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Week One.
Possible reasons why she left you:
1. She was abducted by aliens
2. She turned into a mermaid
3. She joined a group of pirates

Week Two.
Possible reasons why she left you:
4. She won the lottery
5. She was a secret princess
6. She works for MI6

Week Three.
Possible reasons why she left you:
7. She met someone else
8. She doesn’t love me
9. She never did

Week Four.
Possible reasons why she left you:
10. She didn't feel loved.
11. She had enough.
12. She's emotionally drained.

Week Five.
Possible reasons why she left you:
13. She forgot who she was in the relationship.
14. She realised you were a boy and not a man.
15. You didn't support her growth as a human being.

Week Six.
Possible reasons why she left you:
16. She never got attention she truly deserves. She's fed up of "what's up" and emoticons.
17. Everything is all about you. Nothing is ever about her.
18. She loves herself too.
Bianca Fontejon Dec 2015
You can't just love and unlove anything.
No matter how mad, sad,
Annoyed, or irritated you are.

It's either you always have,
Or you never did.
You don't actually learn how to love anything.

It's like hearing a song for the first time,
Knowing it'd be your favorite one
- Right away. That, is the feeling.
Bianca Fontejon Jun 2015
He doesn't text you just to show he's into you,
Won't get you a drink when he wants to get it going,
And he definitely will not dress to impress.
- or play those silly little games

The games you can only score when you send a gift,
A goodnight/goodmorning message,
Or if he will stay up all night talking to you.

He will call you to let you know about the cat that just crossed the street,
Message you the newest set of stickers he downloaded,
Take millions of embarrassing photos of you while eating,
And shows up outside your house to pick you up.

He is not the typical guy;
He is not the one to do things because he wants to ***** you.
- He is the guy who makes you happy.

The guy who is being real with you,
The one who wants you for you,
And not how hot or how pretty you are.
Bianca Fontejon Apr 2015
You were broken glass,
But I still touched you
- Even Though I knew I would get hurt.
This is why broken glass shouldn't be touched or played with.
No matter how harmless it may seem, It could leave the deepest of cuts
and the most painful of wounds.
we only feel so empty
because we left
little pieces of ourselves
in everything that
we once loved;
once lost.
  Mar 2015 Bianca Fontejon
What if
we fell unto
each other's
Showed you the
2x2 picture
of yours
still at the folds of my wallet?

What if I chose your favorite
Ice cream flavor
at the Ice cream shop
We once went to?

What if I chose
your favorite
pizza parlor,
hugged you even more,
and told you
"You'll love what I have for you."

What if I
kissed harder
and told you what I feel?

What if I
held you closer
caressed your beautiful face
and marveled at your
magnificent eyes?

What if I
told you
Right now
everything I want
you to know?

And what if
I did everything
I wanted to do,
and let you
How much
**I love you?
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