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Laura Palmer Mar 2016
If you keep on holding on to that, I'm afraid that it will keep you away from what really gives you happiness.
Laura Palmer Mar 2016
It’s like a morning, yet perfect among the rest of mornings. Anticipating every raindrop that runs to my roof to the tip of the land, it was such a beautiful experience to flow like water and go further. My mind was filled with unchanging cars, rebuilding crops and forfeiting schedule. My eyes are withheld of its beauty inside. Clock is ticking so fast, like a running bullet train, sun is waving through the cloud, and the world stops crying. I love rains, I love cloudy, I love the grayish atmosphere that filled my world, I love darkness because it embodies my unspoken tongue, and it simplifies my fortress to be in. Sun is rising so high that my eyesight couldn't contain.

What happen to my black apparatus? My darkness turns into brightness. Everything blooms; everything starts to leave like it’s their own kingdom. I have seen all the different kinds of bird that migrating to the south coming from north, I have seen the umbrellas shut down; I have seen my world like this. Like a bridges of love, like a pigeon that fly so high, like what Victoria’s Secret has revealed. I’d walked through the way to see the marine, to see the mother of this incredible nature, I’d sing to them the Cinderella’s theme-song, I’d dance with the waving trees, and I’d join the everlasting joyfulness of the nature.

In love, yes I do! Walking down the hill, I saw something. I saw a yellowish petals, brownish center and greenish stem. Oh so lovely! Oh so glorious! What the hell on earth are you doing here my dear precious? You’re too good to be true, I saw a sunflower. I saw a plant that my eyes have never been in- captured like this. I saw a plant that is connected to the Sun that had change my life, that had replace my darkness into lightness, that had adjust the saturation of my eyes. I saw a plant that needs the sun to grow, and I saw myself. I saw a plant that needs the Sun more than anything. How incredibly done! But, the sun comes to shyness, timidity strikes. Where art thou Mr. Sun? Darkness filled my world again, rain starts to drop, and flood is a minute away from the place where I’m in… Wait, dearest Flower, what happen to your alluring beauty? Your timeless beauty has timed-out. You left me; you left me in times of my downs, like the Sun. You just let me be in the way I am before, the way that I regret to be in. I’m in a secluded place that no one can see. They’re right; love is just like an illusion that tricks you!

Love is just a senseless game inside the mind of all the foolish people. I should’ve not let you made me persuaded to come and play with sun… I should’ve not let you convinced me to be happy because everything is temporary and tentative. You have told me everything, you gave me the lesson of loving someone, you gave me the detachable connection that commits mutualism; and *you gave me the reason to make a conclusion that even the most beautiful flower here on earth shall die tomorrow…
- J.B
Laura Palmer Mar 2016
The scent of sere leaves cascading through the rushing breeze of the wing seems familiar to my nose. This vision of the mystical scene makes others serene but not me. I suddenly realized how time here in earth quickly dashes like an alacritous lightning striking the vast plateau of swaying grass. The rapid percussion of falling leaves looks like it follows a sorrowful tone that is playing with an uncertain kind of rhythm. As the rainfall of leaves drops,  it synchronize with the sudden presence of the pain buried deep within my jar of thoughts. Five years had passed but since I last hold your cold arm before your vault is buried in this place. I miss the feeling how love struck us the first time we met here in Chicago, in front of the resto, in front of the first street. I miss how I make you know how important you are to me. Now, all I can do is to make you know that your grave is always covered with the bouquet of flowers that I always brought you. Maybe, the channel between our souls are still connected. Tell me how can I forget this deep abrasion in my heart if this is the season. It is autumn and indeed, autumn is so cruel because it awakes the pain when you say goodbye to me and embrace your death. Nobody knows how hard for me to live if every year, autumn is always part of the year.
words by Xander Vibar
Laura Palmer Mar 2016
day one,

who are you? i don't know you!

day two,

i introduced myself to you, and you did the same way
you, you are so nice, and i think i found my soulmate
we were so happy, we helped each other,

day three,

i am starting to like you, to message you that i miss you

day four,

wow, i think i'm falling in love with you.

day five,

am i in love with you or am i in love with the feeling?
hi friend, if you're reading this, thank you for the feeling
Laura Palmer Mar 2016
The first time we met,
I thought I'll never have this feeling of being loved
and feeling of being in love.
You were the only person who made me feel this way.
You made me feel so special.
Laura Palmer Mar 2016
thank you for making me free
thank you for making me feel unwanted
thank you for not making any promises to me

why is it so easy for me to let go?

is it because i am not used to be on your side always, always,
that i am not attached to you
that i don't depend on you

but honestly, i have loved you like the stars too fondly

i loved you that it made me wait for you
that i thought you were worth waiting for

i hope you're happy
i hope you reach your dreams
and i hope you'll never give up on your dreams
and that, just keep sleeping.
Laura Palmer Feb 2015
Our life is never fair
And never will be it
A never ending stair
A bottomless pit

Disturbed by different thoughts
Conscious on how they'll think
Opinions that always fought
And that's when we start to sink

Whenever we start to drown
We're defeated by strong waves
All is going down
And none will be saved

Alone, cowering in a corner
Invisible to all of them
In time, it will get colder
And wait for the never coming end

Staring at the unreachable light
Masking all our sobs and cries
A truly unpleasant sight
Where we stay here and everyone else flies

And when all of this is over
When all our problems were solved
We shall live our life forever
To make a forgotten story unfold
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