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The more you chase love, the more it evades you.
It is what you don't know that will be used again you.
Yawn yawn yawn yawn.
Yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn.
Yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn.
The pain of loneliness when you're surrounded by a multitude;
It stings really deep.

When it comes to pouring out your heart, strangers are the best people to talk to. Zero judgment, all ears.
This is a beautiful place to find such "strangers" because people are open minded.
Whatever you're feeling, you're never alone. Talk to someone.
It's well understood sometimes that a problem shared amongst peers sometimes tends to become a topic of discussion, but right here, feel at home. I'm all ears and so are other people.
Realism is evidence based,
Pessimism is assumption based.
Not everyone is strong,
Be nicer to people.
Realities differ.
Your reality is the reflection of your belief system.
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