You collect your tears in a bell jar
for the day you run dry
you roll your memories over until they are smooth
like pie dough
you grapple with the inevitable
often afraid to move
so as not to awaken death
but listen to me, my friend
you have conquered life to reach this point
you have bathed in the sanctity of passion
and conjured imaginary places
while in the bliss of the finest music
you have beamed like the Sun
at the instant of creating new life
and turned numb with agony at the moment
of losing one so close
you have managed to elude the stones thrown your way
and graciously recover from the throws of failure
you have survived
do not fear or run from your impending leave
your mark is of tremendous value and expanse
to human kind
your love has healed and brought joy
your creations are you
and will continue to thrive in your name

embrace these days
be cleansed in your life's history
revel in your time

the title is a line from Bladerunner that I will never forget

the scars are not visible
but they are there
in the lifeless light
that shines no more
in the smile that contorts
your once angelic face
you are already the victim
of your jealous heart
which has vanquished love
your suspicious soul
has filled with the sad
lonely reality that I warned would come
on a quiet night
in an empty house
with so many years ahead

you mustn't be so impatient my child
our time will come
you know the numbers are limited
we will be leaving soon
I promise you
and the adventure that awaits us
will be beyond our imagination
we will be kings
and they will love us
because we are what they strive to be
but it cannot be rushed
we must move slowly
they will not even realize that we have saved them
and in a thousand years
it will be all ours
as their species fades to relics
now come inside after the earth sets
and just remember
we shall be there
before the next eclipse

an ET fable

I fill my heart
I fill my heart with you
when there is only blue
and everything is hollow

I grab a star
I grab a star for you
what would you have me do
I will always follow

we sail
into the open Sea
the Sky
the only blue I see
your eyes
they are the first to see
they are the first to see

you came along
you change the colors too
what a thing to do
when everything is  hollow

I like to take songs and play with the words on occasion. This might be better if you sing 'Yellow' instead of a straight read. Ha! Ha!
 Mar 27 Thomas

I walk these streets,
of which, I don't belong
Ever carrying the scent of
and vintage whisky
A visceral and demented
MayBerry hell
It is here, in which I dwell
Everyone plays their part,
Pays their bills
A mere ghost
haunting these wooded hills
A house,
I possess  
I lack
I wander
I belong no where
Just not here
And so.....

I wander
And belong to no one
A wanderess.......


It's my birthday. It rains.....
 Mar 27 Thomas
Weeping willow 

Dreams drift as in a mist
My mind wanders through  
a light
where I find you
Looking in my direction
with that slight smile

We fall into grace

Like a waltz
We dance into love

Memories flow by on streams of light
of when we were young
My arms have missed you
Though my mind has never
left you
I try to caress your transparent face
that seems to drift within the fog
I hunger for your embrace
Though I only see a vapor of your outline
in the mist
Passing slowly by my arms
I reach in your direction
and you are gone

Dreams collide inside my mind
Nothings real
Except the hunger for younger years
When love seemed like it would never end
We touched upon a youthful wheel

As years left us
Suddenly turning into faces
we no longer recognized
Leaving our hearts and souls
We could be as once
we were
Where love collides
Bringing back our lives.

By Weeping willow

Dreams flow within the nighttime hours
Younger years still burn with desire.
Dreams run through like blood
in my veins
 Mar 27 Thomas
Lora Lee 

I have been left
     my arms out
in mid-action
as if to stop
what might have always
             inevitably come        
                   and I am dangling
above forest and brush
            above wild animals
          who look at me
in wonder
my goddess energy
in temporary shock
      my grief
billowing behind me
like an 18th century gown
in a black cloud of mourning
it threatens to
drown me completely
but my secret weapon
      is to let it ride its course
              to feel it in all intensity
For I know
this will pass
I will be ok
and so I let it go
like a river's rushing current
like a pocket of turbulence
like a storm that whips up,
engulfing quiet
in sudden froth
my hair flows
      like a manga warrioress,
about to strike
her revenge upon the Earth
rage in arrows that pummel
your confused, bruised heart
where truth hides
within layers
upon layers of
night air

Happy to say that for the most part, the feeling has indeed passed, yet the positive aspects of what was are in my heart
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