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You see, someone somewhere does not have one of those things which seem to be just basic but really they are special and are to be appreciated.
Being ungrateful is easy,
But when you realize how fortunate you are, you begin to be more grateful.
No matter who loses hope in you, be the last to believe in yourself once more, twice more, again and again. You're all you really have really,
Thousands can believe in you but if you don't believe in you, it's of no use. Believe in yourself. You are here to make it. Don't think of success only when you're sailing smoothly, it's the storms that make you bigger and catapult you to greater heights.
Roses are beautiful
Roses smell beautiful,
But to pluck one, you risk being pricked.
Same applies to all good things,
To get them you have to risk getting hurt somehow,,
Beautiful things are all about sacrifice,
You never really know if it's gonna ***** you but you try to pick it anyway.
Dare to take the pain and enjoy the benefits later.
Learn to enjoy the roller-coaster called life,
It's pretty fun.
Sometimes go "happy-go-lucky"
Enjoy the ride,
Because it turns out to be quite short.
Isn't it funny how we want to hear certain things from people, things that we can actually tell ourselves.
Well i guess it just feels better when it feels like someone else cares enough to tell you what you needed to hear from yourself but they say it anyway.
Unless it is chronic,
Inflammation does not last.
Be humble.
Some things hurt because we see them through the eyes of other people and  put them in the hands of other people..they only hurt because we picture what they will see in us when we break apart or what they will say. But really you affect yourself.
I want to reach a point in my life where my opinion matters the most. I don't want to feel pain because of what i think people think or what i think people will say,if i hurt i want it to be because i approve of it. I want it to be because i want to learn and to heal from the pain. If i hurt,i want to be the reason i hurt. Maybe that i let myself down or i did what i was not supposed to do. And not let my ego hang on others views of who i am.
You are valuable. You will never exist again,there is only one you. Encourage yourself, count yourself as important and write yourself to life..
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