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Tyler Dec 2017
To unlove someone is to travel back in time
To unlove someone is to take back all the tears
To unlove someone is to remember them as they once were
To unlove someone is to ******* watch all your hopes and dreams get washed away as you put yourself through the pain of just waking up in the morning to see their face.
And yet you have a better chance of touching the stars
Then you do of filling the cracks in your heart
To unlove someone is to rip away all the joyess memories
To unlove someone is to let go of a life you could of had
To unlove someone is to stop the passion in your veins
But it will forever be impossible
To regain something you gave away so carefree
And with the bits and pieces of my heart you once fonded over
I give it back to you once more
In hopes it can restore the shattered pieces of yours
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2016
I can't unlove because I am
Impatient, selfish.
I love as if I cannot be hurt.
Going on as if nothing is wrong.
I cannot unlove because I know not how.
I spend my nights awake dreaming of how everything should have been.
The speeches I have amongst myself
Lost in complete darkness.
Accepting the sound of my voice as an I told you so.
Seeking a dream that seems so far away.
I can't unlove because I accept disappointment.
The contempt of putting others first without fear.
I truly believe I cannot unlove because I am in love.
Young again in thought running wild, free.
I consider it a perk.
Being the only other person I know how to be.
No longer embarrassed of facing the opposite end of the mirror.
Finding that the most important things bring the most smiles.
I am far from perfect
But I cannot unlove as if I made some sort of mistake.
Purposely mistaking myself as a fool
Jay Mar 2013
I unlove you
I don't care if it's a neologism
It's my heart you imprisoned
And I unlove you for that

You were everything I wanted
Because I love everything you're not
I love it a lot, like a lot a lot
And I love what you don't look like
I've fallen head over heels for
Whose personality you don't resemble
I long for the way your kisses differ
How the *** isn't as curricular
But of course that's not enough

I want to want you
And "you" is an easy word to rhyme with
So that's what I won't do
See how easily I'm distracted away
From what you've got, what I can't say?
Because all I know is what you don't relay
How we share a not-so-bad day
I've got a question... if I may

I should love you for what you've got, right?
For all you are and not for who you're not, right?
If this holds true, we'll descend from the spotlight
'Cause I don't care about who you are, just who you're not quite
I unlove you with my whole heart
And I refuse to dig any further
I like to love everthing you're not about
And I pray that's okay with you
Pauline Celerio Jan 2014
How can I unlove you?
Shall I unsee the luminescent smile you make?
Shall I unfeel the heavy breaths I take?
Shall I undraw your image inside my head?
Shall I unhold our memories instead?
Shall I unwrite the song I made for you?
Shall I untell my heart to stop beating too?
Shall I uncling to my tiny sliver of forever?
Shall I undream of what we can become together?
Shall I unremember the light on your face?
Shall I unrecall my saving grace?
Shall I ungrasp this love I know true,
But the question is...

Is it possible to unlove you?
Lois Jul 2014
I want to unlove you so bad
but you're so bad that It's so good.

You're my downfall
and I'm your parallel line

Falling for you didn't hurt the most;
It's thinking that you fell for me too.

I didn't want to be replaced,
so I felt short in my 5 ft and 8 inches height.

You created me like a gum
you're my gravity
you're the sun

If this love is a crime scene
you'd be holding the gun

how on earth did that happen?
I let myself wax to you

It was no ordinary
unlikely boring and zoo

To the ends of the earth
I'll love you
even if it means hating myself
I want to unlove you
Laiviv Sep 2014
There will come a time when the night air
won’t send chills down my spine
for it will no longer whisper your name.

I will stop telling stories about you,
for the moon has grew tired of hearing them
and weariness is an awful thing to feel.

The stars would appear
brighter than your eyes,
and I would hear lullabies again.

The winds would be warm,
the seas won’t crash waves,
and I will no longer drown.
You no longer cross my mind
I burned that bridge.
You took the wrong hand
and left.
This time my tears became mathematical, as I watched you walk away they drew 11 on my cheeks.
I knew this time you weren't coming back so like dividing a 7 with 3, I remained here.
Thinking about you, thinking about us
Thinking about that last day you came into my room and we ****** i mean it felt so real
I miss U
like I am reciting alphabets and skipped the 21th letter.
I miss you
What 4?
Like I was counting 1 2 3 5 and forgot a numeral.
May my feelings for you Rest In Peace, like our relationship was a funeral.

You were my Hat I couldn't get you off my head,
but now the sun is set, I don't need sun rays protection.
Like a lawyer can I make an objection,
You used to be my babe
now you're my 24th alphabet
Like excuse me, did I date you? What was I thinking
Like Ex Curse you, I Hat you now get off my head.
I gave you my heart but you took my soul too,
I gave you my Hut but you thought you were so High Class so You couldn't Stay.
I called you Rihanna, but you didn't Stay.
Just because I begged you not to leave, you thought I was a street kid
so like choosing not to go to the right direction you left me Standing there on the streets.

Now like a comrade who went exile can you please comeback and UNSAY you love
Comeback and UNHUG me
Comeback and UNKISS me
Comeback and UNLAY next to me on this bed
UNLAUGH at my jokes.
UNSMILE at me.
I want you to UNREAD that letter I wrote you
Comeback I want to UNTOUCH you
and UNMAKE love to you.

Unlove Me.
Adeline Dean Apr 2014
How do I unlove you? How do I unlove my sweetest downfall? How do I unlove the first person who taught me how to love? These questions kept me wondering.How? Can I? Will I?
I always wanted to know,how will I unlove you? I know that you don’t love me but that didn’t stop me from loving you. I don’t even think that any dense reason could stop me from doing so. Yet,I came to this realization, that no matter how much I love you, you could never reciprocate the feeling that I have for you.
I even came to this point where I asked myself,until when? Until when will I love you? Until when will I endure this pain? Until when will I drown myself in the sea of tears that I created just because of the agony that you put me into? That’s when I realized that I was holding onto something that didn’t exist anymore. At that moment, all I wanted to do was to cease my love for you.
But I don’t think I could do that. Well I can,but I won’t. Maybe some can,but if you love someone, that love you have for them just won’t go away. Yeah,you may meet someone better,but once you let someone into your heart,there will always be a piece of them in there. Every person that we love leaves a mark in our hearts. And you left a big mark in my heart. Scratch that. You left a massive scar in my life.
japheth Nov 2018
i don’t think
it’s possible
to unlove you

— and i don’t have any complaints.

i’ll just love myself more
until i forget
what it means to
not have someone around

and focus on having
myself around — present at all times.
hello im back after three-four weeks of hiatus. it’s been a rough month for me bc i’m doing great at the job i reallt wanted so i want to focus on that. i’m still practicing how to write happily so stay tuned for more. ily hello poetry community, without u guys, i dont know how id pick myself up
Abbie Rodriguez Apr 2015
Things I have sacrificed
Efforts I have invested
Time I have spent
Love I have given

Thought they were appreciated
By the man I have always wanted
But I was wrong...
It's not what I expected

How do I "unlove"* you?
Asked by a woman named Genie
It was a scene from a movie
That totally hit me

Am I able to hate the one I love
Just because I didn't get what I believe I must have?
Or can I just learn to let go and forget
Of the man who doesn't want to  stay?
I composed this poem after watching a Philippine movie "Starting Over Again."
Sy Lilang Jul 2014
How  could I unlove you?
Coz loving you isn't **easy
twenty-six Sep 2018
You don't love me the most.
You don't love me on my bad days, you only love me on my good ones.
You don't love me when I feel sad, you only love me when I'm happy.
You don't love me when I'm suffering, you only love me when I'm comfortable. You don't love me when I need you, you only love me when you need me.
You don't love me when I'm crying, you only love me when I'm smiling.
You don't love me when I mess up, you only love me when I do things right.
You don't love me when I'm crazy, you only love me when I'm sane.
You don't love me, really.
I just feel you say that you do in times when it most benefits you.
I understand that you're tired. I am too. Most of the times, I try to keep a straight face so you won't see what I'm going through. I don't wanna be a burden.
I never want to be a responsibility you never wanted. I don't want to be that someone.
Don't love me anymore if you're only gonna love one side of me.
Don't love me if you can't accept the other parts of me which are not beautiful.
Don't love me if you're gonna push me away or turn your back away from me when I need you the most.
Just unlove me if ever this was love for you.
Unlove me so it would be easier to understand why I need to let you go too. Unlove me so that I won't love you anymore too.
Mahnoor Kamran Jun 2017
All my life i asked:

How can you unlove someone?

Truth came from the angel of death:

*You can't.
Nana May 2018
Seated a few blocks from my house,
And I can’t stop thinking
Of how I’m
So sick of loving someone who doesn’t love me the same way

He thinks i love him like a bestfriend,
Well ,that’s what I thought too
But I just realised a few weeks ago
I love him more than I love myself
I get jealous when he talks to other girls
It’s like I want him all to myself
Well I thought he’s mine
And that’s because he gave me a bit of attention
Calling and texting me everyday for 5 months
That’s really long to me
And I’ve never had anyone look out for me like he does
Someone who tells me he loves me and I feel like it’s real
Never in my life have I loved someone like this

I hate the fact that he’s ever there for me ,and wants to listen to me,
He tells me all that goes on his life
What hurts most is when he tells me about some other girls
How they have eye contact and all
I don’t think I’ve ever been hurt like this before
He practically hurts me himself,unknowingly or knowingly
And it’s the most hurting thing in this world

I just wish I could get him out of my head

I wish I could just stop loving him
And get him out of my life
But I try,
but I can’t unlove him
I just want to distance myself from him
Which is difficult because he will ask me why I’m doing so
But I have to put myself before him
Even though I love him too much
I have to let him go

I don’t ever want him to know of how much I love him ,
and not like as a bestfriend but more
I don’t want him to know
Because I feel like
I would have betrayed him
Because he loved me as a best friend
And maybe if I also tell him,
Our relationship might get dismantled
And he might be the one to distance himself from me
Which I wouldn’t want to happen
Because I’ll be hurt the more

I’m just trying to unlove him.
AIA Nov 2015
For texting you, for bugging you,
for annoying you.
for thinking of you day and night.
by being clingy and possessive.
for staying by your side every time you push me away.
Sorry I get worried about you.
for needing your attention,
for being needy to you.
Sorry for loving you.
I'm very sorry... I can't unlove you.
iya Jun 2015
You're giving me love
When I feel unlove
You're giving me peace
When I'm in chaos

You're giving me joy
When I'm unhappy
You're giving me comfort
When I'm in pain

You're giving me provision
When I have nothing
You're giving me strength
When I feel weak

How grateful I am
Having someone to lean on
Hoping that You'll see me
Having a grateful heart.
We are a collection of our own experiences. A destruction of our own making, we undo ourselves with what we've learned, unlove ourselves with what we've learned.

I have looked in the mirror to a stranger too many times for my liking. The girl that I became mirrored back in agony to the girl she wanted to be. She wanted to be a poet, she wanted to be a portrait. She wanted to be stronger.

My experiences have become me. But I don't want to be defined by broken hearted and tormented by my dreams. I don't want to be defined by the dark circles under my eyes, the heart beat in my ears. I wanted to be stronger.

I have looked in the mirror too many times and seen stranger, seen liar, seen a girl who kept too much bottled up and my demons creep behind me like the horror movies I'm so akin to watching. They wave hello like they belong and I have to break my stare.

The poet in me says this is another experience, another lifeline, another tether to the earth that I love so much. An earth that I love so much that it broke me.

The poet in me says this experience will make me stronger.
Laura Palmer Mar 2016
thank you for making me free
thank you for making me feel unwanted
thank you for not making any promises to me

why is it so easy for me to let go?

is it because i am not used to be on your side always, always,
that i am not attached to you
that i don't depend on you

but honestly, i have loved you like the stars too fondly

i loved you that it made me wait for you
that i thought you were worth waiting for

i hope you're happy
i hope you reach your dreams
and i hope you'll never give up on your dreams
and that, just keep sleeping.
Tufayl Myburgh Aug 2018
The countless midnights I've spent with tears running down my cheeks,

Wishing you were next to me and I trying to imagine the tender touch of your palms against mine,

I sit here madly in love with you but I'm wishing I could unlove you,

If only one could fall out of love as fast as one plummets into it,

But gravity only pulls downward.
Love is more painful than it appears to be, says I.
AM Nov 2015
What are you scared of?
Me, I'm scared of roaches
and height
but above all
I'm scared of you
unloving me
Enygma Jul 2015
There is
Worth dying for
It's to go back in time
On that fateful Thursday
The day we went up that hill
Me and you on top of the world
All our problems were right below us
Nothing could stop us, nothing could go wrong
When  I  felt,  for  once,  a  bit  of  forever
Now every time I see you, my heart aches
You walk past me like I don't exist
Like nothing's happened, nothing's changed
All my efforts, blown away
I would go back in time
To undo the things
Undo the pain
To unlove
theaprilsolstice May 2015
7 and a half months my love,
You’re still crying about that empty cup
2 and a half months my love,
I’ve been trying to fill yours with mine

Two zero one four,
that’s the number written on your tattoo
Two zero one five,
that’s the number Im writing on my mirror

You say, thank you
You say, Im grateful
I say, you’re welcome
I say, my pleasure
But i swear when we say that the next day we eat it up
then make our way upstairs leaving crumbs under rugs

I love you and I love the stars
I love you and I love the moon
but please let the stars come down and let the moon rest today for tomorrow will come

i can be your sunshine if you let me be
i can be your coffee tea sugar and milk
i can be your favorite quote
i can be your favorite game
there are so many things i can be if you let me

but you, you hide so well
but you, you dive me in
but you, you pull me in
and i, i can’t move a single muscle
you don’t let me help you but how can i unlove you
Eyithen Aug 2018
Unreciprocated love
It's a popular topic,
In songs and poems

The hurt you feel is so strong,
Always longing and looking.

What they don't tell you
Is how much it can hurt,
being on the other end.

Knowing that you could never understand
What they see in you
Or the depth of their affections

Knowing that you have broken someone.
You've fed the monster called fear,
And you know that you have only given them
more reason to doubt.

"I'm Sorry" you say.
Because it's the only thing you can say to someone,
When you have bruised their heart.

I wish you could understand,
Rejecting you hurts me.

We blame each other,
trying to find fault
until one comes to the conclusion,
Control is impossible.

Just like you can't force someone to love you
You can't force someone to unlove you.

So I let the anger go
And release you from your torment.
"End things on a good note" I tell myself.

So I do just that,
But no isn't in your vocabulary.
You will always be wanting and wishing
And hoping for me to change,
While I wait for you in turn.
But I guess we're both stubborn that way.

So I say goodbye to what we used to be,
Because we will never be the same.
Knowing that whenever you see me,
you will always want us to be more.

So rather then torturing you with a
distant, strained, friendship.
I scribble down my thoughts,
stick a stamp on it,
And watch it leave.

I had the last word.
I hope it brings you closure.
This is the last you will hear from me.

I hope I stay kind in your mind.
I hope I will be remembered as the girl who cared.
But I hope I fade out of your thoughts,
And be remembered as a dream.
I had a friend who loved me as more than a friend. I rejected him once, then twice, but we remained close friends. Then one day he took things to far. So I shut him out. i sent a letter expressing how I don't blame him nor do i hate him, but he was drowning me and I needed to breathe. So i broke for the surface.
Terra Levez Oct 2020
Is it my fault that I love you
Is it so much so my fault
That you need to try so hard
To make me unlove you?
Don't worry
I'm trying too
Unwrap me from the veins of your heart,
Free me from your mind,
Let your ears forget the sound of my name,
And your tongue the taste of my lips.
Because a broken soul can not feel it all.
Allow me healing, therefore unlove me.
Bianca Fontejon Dec 2015
You can't just love and unlove anything.
No matter how mad, sad,
Annoyed, or irritated you are.

It's either you always have,
Or you never did.
You don't actually learn how to love anything.

It's like hearing a song for the first time,
Knowing it'd be your favorite one
- Right away. That, is the feeling.
Kitty Oost Oct 2014
Three summers ago
I loved a boy
who's hair when moved
by wind or hand
was always magical,
who possessed tanned skin
and eyes so blue
they were waters to drown in.
Around him I felt enchanted
and he was enthralling.
He captivated me,
turned me into a slave of my emotions,
with words and promises
I knew he couldn't make come true.
"Run," my friends urged me, "as fast as you can."
But without him life was jaded,
their warning
had been voiced too late.
Already I had pricked my finger,
on a spinning wheel
and fallen head over heels
in that chemically induced slumber
we sometimes call love.
He opened a door for me that led straight
into a world filled with
bushes of roses
and buckets of sunshine,
I promptly forgot that too much sunshine
scalds the skin
and turns it a burning, vivid red,
almost as vivid
as the crimson blood
a touch from the thorns of roses draws.
I knew I had been warned so I stayed there
bleeding and burning,
swearing to myself as I suffered
that I would never again
give my heart to someone
who would not give me theirs in return.

This summer, three years later,
being around you
means feeling like being able to combust spontaneously
and I cannot forget
the sensation of my skin in contact with yours.
It made me realise
that though I have always loved you,
I started loving you a little bit too much.
You are my every thought.
They say you never make the same mistake twice,
that it is your own stupid fault the second time around.
But if it really was a choice
why then is it
that I spend all my nights these days
pleading with the universe
to let me unlove you.
I have given all my love to you, but what do I get in return?
A broken heart.
I gave you my life and you killed me day by day.
I want to pull my aching heart and tear it piece by piece, So I no longer love you.
I want to loose my memory so I no longer think of you.
I want to go so far so I no longer have to see you.
I want to cry but I no longer have any more tears to fall down
my sad lonely face.
I want to sleep but my dreams haunt me with you in them.
I can't seem to find a way out. What do I do?
How do I get out of this?
How do I stop this misery? How do solve this mystery?
I can't seem to find anyone to make feel the way you do,
The way you look at me,
the way you say my name,
the sound of your voice when you tell me that you care.
I love you so much I think I'm going to die from this pain that haunts day and night.
How can forget you? If the only love I know is you.
How can I move on? If life is not the same with out you.
I want to brake free and move on but I think I'll be doing something wrong.
I just have to close my eyes and let things fly and let the days pass me by.
bs Apr 2016
Ten ways to get over your first love.

1. Stop looking for them in every person. In every street corner or behind the door ajar stop hoping for them to be standing there, that crooked smile on their face and their arms open. Stop waiting for the phone and staying on call waiting for them to mumble, "I love you, I think."
2. You don't.
3. Date other people. Date the boys who put their hands on you the wrong way, even if you want the girl who was afraid of skinship and gazed into your eyes the right way when she laid beside you in bed, listening to your hollow chest with a pendulum swing knocking the bones and thick skin quiet enough to hear a pin drop, because she wasn't the type to catch you.
4. I don't know if you can.
5. Forget how beautiful she is. Forget how she could make you feel like you are flying because 3 seconds later she made you feel unloved, like every postcard was unsent and every message deleted, every Long song ****** out of your ears. Forget that every time she didn't call you or referred to you as just a Friend didn't scald your damaged hands that that were getting ready to hold her so tight your hands would grow numb and didnt slice your eye because you couldn't bear to see her leave and leave and leave and how every time she didn't look your way you'd twist your neck searching empty trash cans and grey pillars for a number, a room key, something better. but be grateful. others took longer to die. but loving her was suicide.
6. I can't stop finding her beautiful.
7. Write about her. Write Everyday about how she broke your heart without even having a single clue she did and how she finally came out to her Sister because you gave her confidence to and how she is so ******* beautiful. But she is not perfect. Write about her flaws. Try to scrape your mind of everything good, write about why you shouldn't love her. Draw a blank, and draw a heart instead. Draw the heart and write her name in it, it's been engraved on every tree you see and every bus ride home is another reason to shut your eyes. Catch her in the shadows. Write the possible reasons as to why she's there, staring. Realise she never was.
8. Ignore her, make her feel unloved. You talk about her like she was the only star in your sky and you were a mere black hole. You were a chore, you were the person she pitied you were another reason why she couldn't sleep at night you were a fish in a school; a mere dark cast that swore to bring down everything she loved. you made her worry, you made her stressed out. you made her tired. tired of you. tired of hearing you crying and exhausted from all the times counting sheep didn't work for you and you needed a stab to the chest just to put you to sleep. you didn't do **** for her. She doesn't need you, right?
9. but you need her.
10. I am sleepwalking through the week and it is only Monday I see you and her and you and her and how she looks at you and I don't know about how you feel about her. I don't know how you feel about anything, about me, about the book you're always reading. I miss you. I miss your tendency to make me feel wanted and your tendency to make me feel unwanted, I miss your tendency to make me feel something other than sad. sadder. sadly I never got the chance to tell you this. I don't know if I will. But I want you to remember. You will always be the hand that held on tightly for me and the spark that reminded me what it was like to burn bright. I still feel you in every wooden surface and every look is just another reason to count the amount of chances I've given to myself to love you. I think I always will.

I once loved a girl, but I wasn't in love. I once looked into her eyes and I didn't see me. She's gone now. But I'll never forget the first time, I saw a little glimpse of a what if. an almost, a love dancing in the wind. how I would Long for the touch but we fell short of probability. our parallel lines never intercepted and I was too bad at math to find a way to fix it. next time, I'll look for my love in a broken heart.
Candice Dec 2015
It's been 10 months since our last talk,
It was clear to me that it's over,
Though it still hurt because I thought it'll be forever,
But I should get over you start moving on.
My thoughts are killing me. Well anyway I'm back!!
As long as people see themselves in art, metaphors will always be the best place to hide truth.
Because I will rather say “two fireflies that fall in love in the belly of a dragon might just stand a chance in hell” than explain that the tough times make us stronger.
But maybe fireflies don’t fall in love, maybe you and I are two wet wind-shield wipers that love playing chase in the rain but never do touch.
We shouldn’t have tossed our hearts around, gravity always finds a way to win, whether it be falling in love or breaking hearts.
There’s an anchor of cobwebs and strings that should never have been attached, but the deep of my voice would always be a resting place for your worries. Even when life puts shorelines and new loves between us, I’ll always have a metaphor that carries you in its arms. I would always have pennys for your thoughts and paper cups with holes made for old strings.
As long as people see themselves in art, metaphors will always be the best place to hide truth.
Because I will rather say that patience is a key to a door I haven’t found yet, than explain that most times I don’t know what I’m waiting for.
But maybe the fear of the unknown makes pacifists out of activists and poets out of lovers.
If words could make you sweat as much as they make you cry, the world would be a better place.
Elaenor Aisling Feb 2015
Is someone retching in the stairway?
Or *******, I can't tell.
It's too early for the drunkards
who stumble in, yelling in whispers.
Fragmented Portuguese drifts in from next door,
too loud, even under the shower head.
They can probably hear my thoughts.

In the beginning we sat on the steps after dates.
Walked down to town
for good street food.
I would be drowning, going,
flying coming back,
as you stopped to kiss me in every bus-stop shelter,
drunk on the night, lateness
lack of sleep, and the act of trying too hard to love.
Was your soul once the colour of mine
Till you painted it over,
god knows how many times?
Or was that you at all?
Did I invent you? Did you invent me?
I close my eyes and world drops dead
I think I made you up inside my head
I'm sorry. It's not fair.
In the end you didn't understand
how free I felt.
I tried to long and too hard, slow fade,
for you, a bomb.
Weight and weightlessness tangled inside,
guilt, freedom. Guilt.
I cut your memory out of my thighs.
I didn't want to remember you between them.
I can't sleep, guilt is crushing.
You hold my sins before me like broken plates,
and when I cried
you said I was playing martyr, burning in lions jaws.
No, dear.
Martyrs are sinless.
I play at nothing.
Forgive me.
Old thoughts. Found an old journal entry and took some of the better stuff to make a poem. Long story short, I broke up with him, and he was not happy about it. *Italics from Sylvia Plath's "Mad Girl's Love Song"
love me Jan 2016
You ask me how I can love you
You who is broken, and limping, and lame
I stop you before the tear can fall
Taking them from your eyes
And crying them out my own
I tell you the truth of absolute love
I tell you I wear no blinders
I see you as you are
I see your imperfections but we are all flawed
Those minute cracks in your soul
Trickle out pain in swirling hues of tender that highlight your heart
A heart you profess is black and stone
But it beats strong within my chest
Where I will nuture it and feed it with my own
I see all the nicks and bruises and breaks
They are not reasons to walk away
They are the very thing that makes you worthy
Your damage healed in stregnth
You are not broken
You are beautiful in all things
A tender heart that bleeds for others
That hates you for not being better...for me
Don't you know?  Can't you see?
There is no better, you are as good as it gets
It is I who is unworthy
And in all your fear of being alone, you overlook the truth of who  you are
of who I am when I am with you
You see beauty in every corner of derelict
You fill my cracks with your joy
To the point where you feel you run out, not even knowing you gave it away
You see in me what I am unable to see in myself
And because it is you who sees it I believe you
I see your cracks and spackle them with love
I see the scars and am thankful you survived the journey
And tomorrow, or next week next month or next year
When you have grown strong in my love
When the time comes that you realize I am naught but pieces duct taped together
When you  see the truth of what I have always known
I will still love you
When you move on to brighter days and greener pastures
I will still love you
When you see that you are worthy of more than I am able to give you
I will still love you, as I do now
For I never learned how to unlove someone
And you have always been worthy
Joyah Nov 2015
How do I unlove you?
How do I tell myself to stop imagining a future with you?
How do I make myself see reason and not cling to the ghost of a former you?
Tell me now.
I beg you.
I want to know.
I need to know.
So I can finally let these feelings go.
Lonnie Nichole Sep 2014
I've got muddled words,
and scraped knees.
My lips are dry,
My arms are bruised.
I carry the weight of this life with lovely resentments of everything us.

But, for you, I would do this a thousand times over.
I have never been so in love before.
I have never been in love before.

There is fire.
Love is fire and I am burning.

I must be naive,
so incredibly ignorant,
Because I love you,
and there are so many nonexistent reasons for why.

Lucky me, I found the right kind of love,
with the wrong person.

Always the wrong person,
The wrong people,
The wrong place,
The wrong time.
But nothing feels as right as ignorantly loving you.

Clockwise to me is counter clockwise to you,
but still,
we have the same definition of love.
I have reached out to hold the hand of infinity.
It shines like forever but feels like you.
Help me understand this.
Unfrazzle my brain with explanations.

I promise to not unlove you ignorantly.
I will listen and learn in the name of you...

— The End —