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it was magical-
   it was terrible-
your lips touched mine in the gentlest way
   your lips touched mine and i tasted the salt on your cheeks
your hands reaching for me
   your hands clutching at me
and when you pulled away you were smiling
   and when you pulled away your face was streaked with tears
and you breathed a wow and touched my face
   and you breathed an i love you and the beeping stopped.
this is terrible sorry
Can I rip out my vocal cords
I don't have anything to say anyways

Can I destroy my emotions
I'm going numb as it is

Can I rip out my heart
All it does is hurt

Can I rip out my lungs
I can't ever breath

Can I find my soul
In a book
Or a song
Where has it gone

My soul is whole
My soul is bright

This soul is broken
This soul is grey

This soul isn't mine
This soul doesn't belong to me
Therefore it shouldn't be with me

This a soul that belongs in a grave
Dead and buried

My soul is full of life
My soul loves adventure
And romance
And joy

This soul hates all of that
Therefore it is not mine

This soul is contaminated
With hate
And destruction

My soul has escaped me
Left my body through a long exhale
Off on an adventure
Leaving me empty
An open space

This soul came in
To occupy my empty space
But I wish it hadn't
I feel more hallow now
Then I did before

So can I rip out my vocal cords
Because I don't have anything to say

Can I destroy my emotions
I'm almost fully numb

Can I rip out my heart
It hardly beats anymore

Can I rip out my lungs
I can't ever breath

So do you see
What this soul has done to me

I need my soul
I don't want this broken one
I need to be whole
the shine in her eyes pulls me to her
but little did i know they were tears
Does anyone see?
The grimace on my face
The showing of my teeth
In attempt to replicate the look
On everyone else's face

So wait
Is my replication faulty...
....or is it the way everyone else is too?
so is everyone faking happy?
can we just stop, it hurts my cheeks
Terra Levez Nov 25
i kiss my salty tears off my fingertips
and tell myself
"ur strong"
"ur beautiful"
"i luv u"
U never did what i needed so i decided its time someone did it.
y not that someone be me?
Terra Levez Nov 21
He'll pour the sweetest honey words
And you'll willingly take every sticky drop
Not knowing that he'll take you when the amber hardens
And add you to his collection
i dont know why i still reread every one of your poems
Terra Levez Nov 21
Goodness is like a pill
Its the cure to all the suffering

But you choke when you swallow it
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