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Abbie Rodriguez Apr 2015
He gives me all I need
He is a good provider
He knows what I need
Although I never asked for

He never fails to supply
He never fails to satisfy
For that, I am so rich
For He is My Treasure!
Abbie Rodriguez Apr 2015
Things I have sacrificed
Efforts I have invested
Time I have spent
Love I have given

Thought they were appreciated
By the man I have always wanted
But I was wrong...
It's not what I expected

How do I "unlove"* you?
Asked by a woman named Genie
It was a scene from a movie
That totally hit me

Am I able to hate the one I love
Just because I didn't get what I believe I must have?
Or can I just learn to let go and forget
Of the man who doesn't want to  stay?
I composed this poem after watching a Philippine movie "Starting Over Again."
Abbie Rodriguez Apr 2015
There's a world for you and me
Only the two of us can see
A world that's full of complicacy
But nothing compared to our love's potency

Times have passed
Storms have moved toward
Showed that we can move forward
And had triumph with the help of our God

For once we are strangers
But fate moved us closer
Touching our lives together
Proving the existence of FOREVER

— The End —