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Aug 15 · 399
aren't you hearing them
when dawn turns into dusk
dusk into dawn
they remain

- voices in my head
Aug 5 · 269
i am one too
do you think that too?
Jul 30 · 231
reality is far more
gruesome than
May 15 · 354
maybe there is a
reason for
- expectations
Sep 2021 · 684
Diksha Prashar Sep 2021
I don't know if you understand me
but I understand you
it's hard to open your heart
To cracked pieces.
Aug 2021 · 758
Scratched Wounds
Diksha Prashar Aug 2021
I waited patiently
for them to heal
but, forgot
wounds are
meant to bleed
Aug 2021 · 1.0k
Straight n Perfect
Diksha Prashar Aug 2021
Thay say whole world is your canvas
Paint whatever you want
But no one's tell you
It has to be
Straight n perfect
Be my beautiful reader
Aug 2021 · 961
Diksha Prashar Aug 2021
people always see the surface
they don't know the depth
i lay in
Aug 2021 · 401
Diksha Prashar Aug 2021
Love I seeked
Love I got an eventful bliss
Lies are sweet
Jul 2021 · 349
A Vulnerable Picture
Diksha Prashar Jul 2021
My thoughts are mine
But, somehow I fear them
they speak volumes
I often feel deaf
they shook me bad
i try to hide
from the chase they love
though, I cry
when they fell numb
I find myself sigh
'was it worthwhile?'
to let them define
my worth like that
I tend to overthink
just like they desire
fear consumes me
chaining me in its clutches
on my knees
bleeding crimson
a sad reality
I accept
guilty I proceed
vulnerable picture of me.
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Jul 2021 · 401
Diksha Prashar Jul 2021
Does happiness matter?
If yes
Where is mine??
Jul 2021 · 488
Diksha Prashar Jul 2021
I have been gone
way too long

Now, here to be
Jul 2021 · 362
I Heard A Story
Diksha Prashar Jul 2021
i heard a story 
you and i
but, it won't end happy
you know why?
we both resides in 
two realms
one is known as earth
and the other hidden
beneath it's crust 
you walk the path

i watched you from afar
i counted the tears
you shed
each piercing me harder 
than before
i read the stories in
your eyes
how you tries to redefine the
words you wanna hide?

you still cradle the
love for me
protecting it like a baby
blooming it like
spring flowers
it pains me that you
hide behind closed doors
only coming out when 
darkness shouts
to find my traces in
the shimmering sky
the thousands of stars
glittering with sighs

sadly; you won't find anything 
worth the moment
the spark will dim itself
no more tales to weave
no longer U&I, Us
two different paths we
breeze as strangers 
we live
not an end you desired
but, all tales are not
meant to be
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May 2021 · 176
Never seen
Diksha Prashar May 2021
knowing it was
not meant to be
Came realisation;
and facing it
hurt settled in
a havoc she never seen coming
Nov 2020 · 304
Selfish Love
Diksha Prashar Nov 2020
I picked the pieces
Put it back together,
Dragged the burden,
For sake of
What we had together?

Then why? Oh why?
Your love turned selfish,
Leaving me behind,
So you can flourish

Easy to throw away
The memories weaved
Past, present and future seed

Then why? Oh why?
Your love turned selfish,
Leaving this pigeon hole,
For mansion behold

Whispers of sweet nothings
An acidic reminder,
A betrayal painted,
With no remembrance

Bruises I cleared
Promises sweared,
Python to my eternal ores

Then why? Oh why?
Your loved turned selfish
When I’m carrying
A piece of you and me
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Oct 2020 · 617
Art of Devotion
Diksha Prashar Oct 2020
Explanation will ruin

The fun part

Let’s not judge

The art,

Let it speak for itself

Depth of forgotten parts,

Each stroke

Portray love of

Its own

Shaded parts hide

The truth unknown

Light adds essence

Outlining presence,

Dancing on tunes of calciminer,

Enlightening eyes of beholder

Inspiring dormant emotions

Weaving commotion

Art of devotion.
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Sep 2020 · 257
Diksha Prashar Sep 2020
I was just another voyage
in his
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Aug 2020 · 516
Diksha Prashar Aug 2020
Sun beamed at
her melodious smile,
Sand embraced
patterns her feet made;
A sight to behold
even time stood
in solitude to
witness love song.
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Aug 2020 · 401
Bad Odes
Diksha Prashar Aug 2020
Don’t want to hear
Them anymore
Whispering of bad odes,
Crushing the positive oath
To live healthy,
Away from all the
Evil belonging,
Follow me
Everywhere I go,
Persuading to lead
The old road,
Self destruction, oblivion
To self love,
Chiming vile verses
Demons lurking
To abduct
My trust
Not free falling,
Old chains rattling
My nerves,
Don’t want to hear
Them anymore
Whispering of bad odes

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Aug 2020 · 416
Diksha Prashar Aug 2020
Colourful tattoos lingered your arms
Showcasing your past
Full of mistakes and moving on
Imprinted me with soothing warmth
Tugging me towards the dangerous art
Falling for you was never the part
Sitting behind those silver bars
Holding us hundred feet apart
Both serving mistakes, they took part
You tearing apart innocence
Me falling for your dangerous art
Jul 2020 · 253
Jul 2020 · 592
Have you ever thought?
Diksha Prashar Jul 2020
Have you ever thought?
It would have been her
Darkest hour;
Innocence being
By the grabby hands,

A molester
Taking her dignity
Without consent,
No amount of tears
Screams and cries
Her pleas
were deaf to their
ears & eyes,

They took away
Her pride,
Using her in worse
Possible way,
Discarding her like
Crawling their way,

Yet, people have audacity
To question her faith,

When demons roam freely
Marking their next prey,

Locking away her pride
admonition flocking
with pride,

Portraying victim of seduction,

A cruel face of
Hypocrisy masculinism
Plucking an innocent flower
Before it reaches
Its full potential
Barricading her life
To isolation,
Have you ever thought?
You and I
Can be next on
(****) record.
Jul 2020 · 376
Diksha Prashar Jul 2020
His thoughts
Swept me away (again)
In land of
Scintillating (awake)
Surrounded by
Sugary pheromone
So familiar
Yet, a foreign slate
Harder to let go
That stings more
Meeting you in
Where I can be yours?
Jul 2020 · 271
Diksha Prashar Jul 2020
I got glimpse of our future
You and I
At the end of alter.
Jul 2020 · 610
Still Parts
Diksha Prashar Jul 2020
No one questioned.

Scars lined up

My arms.

Darkened shadows

I proudly wear

In day hour.

A numb torso

Breezing past,

With freezing hope.

There is beauty.

In still parts.
Jul 2020 · 254
Ocean Beat
Diksha Prashar Jul 2020
I reckon

We are like ocean waves,

Dancing together

Weaving melodious patterns;

But, never get to be together,

Parting at shore end

Only to

Weep and repeat

But, never will flow

As one

Ocean beat
Jun 2020 · 327
Bird's eye view
Diksha Prashar Jun 2020
Maybe it’s true

I’m weird after view.

Prefers solace

Crowds give me haemorrhage.

Too simple to remember.

Too easy to gamble.

Trust became issue

Friendship hassle

I never brew.

Internet connections

are dead end too.

Maybe I don’t know how to?

Smile never reaches eyes,

Laugh as hollows as inside.

Maybe it’s a sign

To define

Myself again.

With unsaid words and

Lost vigour.

A new slate to paint

With confidence and

More self love.

Maybe it’s true

I’m weird after view.

A new classic

In world full of birds eye view.
Jun 2020 · 197
Diksha Prashar Jun 2020
Why can’t they go away?

Still lingering around me

Thoughts of you

Renting the space

I wanna vacate

But, they are too stubborn to sway.

So, the stay

Coercing their way.
Jun 2020 · 1.1k
Diksha Prashar Jun 2020
I saw an angel,

Flying with hymns.

Suicide is never the sign.
Jun 2020 · 288
Diksha Prashar Jun 2020
“Every failure is a lesson.

Every success is a message.

To hold but, never ruin

blessings of loved one’s around you.“
Jun 2020 · 567
Diksha Prashar Jun 2020
If; I could I ask god a question?
I would definitely seek,
Why does my skin matter?
And, not myself belief.
My soul on least
Pedestrian of society’s ladder,
Black or brown
#onlyskin matter;
Deciding my fate
Black: bad guy with guns
Brown: not enough to be human
White: that’s all matter
Fairer skin; which everyone envy and believe
Soul: a mighty myth
To be social savvy;
But, did it save?
Another one died
#GeorgeFlyod R.I.P

Who set theses standards?
Every skin matter inspite of its colour,
Hail the flag of equal belief,
Skin is just colour
Not, character you wore
God graced us better;
Be a human for once.
Really sorry, we have come to this.
your skin in not your identity, its just how god made you?
and when such act is done , it's just a foul play in human nature, hindering what is meant to be human? so please dont discriminate.
every life matters not skin
May 2020 · 124
First love
Diksha Prashar May 2020
She like dancing in rain,

reminiscing youthful days

of first love.
May 2020 · 338
Diksha Prashar May 2020
Don't hide
Let me read along the lines
Connecting mine
Heart ties
Like vine
Feeding from
Your sizzling warmth
Surrounded by
Your touch.
May 2020 · 176
Diksha Prashar May 2020
Why can't they go away?
Still lingering around me
Thoughts of you.
Renting the space
I wanna vacate
But, they are too stubborn to sway.
So, they stay
Coercing their way.
May 2020 · 627
Diksha Prashar May 2020
I wrote about
Not following your
Past mistakes,

But, what about
The girls or boys
Getting *****,

Losing innocence
As such young age,
Not even
What they lost?

Gained horrors
For a life range
As toys for
A meaningless

Monster intoxicated
With lust
Roaming these streets,
That’s the real issue
No my clothes
You pin,

What a bad joke
Life is?
Instead being
We being stripped
From our
May 2020 · 530
Salty breeze
Diksha Prashar May 2020
I smell The salty breeze

calm before it reveals.

The true intentions

of coming this close

submerging the evil

Apr 2020 · 367
Diksha Prashar Apr 2020
So serene but,broken too.

So brave

Yet scared in a way.

Simple but, eccentric

at the same time.

So, what will be 

the quotation of you

being mine.
Apr 2020 · 1.1k
Coax: Warmth
Diksha Prashar Apr 2020
Strom hailed

windows rattling,

powers out,

eire feeling sets out.


travels jolt of

adrenaline in numb limbs.

Only you tender

lips can coax the

warmth within.
Apr 2020 · 155
Diksha Prashar Apr 2020
Pictures open
Memory gates
Some we cherished
Others we want to

Lacking courage
To partake,
Them to ashes,

Secretly smile
At those carnages
Camouflage of
Memory wake,

Dearer than ever
Even if
Some scars
Howl with pain,

Pictures open
Memory gates
Yet, daunting to this day.
Mar 2020 · 331
Inner Circus
Diksha Prashar Mar 2020
Have you ever tried?
To hold
Your breathe

To numb
Inner circus of
On going

To forget all
The chaotic

Just to
Breeze freely
For a sec

Not carrying
Burden of your
For a minute
To freeze

In moment
On going
To remember
Where you at?

But, sometimes it
Doesn’t even
Work like that
You are buried
Onto with no
Open end

Have you ever tried?
To hold
Your breathe

To numb
Inner circus of
On going
Mar 2020 · 210
Diksha Prashar Mar 2020

became poetry

open book of my

emotional depository

still they ask

“what an art?”

when it’s personal on my part.
Mar 2020 · 277
Diksha Prashar Mar 2020
Drenched in rain.

They hymn to moon.

Losing loved one in painful but, not new
Mar 2020 · 161
Diksha Prashar Mar 2020
Writing gave me leverage
To escape the heartache,
Vomiting all the rage
For my own sake,
Engulfing me in solace
For per say
Familiarity to cling
One’s bay,
A passion igniting my soul
To stay afloat
From rowing the sinking boat,
Trying to sway
Between love and hate
Writing gives pleasure
To mediate
Keeping pessimism at bay
Engulfing optimistic rays
Writing a gift
One should
Mar 2020 · 200
Diksha Prashar Mar 2020
Once you were inspiration

for thousand creation

now a mistake I shouldn’t have made.
Mar 2020 · 361
Diksha Prashar Mar 2020
Instead of stepping forward.
Her steps retreated.
Fading away with darkened clouds.
Without answering ferral howls.
Feb 2020 · 340
Venom Bond
Diksha Prashar Feb 2020
You promised
It was just anger
But again it happened
Echoes of which
Still haunts
And cycle formed
Darkness being
A soothing bond
At times of terror logs
You forgotten
Yourself in a cyclone
That spits me out
If I’m once again
Drawn to the centre
Remind me
How foolish I was
To believe your promises
A venom bond
Feb 2020 · 383
Long forgotten
Diksha Prashar Feb 2020
Long forgotten the days of love
When a mere touch ignited the fire of lust
A single gaze was enough to drive you crazy
Long forgotten those days,
When I was your Lady
Sweet smiles, single text drove you wild
Laughter soon faded,
When unveiled two faced monster,
Intimates talks just cobwebs of disaster
Now, onto your next prey
Recreating the same game
No heed to broken heart
Innocence served on silver platter
Long forgotten the days of love,
Which actually mattered?
Feb 2020 · 319
Silent Soul
Diksha Prashar Feb 2020
Silent soul
Gears in mind
Think too much
Such a crime
Preacher of peace
Hate to crime
An open book
No eyes to clarify
Goofy smiles
Hide sad truths
Never open up
Watches every nook
Heart of gold
Ocean full of patience
Still little sacred
To share her creation
Rose like a martyr
Just to be pushed down
Fought like a warrior
To shot down
Scattered pieces
No one to
Hold it together
A silent soul
Grieving for forgiveness
Feb 2020 · 666
Diksha Prashar Feb 2020
As time passed
We forget to laugh
Invested in materialistic
Some burdens
******* apart, the joy of heart
As time passed,
Not even mirror can tell
Us apart,
When we came crashing
To ground,
Coercing the internal
As time passed
We forget to love
Our own ‘vitality’
Feb 2020 · 280
Diksha Prashar Feb 2020
My thoughts
Are haywire
Lying to me in

So hard to
Stay positive
When all are
Screaming so

Every step turned
Hard work a
Crumbling crass,

No pieces remain
To react
Fallen hope
Choking to cope,

With shaky breathe
You stood
What left of you?

Before vultures attack
Fragmenting pride
Altering into self crimes,

Thoughts are powerful
Can pull through
Abhorrent verve
Lying only one side
Of turf
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