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Graceful, flowing
Yielding, bending

Growth and movement never ending

Moments living
Joy surpassing

Rhythms, seasons, everlasting

Mind awaking
Harvest taking

Every day a memory making

Good creating
My truth stating

My wealth flows without abating
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My wife Kim and I were talking with our son Aaron the other night.  He said that over the last eight years, his Mom and I have become more like each other.  I asked whether she has become more like me, or I've become more like her.  He replied that I have become more like her.  This is good.

I've learned to flow more, and to bend more.  Prosperity Poem 88 - Never Ending - explores this idea of being more bending and yielding, rather than rigid and fixed.  Acting and thinking in a more dance-like way has brought me more happiness, increased wealth, and better relationships.
Orakhal Jun 2020
Run the gold gauntlet
Spank the great sailor
Thread water to word ship
Masked in her flavour

Zip time in two places
Stick middle to man
Worn into all faces
Inhaling the scam

Bearer of light
Speak deaf on the ear
The hungry despite
White fire appear
Orakhal Jun 2020
I be
only capable
of seeing

that which
I put in my eye to look at

I create
as I look
I see what
I created
Orakhal May 2020
The Great Storyteller
pens ink to the wind
Pressing pen to its paper skin
shredding its word on the taste of rain
its drip of spirit in deep refrain

A sweet scented memory
echoes and burs
A woe of regret weeping
high in the nest of its underworld

The humid mist of nostalgia
rests its net oer the black veil
Sinking its face to its deep blue belly
Its pale faint ***** in her sleeping beauty
claims its kiss to widen its wake
hazem al jaber Jun 2017
Still awaking ...

i'm still awaking ...
thinking and feel you ...
it's mid of night now ..
imagining you ...
as you were with me ...
as we are diving together ...
together ridding a same bed ...
with a much hot feelings ...
hot as that fires ...
gets from  a great volcano ...
covered up all of me ...
till i got crazy ...
so madly to you ...
to feel you with me so close ...
with me and so deep inside  ...
feeling you as a great knight  ...
riding on me with his sharp sword ...
riding strong and running so fast ...
with no mercy on me ...
with more pleasure ...
gives although the pains ...
till i got with no power ...
giving up all for you ...
to give me all my desires ...
this pleasure which i seek for ...
while i'm thinking of you ...
in this night ...

hazem al ...
Tommy Johnson Feb 2014
Way past the months and lunar cycles and bodies of land
I ask you if the curtain needs to be drawn
The sun staring you in eye
It's too much for you to bear
And the occasional saddening feeling begins to settle inside you
The morning is here
It is wide awake
Open your eyes
As the dawn breaks
And your mind wanders and slides on your senses and patterns of thought

— The End —