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A smile is the most beautiful form of deception.
No one completes you.
Don't ever esteem someone that highly.
People change,
Be complete on your own,so that even when your heart breaks, your whole being is not torn apart.
When the world gets too cold,
Crawl into my heart,
        It's warm enough.
What better way to love someone than intentionally?
Not because you have no choice but because you chose them.
Friends don't always talk,
But like minds communicate.
It sweeps
When you feel underappreciated is when you should toot your own horn, clap for yourself and pat your own back. Because sometimes people don't even know what you know about what you've been through, you know best what you deserve and if no one gives it to you, give it to yourself! Remind yourself of what you deserve without waiting for someone else to give it to you. Love yourself enough to be your number one fan and to applaud yourself!
It carries more weight.
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