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a truth in tune
knocks everything that isn't out
Jordan Gee Sep 15
Chop wood, carry water,
channel Ra.
Overtones over the undulations of Nun,
where the first man stood quite
apart from his father.
The cattle of Ra poured forth from his eyes and
thus he ruled over what he made.
Red frequencies in the dark are
strung outside of time -
the mana by which energy makes art.
I cannot look toward the Black Octave…
bad cymatics in the Red Resonant Year.
I’m barking at the Blue Tetrad.
The indian guides couldn’t tell if it was
Comanche or wolf.
They remained still for quite a long time.

By: Jordan Gee
all of it in frequency
I like your vibes
No need of introduction
Let the journey begin
Genre: Haiku
Theme: Intuition and gut instinct matter.
Traveler Jun 30
Frequencies of low vibrations
Restrict my even flow
The sinking heaviness
Of the poverty stricken
Weighs a tons upon the whole

See, my soul is not an institution
My love is not a level field
I cast my pearls and join the swine
With whom I share my festive meals

I retreat upon my lonely hill
And close my weary blinds
Where I saved one of their pills
To settle my restless mind

I think I'll stay home next time!
Traveler Tim
ibkreator Jun 15
I be
the feeling of an answer

the urgency
of a question
R, I . P
The trauma we can't see,
The hurt engraved in our streets.
The pain and the grief.  
Blindness and the corruption we don't believe.
Now I just hope you see.
That no matter your sensitivity or your belief.
The way we treat human beings shouldn't cease just cause of a difference of pigment.
Yeah that's real ****
And now that you breathe it.
You can't refuse to see it.
Grab it and reach it.
We need to preach it.
Too long have we taken the abuse.
Let me spell it out for you so you are not confused.
Originating from the early ages.,
there was often a divide in the races.
And as the cases of racial injustice grew to greatness.
The pain in the faces.
When a white man discriminates and calls himself not a racist.
As the modern ages progressed the mace was used instead.
Then we let the **** get to our head, the media to keep our mouths fed.
Imprinting hurt upon others in the form of a virtual silhouette.
And you know the rest. School violence, No kindness,  empty souls and laser lightness.
All in form of weapons of oppressed whiteness.
The people who tried to respond to the cries
Were not realized because they weren't unified.
And now as riots, protests arise they wonder why.
The problem has progressed and we finally have the strength to speak up to the oppressed.
Yet the unnecessary violence is not a protest.
Just another reason why the lies have kept us blind.
For so many years the pain has seared,
ending many lives you don't even realize.
The only cure to all this is the realization of the direction that our country has regressed in.
And then maybe we can start taking the steps to secure the pain and rearrange the flag that was broken all along
Mpho Apr 6
You speak pretty words
but your actions show a distorted reflection.
Pretty lies are merely the echo,
your actions make the real vibrations.
Look towards the simpler things
On a different frequency
The sun is shining
Sky is blue
Grass is green

Take time to sit then think

Form a rhythm
When in need
Breathe deeply
There is value to be found
from the free
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
دema Jan 27
words keep on repeating
their echo fails to leave
this is the frequency
my thoughts are on,
thoughts please stop.
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