shooting star, talisman, moonrise, moon rising
Michael Marro Jan 2020
Primal worship
Eyes dilate
Senses still
Time slows
Anticipation builds
Whispered prayers on the neck's nape
A pilgrim's trail
Well of your soul
And hungrily consumed
Communion from your chalice
A spontaneous supplication at your sacred sacellum
Frank DeRose Jan 2020
There's a special kind of love
In the shared communion of common experience--
In the joy of knowing that this person, too
Gets it.

"It" being the unholy,
The divine,
The understanding of the fleeting moment.

There's a special kind of love
in sending that article you thought they'd find interesting,
or that song lyric you heard in the subway that reminded you of them.

There's love in the familiar
In the vestigial memories that haunt us
On the outskirts of our daily lives.

You were here, too.
You breathe this air, too.
You know me, too.

In Zulu, one greets another with
"I see you."

And the response--
"I am here."

Recognition ignites existence.
I see you.
You are here.
M C Jul 2019
I've sprung a leak.
Eyes stare on in disbelief
while the soul seeps; loose fluids leave.
The high is passed the peak.
Senses ascend to heaven and hear Myself speak.
The body is numb.
to find passion is gone.
Self-destruction to atone.
Darryl M May 2019
They say:
            Relationships built on lies never last,
     and Relationships built on Truth never start.
But I say:
            It is better that something hurtful never starts rather than it destroying your life.

But the funny thing, is that ours began anyways.
We promised to love one another in all ways.
But that didn’t last in all the days.

The fighting began, I got scared.
The shouting persisted, you got me mad.
Things got worse, it’s like we never cared.
We were about to lose what we had.

Sometimes, you’d speak in the voice of the unknown.
I thought I’d become one of your crazy love stories.
Sometimes, we’d want back what we own.
I love you’s turned into sorry’s.

Let’s forget about the back stabs.
Let’s pack all our troubles, and throw the baggage away.
Let’s not go back to our sway.

We now have a new story to introduce.
Ours goes further than a simple truce.
What it Is, better be better than what it Was.
Titled by: Andiswa S.N. Mzobe
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Isn’t it incredible?
How i fall in love
With a different thing
Every day.
Yesterday, it was your laugh.
Today, it is your memory.
And tomorrow maybe,
Just maybe,
It would be our communion;
Beyond the shackles of worldly ordeal.
Steve Page Feb 2018
Share bread
Drink wine
Remember together
And celebrate -
Because - I'm - coming.
Sometimes you just need to stop and do something significant with friends.
Steve Page Oct 2017
The mask of confession
reveals nothing
compared to the truth
within the worth of the wait
in the crack of the joke
on the breath of the embrace
of a friend beneath
a shared blanket
on an autumn morning
seeking a closer communion.
Relationship not Religion.
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