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Monk Taio Kaneta

In everyday life
we sacrifice our need to feel
without even knowing it
quote during his interview on 'Unsolved Mysteries' - Tsunami episode
since the first words fell from the darkness
like a feather in the night
I have entered these pitch black corners
where they wait for me
my curiosity has always outweighed my fear
but these words have been greatly tested of late
a new veil has been lifted
a new test has presented itself
my name spoken
as the spectre hovered above
objects move shortly thereafter
the words 'We get you' from a female
whose voice I have heard before
cuts the silence and tickles my spine

they are not one or two
but many souls
many voices
in a room of great size
they drift in and out
allow me in
and I will tell you
they are truly frightening in their clarity

I have taken some time away
but I am being drawn back
for the flame of curiosity cannot be snuffed
I will enter again
my fear quelled
my desire to know more
burning within
my latest experiences have reached a level that has given me pause
they came to check on me
room 222
I had tried to enter room 555 earlier
and the guest reported me to the front desk
who had, in turn called the Sheriff's office
the guest stated that she normally wouldn't have called
but I had such a menacing look that it frightened her
almost a look of...evil
it was 3:33am and the hotel was quiet
they knocked but got no answer
they had the front desk call the room
still no answer
they finally got a pass-key from security
and entered the room to find me passed out on the couch
they checked for a pulse
laughed it off and left me to my dreams
all of this save a vague recollection of being at the bar had left me

and what a dream
I was back in the bar
in the midst of a heated argument over religion, God, evil...
it was close to turning violent when a few cops arrived
they arrested me for drunk and disorderly
but let the other guy slide
I hollered and screamed on the way to the station
even threatened their lives
they just evil laugh

I passed out before reaching the station
and in the dream I woke up in my cell
and then immediately and in actuality, awoke in my room
it was 5:55am and I wanted to hit the road by 6am
to get a jump on traffic
I got a quick shower, packed and was at the desk in 20 minutes

The desk agent, after wishing me a safe trip
began to apologize for the incident the previous night
and said it happens all the time
I asked what incident she was referring to
she said 'well, going to the wrong room by mistake'
I advised her she must have me confused with another guest
'oh no' she said...'I'm quite 222, correct?'
'and so unfortunate for the 2 officers who took you to your room
and came back when you were found wandering in the halls trying to get into other guestrooms. Well, just a short time later on their very next call they arrested someone else who grabbed one of their guns and shot both of them. Isn't that awful. I forgot to mention...we dropped the charge for the drink you had just ordered before the officers arrived in the you have a credit of 6.66 on your card. Come see us again Mr Gates.'
That's Bates...'s a stretch...
the past rolls in as waves crash
along this dusk faded beach
as far as these eyes can see
into the vastness
though pale and fragmented
come back in glimpses

i have gazed upon these waves before
under a ****** sky
and i will rest here again
to collect my precious visions
when the Sun cries tears
that scorch the moon
and boil the oceans
what a few hours on the beach can conjure
like a cloud
are seen
make a brief impression
then drift away to disappear
like a smile
can, for a moment
touch the heart
then leave in silence
to return one day
like a silent film
await your view
where clouds and dreams
and poetry
dance upon your final breath
a gift given to me by a kind lady who left us today
beyond the shadow of superficial words
lay the soul of a doubted hesitation
a great barrier stands between skimmed thoughts
and the core of the mind
the world is a falsehood of plastic glances
and mirrored sentences

through dismal days and longer nights
and the shielded minds that come and go
i've come to accept with lonely pain
only mine i know
In 1974 I started sending poetry to a weekend section of the 'Washington Star-News' in Wash. D.C. called 'Write-On' outlet for teen-aged poets at the time. Over the course of several months, I had 14 poems published. I was able to find this one with some help online...hope I can manage to find the rest as I don't think I have copies. They always spelled my last name Ownes instead of Owens...I was writing some dark sh-t in my High School years! Lucky to come out unscathed I guess!
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