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LolaPark May 30
The wheels may never
start turning,
nor the stars aligning,
or the winds whispering,
to guide me to where I need to be.
But may I be able to
gather the courage
to dust off my boots and
bandage my wounds to keep trekking,
clearing the trail that I should lead.

eryssi Mar 9
every moment captured line by line
line by line comes as easy to me as breathing in and out
each and every line, an opportunity to connect

this gnawing, exhausted and angry soul grips my chest
I am barely living with all the passing thoughts
passing thoughts that keep me up at night

putting those thoughts down line by line
helps me find the quiet and peace I need to heal

I am reaching out to you to be vulnerable again
line by line my soul heals
I am so difficult on myself and the poems I write. Cliché, but true, we're our own worst enemies. I get so consumed with the technical parts, criticize myself for not capturing enough imagery... then I just don't write. When I am not writing, I am not working through my thoughts or emotions. I shouldn't consume myself with what other people think and just write.
Zena O'Brien Feb 19
I wake up to a sunrise.
One of those life highs.
An idea starts to crystallize.

The gift of life.
The most precious gift.
Feel your spirits lift.

Stop for a time and look around.
Do you see what you've found?
The small pleasures of life abound.

The beauty of nature.
Sensations to savor.
Family and friends to love with great vigor.

A world to discover.
Creations to mother.
The gift of life.
Matt Sol Jan 29
Of splintered miles    
and distant plumes      
of prayers left idle        
down mossy smith      
To look back on the
lies of my kin...

A defiled fender
and dissonance
a street light flickers
down mossy smith

The masquerade
Mossy smith is a road I used to live off of and its a rite of passage I never took when running away from home
Matt Sol Jan 26
Of splintered miles
and distant plumes
of prayers left idle
down mossy smith
To look back on the
lies of my kin...

A defiled fender
and dissonance
a street light flickers
down mossy smith
Wolf Dec 2018
I just don’t know
I just don’t get it
A fluid line of ink on a page
Stops abruptly near the edge
Unsure of where to continue
What to continue
Pooling into a dark stain
On a once praised piece of work
Nathalie Jan 7
When you are mindful and intentional about your thoughts, you really do create works of arts, in all areas of your life. If you can remember that every time you speak your words you are creating something. Every time you are putting energy in a thought, you are creating something. Every time you are acting out of the goodness of your heart or reacting in anger or frustration, you are creating. That thought, that emotion, that action is energy in motion...It goes somewhere and that somewhere comes back around when pondered long enough or acted in habitual ways enough, or smiling or drowning in emotions enough; sometimes to remind us of what we are thinking, emoting and putting out there. Think of it like this. If you are glowing with positive energy what will you be attracting. If you are walking around, all fired up and upset at a situation or person, what are you attracting. If you want to challenge this, start paying attention of when beautiful things are happening for you and when you are struggling. You will soon make a link and correlation of what you are predominantly thinking, feeling and acting and how it shows up for you and into your life.

Life is an adventure and should be fun. Play, observe, be curious's worth it : )
Arianna Dec 2018
Blood in a bottle
I imbibe, fade as the thoughts
Stir and come alive.
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