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Terra Levez Oct 2023
the depth of a poem or a canyon
can never measure to what's between us
Terra Levez Feb 2023
The world takes every inch of what it gives
Do not think a single thing in this world is yours
Cherish it as though you are watching it leave
Terra Levez Feb 2023
how do people deal with the loss that comes with time?
how do they celebrate aging another year when they know that time is the one that steals people?
how are you still standing even after you know you missed the last call your mother will ever leave you?
this world takes away everything that it has ever given us.
Terra Levez Oct 2021
The tears in her eyes,
the scars, they were here to stay

I wish we could, too.
Terra Levez Aug 2021
A broken swing on the old oak tree
A scrap of blue fabric holding it together
Messy braids on a head
Wrapped in thin blankets
The wind howls
Moans at the broken glass
The tears in her eyes
The scars, they were here to stay
I wish we could too

The fabric frays
The swing finally falls
The wind keeps howling
and howling
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