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Baqir Talpur Nov 13
Isn’t it incredible?
How i fall in love
With a different thing
Every day.
Yesterday, it was your laugh.
Today, it is your memory.
And tomorrow maybe,
Just maybe,
It would be our communion;
Beyond the shackles of worldly ordeal.
I have my full mind,
plenty of eyesight and some ***** left in me.
I have never been sick a day in my life.
So hear me.
I know what *** looks like
We met years and years ago
but I'll never forget Him.
As a young boy I went fishing at my secret still water pond
in the forest.
A three foot long carp,
big as a log,
hovered near me all day till twilight.
At dinner, I fed him the bread crust from my sandwich,
the part I didn't like,
and proceeded to live on to this great age.
Winning entry of the 2018 RMAML Poetry Contest
Published in The Watershed Journal
Steve Page Feb 18
Share bread
Drink wine
Remember together
And celebrate -
Because - I'm - coming.
Sometimes you just need to stop and do something significant with friends.
Steve Page Oct 2017
The mask of confession
reveals nothing
compared to the truth
within the worth of the wait
in the ***** of the joke
on the breath of the embrace
of a friend beneath
a shared blanket
on an autumn morning
seeking a closer communion.
Relationship not Religion.
BSeuss Sep 2017
Nay; the question may yes indeed be - how hath thine been; neither what is to be, nor not to be.
I say,
my word,
top marks old chap.
Hannah Jones Jun 2017
You let me hunger
so that I
starve for You-
without You, die.

You let me hunger
so I know
upon my heart
You want to sow.

You let me hunger
so I feel
when I kneel.

You let me hunger
so I see
priceless Love
upon that tree.

You let me hunger
so I seek
Your strength when
my will is weak.

You let me hunger
so my heart
knows from it,
You'll never part.

You let me hunger
because You thirst
for me to always
love You first.

Lord, I am hungry.
Fill me up
with your Flesh-Bread
and Life-giving Cup.

Lord, I am hungry.
Let me starve.
Upon my heart
Your trademark carve.

Lord, I am hungry.
Thank you, though.
For without hunger
I'd never know
how much I filled
my life with things
that dull Your brilliance
and make kings
of worldly pleasures.
Let me crave
Your Word alone
and help me brave
this war of willpower.
Pave the way
to Your Kingdom
for there I'll stay
for all eternity
if I
let You consume me
till I die.
Based on a reflection on Corpus Christi/John 6.
"He lets us walk away hungry so we may starve for Him."
Lawrence Hall May 2017
The Flying Squadron of Church Ladies

At First Communion the Flying Squadron
of Church Ladies surround the children to:
Reprove, reproach, command, censor, chastise,
Berate, exhort, implore, upbraid, adjust

Chastise, upbraid, embarrass, harangue, rebuke,
Enjoin, dictate, direct, require, apprise,
Advise, inform, beseech, explain, uphold,
Impart, compel, remind, forewarn, correct:

Because since Peter’s time, all this is what
The Flying Squadrons of Church Ladies do
K Balachandran Apr 2017
You are cyclic like
the change of seasons
in your reinvention;
robust is your passion,
a mountain brook
that embraces hills
plains, fields and ravines
without any restriction.

Instantly you would imbibe
any message, air, wind or water
sends through flashes of intimations,
nature's child you are, a woman
in sync with the moon in your veins
and the sun that seeks you from my *****.

I only follow the music your heart strings play
that in my psyche resonates, every moment,
it makes easy navigation in this planet my right.

You and I  move through the waves rowing
shoulder to shoulder, singing spiritedly barcaroles.
The feminine in me is under your tender care,
I let my masculine self be in communion with yours,
all merging in harmoniously, resulting in  only ONE.
To the Half man-half woman  in you, with love..
Steve Page Apr 2017
His words were leavened with love
as He shared His last mortal meal.

If you listened with care
His voice maybe cracked with grief
even while His hands were laced with grace
as He broke the crust
releasing the warmth into the chatter
He shared with His friends.

And if you watched closely
His hands perhaps shook a little
as He poured out His full bodied wine
intense in its dark flavour
infused with fragrance
as if ripe for an altared offering.

And if you looked into His face
you might have seen a sheen
in the firelight
over the determination
to see this through
to the last.
The Last Supper was tough.  Matt 26:17-30
Ormond Mar 2017
*Casements to the soul
Lovers find reaching in dark
O what hands can hold
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