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Maria Etre Nov 2021
I gained weight
my shoulde(r)s slouch(e)d
at the burden
I am carrying
that'(s) increasing
with my age
as time piles
my waist ex(p)ands
fertility is just an adjective
with(o)ut a part(n)er
sen(sib)ly carry(i)ng
(li)fe's weigh(t)
Maria Etre Nov 2021
Putting pen to paper
                              serenades my nerves
and carefully
                              caresses my insecurities
to make me mindfully
                              and mindlessly
every dent
the words put
in my chapter
Maria Etre Oct 2021
It's the kind of heartbeat
that pushes you forward
Maria Etre Oct 2021
There was a little dash once
that lead me from here - here…
sometimes it showed me time
and how long and short it can be
from Christmas – my birthday or
from Thursday – Friday
and other times,
when I dot my i’s cross my t’s
this little dash adds a little extra..
from – to +
Maria Etre Sep 2021
For once
he asked the sun to set
to bring his own

For once,
He strummed her heartstrings
and turned her into a hymn

For once,
He dawned on her with
new colors, she couldn’t believe existed

For once,
She melted at the sight
Of a smile … a specific smile
Too beautiful for poets to describe

For once... this might turn
“a while”
Maria Etre Sep 2021
Dawn cannot dawn sooner
with you

Now I know why I see the moon
linger till the early morn
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