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Jay Aug 2017
She's my manifest destiny
Queen of my whole being
She brings out the best in me
Sees me for wholy me
****, this **** is freeing to be seen for wholy me, only me
******* I've been living lowly
Living without the curves of her mouth
The spouts of sweet songs her voice moans strongly
The acceptance without judgement of decisions I've made wrongly
The commitment to forgive what we have grown from
The acceptance of the fact that we attracted life lessons that shed blessings on the future we both will be bold from
There's certain **** I can't replace like
The simple caress of my face as I lay cross her supple breast
Hearing her heart beat in her chest in tandem with mine
Heaven sent is her presence
It's life changing
Time frames hold limits within loves parameters
Don't matter to her or I for all we got is time
Time is what made us realize realness
Oh four loves jones turn out to be my whole life, whole wife, future baby mom type...
Crazy how it all turns out, how every obstacle paves the way for greatness
Blessed is the life I pray we get to make
She's destiny, I'll leave the future to fate.
Jay May 2017
Thought about my ex today.
Reminisced about the *** and such.
I know I said that I'd still love that girl,
But Lord knows I've never lied so much.
My ex girl is a good dream about a bad time that I mistakenly got away from.
My ex girl is a good dream about a good **** that could one day ***.
My ex girl is a bad *****, with the thick hips and the *** to match, lips that softly slip so sweet with every kiss; I loved that.
My ex girl has that pretty face that makes necks break and men chase and she knows it.
My ex girl is a flirt and knows I want her bad and she shows it.
She looks at me so deep and sneaks through to my conscience and can switch it off so quick.
My ex girl got the magic; she could make you quiver in just one lick.
My ex girl could get it.
But I can't **** wit it.

My ex girl ain't wife type.
And I'm at that point in life where I'm tryna live that wife life.
So she could be bad all she want and it's sad she don't want that wife hype.
She could be so good but she's bad at being honest; more concerned with "likes" than love.
More concerned with quick *** and rec drugs.
**** gonna catch up to her one day and she'll learn that she should've used that beauty on the runway.
But I'm done bae, no matter how amusingly your beauty continues enthusing me.
But you slept while you couldn't be working to be the One bae.
Jay Oct 2016
This is what happens when little girls cry
They make little girl noise and bat their little girl eyes
And think their little girl plight is something of significance
When in reality it's a demonstration of ignorance
Constant reminder of her lack of life experience
Not trying to embarrass her so I won't ask what the difference is
She's crying to apologize while unaware of who the victim is
But I will let her know 'cause I really want her to get with this
Now don't get me wrong, my attitude's not belligerent
My sole goal alone is to grant her her deliverance
So she can understand that this revolves around malevolence
The result of my greed, my power and my selfishness
My constant arrogance
Self-proclaimed excellence
Lack of establishment
Fraudulent elegance
Unstructured sentiments
All rolled up in one and bowled down her lane
But I've changed
I was just a pretty face and okay base layer
But underneath I was as filthy as Ethiopian feet
Think of this as a feat, that you were the winner of
I could've given you everything but I'd have never given love
If number one was you, I'd have another number two
And you were number two until I made you number three
That's why I'm puzzled that you're apologizing to me
When you should say sorry to you, and '*******' to who I used to be
But I respect where her heart is now
She'll mature and evolve, life will show her how
With God's grace and patience your future will be amazing
And continue to race after all those dreams that you're chasing
Find a love so real that it's bracing
Make sure it's your heart song that they sing
Know that you're always in my good graces
Present yourself as if you are who the ace is
Take my apology and dig my grave with it
I'd hate to hold you back from what your true fate is
God Bless
Jay Oct 2016
Beauty, poise, and dignity dancing a three-way tango
Was the essence of her iridescent message
Told to the world at the sight of her presence
Every man goes head sprung to see her hips graze as the
Wind's swift nip tips her midi to lay smooth on her left hip
And her hair whipped by whisks to sift sunlight drips
Eyes dip-dyed in henna she burns passion on a
Narrowly paved road into a man's soul.
But she's just a fabulous face and glorious shape
Protecting her chaste from
Men who's glancing trails she can trace to
That untapped place she takes pride in and embraced.

So this woman who goes on a date
With the fraudulent fake who was gay to
**** her to her face and
Resulting in the corruption of her precious womb and
Transforming it into a tomb for
His devil spawn to be drawn from,
Has one of two fates?

She can get down on her knees and plead with
Jesus to be free from this ghastly beast that
Grows deep within her integrity
Pray that a robber could steal this
Non-consensual deal that
She can't yet feel multiplying inside her.
Let fate take the reigns and pave the lane
For the blood to drain from her vaginal pane and
Her popped cherry will miscarry?


As dignified a life she lives, she could take back all that freedom she was stripped of in the first place
She could make a choice and have a voice about her own birth space.
Because it's hers and he didn't understand that in the first case.
The jury rests; Her body Her rules, at Her pace
Jay Jan 2015
Love me like it's the last thing you'll ever do
Jay Jan 2015
Internal violence will be the ultimate death of us all.
As humans, as Americans, as poets... We are fighting each other when we should embrace each others differences, ignore those who don't and move on with life. Peace. Please.
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