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Maria Etre Jun 7
Beyond your reflection
lies a wonderland
of psyche
here come closer
want a peek?
*locks eyes
Poetic T May 25
We all blossom together,
             even though our fragrance
                                             is different.

Individually were are all from the same soil,
                                  breathing the same air.
Though we may grow differently,

                             we are all from the same source.
Heidi Franke Apr 11
So many vacancies. Halls and streets vaped.
No air. No hearts. Vacant lands and souls.
Be a hand.
Be a thread.
Be a source.
Be love.
Be the patience.
The light
     the chair.
where you can invite someone to sit. Spend time.
Where each other can
fill up the world again.
Willingly wise using time.
Fractures will fade
Patches of hope,
will grow again.
Sweet fragrant spring grass.
Atoms scattered upon water, grass and ground.
Mother gathered the collection of atoms. Then ate them, drank them and inhaled them.

Specks of light interwoven to create my source code.
From warmth into the dark, my dream was cut too short.
It was cut much too short.

Where was her ******* to cry milk for me?
Where was her arms to embrace me?
I was supposed to have a long dream,
but it was cut too short!

You grabbed a hatchet to cut my dream,
Snuffed it out like a candle in the cold winter breeze.
I needed someone to guide me through my dream.
I needed you to guide me through my dream.
Through my dream, I would have found awake.
Now I sleep, never to awake.
Allison K Apr 10
I find myself in your embrace;
with you everything feels so right
Ken Pepiton Apr 1
how do you know

you know imagining right, as in al
right, this whole idea
ain't re
alizable in the time we have?

I cain't imagine alla that, y'say.

All unbelievable things are and
all unimaginable things are not;

imagine a bubble in which we all be able
to unbelieve the unbelievable
and imagine unimagining it ever believed.

true. free be. you. not me, thee
unimaginable, like next from now.

thy will be done. No joke.
Make it up, it's your life, henceforth.

as I wrote that line three crows sailed o'er me.
In significant, unless you saw some three
of the raven ilk and added meaning to what ya saw,

from a source whence only you may draw.
As from thine own cistern, running water
from thine own well,
thine own secret spring of worth.
Bits of thread, like microfiber molecules with no real role in the natural order of things. So musings translated into englishish word forms.
Where was I before my Birth
Who brought me? In this life

Some say My Parents
Gave me my Life

I think they only Ate
The Forbidden Apple

They just performed their basic Karma
And received me as a gifted Product

I was shipped without any User Manual
And without any Standard Operating Procedure

My parents worked round the clock
Gone through all the other manuals

At last they applied their mind
And prepared their own Manual

They also defined their own
Standard Operating Procedure

And I was handled and serviced
As per their Manual and SOP

Now I think, I am grown up now
But the question still remains as it was

Are we all only Products?
If Yes, Who Manufactured Us?

Where are the Original User Manuals?
Where are the Technical Manuals?

Where is the Standard Operating Procedure?
Why I was shipped to this mother Earth?

Some of my friends suggested a simple answer
'God made us and You too. But you are *****'

This answer posed other questions to me
Who made God?  God Made God?

Or the Humans made God for their own purpose?
Where are the temples of God made by Insects?

Suppose If God made us? Why he is so greedy?
Like the capitalists of proprietary companies

Why we are a strict proprietary Products?
Even proprietary products are supplied with Manuals

If God can't make us Open Source, At least he should
Supply the Manuals, Supply the Standard Operating Procedure

Or He is also too much selfish like each one of us
I Need Answer
Badshah Khan Feb 11
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 46

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

The divine creator already designed my determined destiny.
I am exactly living in His created world duly.
As He willingly directs me to plough,
The precious seeds of Sincere Love.

As an ultimate result it can naturally turn into Holt.
The possible source of dear life, No harsh feelings,
I am sincerely, Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan;
I solely live, As He uniquely designed.

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
shamamama Jan 27
After the birth,
this blue I feel,
I wear it like a robe
tied around me.
its edges hang beyond
floor length
Trailing behind and around me,
Laid out for your posterity.
I touch the still moist umbilical cord
spiral it,
leave it to dry.
I want to cry when I touch it
I am becoming me again, just me.
Now there is a you and a me
I look at you little one
your perfection
Delicate fingers and toes
Pink complexion, gentle hair
I know you are a miracle,
and I cry.
Your umbilicus fell off today.
Your belly button is your own now.
I witness you unfolding into this time,
limbs filling out into every new now,
My ****** expanded for you
And now it shrinks down everyday.
My *******, a river of milk flowing
To meet your hunger,
I hold you to my heart
And I love you,
Every breath,
Every finger,
Every toe
Every look and sound you make,
Every second-- I pour forth with love for you
How will our time
Be together
Will I listen well,
Will you show me well?--
You still see
the invisible umbilicuses
tracing back through every birth to
the original Mother
To the Great Oneness
Every you, and every me
Connected to the Source
To the Breath of Life
Now---- I can see this blue I wear
As the ocean around me
And I can feel the waves
washing me, washing me, washing me.
Mother, birth, postpartum, blue, cry, Source
Nathalie Dec 2018
I can tell you are

Simply dancing around

The words

I feel it

It’s in the way you

You are fidgeting

In your seat

I see it in your eyes

That unnerving stare

You get when you

Are uncomfortable

With your emotions

I don’t understand

Why you allow

Yourself to get

So dented by other

People’s impressions

What they think of

You is simply

Nonsense and none

Of their business

I wish you could

See the treasure

That I see

But I cannot

Give you my sight

As you need to find

It on your own

That can only

Be sourced

From you

And you alone.

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