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YH Jul 16
i was happy, in a very sad way
but i was happy
happiness is still happiness
who is to tell me what was right and what was wrong

it was everything i had in that moment
it was all that i had
the only thing i had
and i used it to my advantage

it made me miserable
and i was indeed filled with shame
for what i was to do
to the people around me

but please,
remember it was the only thing i had
my safe haven that i returned to
my own revelation

who was to say what i should or should not have done
when in the end it brought me peace and quietness

it was a silence so serene
it was something that i sought for all my life

— Y.H.

gentle fervor.
it was inevitable.

it was a break i needed
to end everything once and for all.

(c) Y.H.
Zywa Mar 11
The war happened to me
the hostile people
my neighbours and family
I have to
take my loss

The dark is teaching me
to accept
that I am invulnerable
there is no need to flee

my soul is my asylum
if I ****, I **** lovingly
with a silvery shine
around my duty
which is not a mirror
of their motives
India (Delhi 1200 vC – Mahabharata, Arjuna)

Arjuna = Silvery shine

Krisjna = Dark

Collection “Short Sermons” # 20
Laine Viv Sep 2014
There will come a time when the night air
won’t send chills down my spine
for it will no longer whisper your name.

I will stop telling stories about you,
for the moon has grew tired of hearing them
and weariness is an awful thing to feel.

The stars would appear
brighter than your eyes,
and I would hear lullabies again.

The winds would be warm,
the seas won’t crash waves,
and I will no longer drown.
Donna May 2018
Smiley buttercups
Bunnies hip hopping in field
Peaceful clouds float by
inspired :-))
Donna Jul 2017
When I close my eyes
Midnight joins me for a sleep
Together we dream
Sweet dreams all x
DivineDao Jul 2017
When Landscapes Invite
Festivities Of Mind
To Peaceful Sunrise's
Trembling Songs

Only Then

Serene Calmness Starts Whispering
Sincere As Zephyrs Breeze
Among Not-barren Branches
Of The World

Oh ~This Lovely Beauty

Crimson Blossoms
Vanilla Pink And Gently White
Like Cosmic Sermon For My Solemn Petaled Soul


This Lovely Beauty
Yonder There


So ~ Utterly
Uspoken of

Those Sailings Over Torrid Oceans
Tender Tempest Temporal Torcher
Wise Man''s River Siddhu Heart
Laments Languid Wave
Lies Illusion
Love's Duration

Writing On This Music Foundation:

On A Quantuum Level Everything Becomes Here

Greetings From
My Soulful Poem
Has Just Touched Your~Self Absorbed
Inwardly Written Genius

Donna Jun 2017
Trees sway in warm breeze
Quiet clouds float in peace , lawn
mower sings a song
Lovely Sunday morning :)
Star BG May 2017
I sit at window
reflecting on beauty of minds heart.
With deep meditative breath
I connect for peacefulness.

I sit on mountain,
reflecting on beauty of earth entity.
With deep breath and focus,
I connect for harmony

I sit in vessel,
reflecting on beauty as sky and earth merge.
With deep breath and a smile,
I connect for joy.

I sit at ocean bed,
reflecting on gratitude for everything.
With deep breath and balance,
I connect in oneness.

StarBG © 2017
inspired by Diya
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