so this is Christmas
and what have we done
war is still blazing
while we burn in the Sun
glaciers are melting
our coasts disappear
it's 70 in December
and we're full of good cheer
our country is wasting away at the core
the doctrines set forth
don't exist anymore
we ignore mass genocide
in poor countries but leap
to right all the wrongs
where there's oil to reap
when the rich do their drugs
we're so sad for their disease
when the poor do the same
they are lowlifes and thieves
with all our technology, our knowledge, our toys
millions still starve
deck the halls girls and boys
and while oppression occurs
every minute, every day
we idly stand by, disregard, look away
we turn on our TV's
and bask in it's light
Merry Christmas to all
and to all a good night
12/06...revised...first 2 lines are from the John Lennon song of the same title...another artist who I believe was laid to rest due to his outspoken views on war. I know it's a bit early...but I dug it up and decided to post.
I begin my walk
on the circled asphalt path
behind the old Lutheran church
founded in 1790
the crickets chirp
a defiant roar
as I descend upon their quiet space
clouds are dark and a bit threatening
are they spirits taking form above me?
mistral winds on a windless day
seem to gather and fuse into words
held for a moment...clear
then lost to fuzzy and distorted whispers
'They are here...'
'Listen to me...I must ****'
'I have an angel'

before departing
I stop at a headstone
I'm not sure why
but I attempt
to pronounce the last name of this departed soul
3 times
on the 3rd try I am interrupted by a young boy
who corrects me with the proper pronunciation
I turn at the gate and advise the spirits
that I am leaving
a friendly 'okay' came back to me

my ***
I have walked in the living room of the dead
upon review of my 20 minute evp session in this cemetery, I came upon more than 30 anomalies including several direct responses. I have been doing this since 2013 and have never approached the level of activity I received on this walk. The response I got when pronouncing the last name on the headstone and being corrected...may be the one most fascinating evp I have ever captured.
what is poetry
without a tear
for the dying embers
the distant cheer
for a truth now lost
in chaotic bliss
the magic hidden
within a kiss
the whisper of love
only lovers hear
what is poetry
without a tear
and in the days that are now few
nights hold old dreams
hope is a vanquished relic
the attic fills with
the memories of moments
that can never be renewed
or recaptured
I crave the flashes
of a long ago lover's smile
her touch, her whispers
accepting the ache
that shadows these moments I summon

I will not let them pass so easily
I will hold dear the gift of love
the gift of life
upon my return
and in the days that are now few
I speak with ghosts
10/2007 - kept 1st 2 lines and totally revised the rest
ah! the title catches your eye
just enough Sun sneaking through
you have arrived
where few have ventured
take hold of these pages
and turn slowly
so as not to allow the dust
to choke you
yellow corners and broken binding
only serve to add
to the moment
alone here
discover the dreams
locked away
in this forgotten room
wipe your spectacles clean
for the light is dim
and the air is thick
pull up the chair that has awaited you
these many years
absorb these words
for here you can think
here you can feel the story
share with me your thoughts
my soul knows yours
my dormant heart reborn
the air stirs as you turn that first page
read for me my kindred spirit
let me hear your whisper
echo down these solemn halls
06/07 - revised
succumb to dreams unwavering call
to take you in tonight
to leave your grief at daylight's door
take refuge from the fight
succumb to mystic magic thoughts
that dance and play throughout
Saturn's rings and liquid things
of colors shine and shout
my refuge is a time
not place
where one small dream comes true
for in this dream
I dream I spend
eternity with you
who swept their dust
under your red carpet of dreams
who found your tenderness
an annoyance
a nuisance to their shallow well

when the day ends too late
so that you may enjoy boundless escape
and awaken early to savor the Sun
it is time to call me
in your silent way
I will feel you
trembling in your longing solitude
wishing in your singular heart
for one who knows the meaning
behind your beautiful smile
the reasons for your tender tears

I wait in hope and secret scenes
silent but alive
walking in fields that we create
dancing to music
that never ends
breathing the love that we never lost

peer from your window this next lonely night
scan the canvas of the universe
choose one star that shines above all others
close your eyes
and call me
04/06 - slightly revised
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