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i look to the night sky
for answers
i am so far removed
from where i stand
detached from this time and place
i don't belong
i send a thought
a message
to anyone that may be passing by this galaxy
on their way home
take me with you
seen lots of moving things in the skies lately
the echoes of a long ago dream
play in the silence of a quiet sleep
a dream I once saw clear
a dream I once held near
but it faded like all dreams do
and drifted to the corner of consciousness

they are clouded and difficult to see now
these dreams of the unresolved
unexplored soul
what might I have found
had I heeded its call
its whispers
to follow
in the bowels of the ever after
a conscious soul resides
it distributes hope and heartfelt laughter
where true love slowly dies
it borrows smiles
for wasteful lies
and never asks a wage
provides a word to struggling poets
to offset certain rage
calms the heart felt burdened
by the madness in this world
and opens thought once buried
to peace and joy unfurled
the last lover leaves
before dawn
before the necessity of conversation
stale coffee reheated
brings the numbing reality that this was your last chance
old man
there's nothing left
no slivers of heart to give away
no thoughtful whispers in the dark that clever lovers say
you can no longer dance with brittle bones
your game has left you
and they were all games
were they not?
until the last sliver

now walk the shoreline as you always do
when they leave
and ponder the idea of love
being of sound mind and body
I must write of the days when I was slightly ******
when I would disappear into the dark
with headphones
Dark Side of the Moon
or I Robot taking me on journeys
only I could take
my room the isolation tank
Altered States
my mind the well that echoed within
sitar vibrations of an unspoken thought
dreams the night before realized in a wave
of painted sound
when the consciousness of awake and the boundless landscape of sleep
fused with the lost chord
one was as close as one could be to God
on this plane
grey dusk
blue tomorrow
fade to black
back to sorrow
take my heart
but never borrow
this love is all but spent
'let's walk to the ocean'
said the passing clown to the mime
it's quite a long way
expressed the mime
'yes it is?'
the clown replied
mime frowned
and they began walking...
clown in his big floppy red shoes
mime improvising as he went

at the edge of town they ran into a juggler
on the corner trying to pick up a few coins in his cup
clown asked the juggler if he'd care to join them
in their walk to the ocean
juggler said 'why not, things are kind of
up in the air for me right now'
they headed west toward the coast
clown had 5 boxes of Mike and Ikes...every flavor
in his red scarf on a stick
mime had plenty of slim jims
this would keep them fed until they reached their destination

several hours into their odyssey
a storm approached
a lone well drawn pine provided refuge until the storm cleared
as well as a snack and chance to learn of each other's journey
to this point
clown had done many things throughout his life
in pursuit of love, home and family
but he had failed in his search for a life he always dreamed of
and now this face of heavy make-up and big red nose would
hide the fact that he lived a life of constant sadness
mime had been a singer and worked for years to perfect
his craft... dreamed of making it to the big stage
but he refused to sing what they wanted him to sing and even though he had amazing talent, he was refused time and time again
becoming a mime would mean he'd never be reminded of the beautiful voice he possessed
juggler was a star pitcher known for his amazing fastball when he graduated college and was only days from signing a contract with the Yankees when a car accident damaged his shoulder so severely he lost his fastball
he juggles to keep his arm in shape in case he ever gets his fastball back
juggler asked clown why they were headed to the beach
mime was interested as well and produced the perfect look of inquiry
clown stood up...tossed the red scarf on a stick full of Mike & Ike's over his shoulder, brushed himself off and replied...
'why not?'
no idea where this came from
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