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Mark Wanless Apr 2023
where does love begin
in your own head only source
in the universe
Cassius Moon May 2022
I have faith in you, and I know you have faith in me, and solely that is  what perpetuates my life.

To my guides, I love you.
nvinn fonia Apr 2022
open source
open source
I felt empowered indeed
And for me you were the source
To the front you always lead
Saying the stage is yours
Though it was hard for me to stand
And to be noticed by all the class
But you made me understand
That courage is needed to progress

You knew exactly the right way
To show the girl who used to hide
I still recall my yesterday
I was your student, you was the guide
You teach, you help, you support too
And here I am passing the test
Of all the professors that I knew
You are definitely the Best!
To my professor Khalid Lahlou
Tell me why indigenous
seems so obsolete?
Thoughts in the genius
whose sense is up so late

Why originality
seem so fake?
And off-reality
is worth the take?

It might not seem its best
nor have the Sauce
Not in Vogue as the rest
But it's the source

I choose #originality
your #LocalBoy

Solar Nov 2020
I can feel her love the way I feel the desert winds
of a tangerine evening hurling off the mountains
as they reach for the end of the summer solstice.

She sings beneath the bridge of god.

Oh, how spirits that make the nature of whispers
known to my fleshly ears dance to her innocent voice.

I can see her crown among the thorned rose vista,
****** by her favoring tobacco musk,
and it cascades about the once savage lands
of the wanning moon.

Her crown is redolent
with the astral fragerence of eden.

I have walked past the dawn
and gazed upon the serpent of the sea,
it has been raised only to bow before her loving words.

Oh, what peace she brings,
and how effortlessly I see the maiden,
for I must hear her
sing beneath the bridge of god.
Dylan McFadden Nov 2020
O’ Flowing Stream, smooth and calm,
How gentle are your waves

Oh, how refreshing is your taste;
Like crystal glass, your gaze

I came a long and weary way –
Walked through the deserts dry

And in the moment that my eye
Beheld your view I cried


I cried because my eyes then traced
Your course up to the Spring

The Source beyond the mountain top,
Where blessings flow and bring

I saw a bright and lovely sight:
A plan in the Grand Scheme

Providence…it brought me here,
To drink – to sing – to dream


O’ Stream, now that I’m here with you,
I’m here with you to stay

I’ll make my home and plant a tree
Beside your waters way

I’ll watch it close and give it all
I can to help it grow

And trust the Source to ever-pour
That you may overflow

A poem about my wife
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