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Mahnoor Kamran Aug 2018
Prithee, tell me
do your words express joy,
Or are just a lid
to the repressed sad within?

If so,
then where do you hide your demons?
Where does in your gentle, sweet mind
such horror lives?

Do you wish
that with each drop of ink that falls from your pen,
that with each word written that has its own tale,
your darkness drips away.

Tell me, tell me
that you dream, that you hope
that the Odyssey ends
and you come home
to peace.

Just tell me
You wont lost hope
Dont lose hope. Dont die from inside. They are some things worth living for. Hoping for.
Mahnoor Kamran Jun 2017
Some Images
Remind me of you.

A lake. A prayer.
Soft glow of violet, ethereal.
Soft land beneath our feet,
a lustful calling, sweeter greed.

Warm campfire in a blanket of cold.
A speck of hell under a starless sky.
Two hearts fluttering uneasily.
as you bless my palm with a dandelion.
Eternal promise of love.

A playground. Old sunken swings.
A boat of moonlight in it's wings.
Pitched laughter, the creaking of swingboard.
Your hands in mine. Serenity galore.

Christmas trees, laden with lights.
Merry songs. Gifts and sights.
Bliss turns into panic. You cough out blood.
A strange fear
Lingers in the air.

A hospital room. Cold and bright.
A machine with curves beeping fast.
Your hand in mine. Slumped body on bed.
You close your eyes in my arms.
Death came at last.

Some Images
Remind me of
an incomplete love.
Mahnoor Kamran Jun 2017
All my life i asked:

How can you unlove someone?

Truth came from the angel of death:

*You can't.
Mahnoor Kamran Jun 2017
Come ye ruthless winds
Carry me atop your sleeve
Serenade me
Let me

Kiss the yellow daisies in the field
And see them flail in bliss
While their sweet fragrance
Seeps in my breathe.

Possess the verdure and bamboo trees
Play with their mellow fronds
As they breathe upon the world
And give life to thee.

Roll with the clouds
In the glassy blue sky
Subtle and smooth
Pine in their grief
Until they burst upon my brow
Saccharine tears
Emboldened in seven colours askew
Making the sky a portrait
As i breathe in the rainbow
Gusts of freedom.

Fly upon the calm arcane ocean
Wondering the wonders of it's depth
It's never-ending soul
A heavenly parade
As i forgot the troubles of land
For a while.

O ye majestic winds
Steal me from my reality
Hark! Make me your reality
So i shall taste nature
the intoxicating
Soul of the
It's been a while since i have written something. Thanks for reading.
Mahnoor Kamran Jun 2017
How beautiful would you be
If you see your soul reflected
In the mirror
Food for thought
Mahnoor Kamran May 2017
I climbed slowly,
slowly on the mount of aspirations,
On        succint        savoury        dreams,
As i see the success peaking from thousand miles above.

I grip the cold stone
tighter, harder,
My passion,
my hardwork,
As i swiftly float
from    the   ground.

of laze and evil,
Reign against me,
trying to break my hold.
Yet the fire of my
Still burns

My thick woolen
coat hugs me tight,
My faith, my values,
Protecting me from
the blizzards of
jealousy, vile,
As i wind
my way

A glance
And the horrid past knocks
on the veins of my sullen heart,
Yet this soul will give up
no more.

The weary body,
driven by heraculous force,
through the steep slopes of time,
Against enormous storms and stints,
With an armour of patience,
Finds itself on dome of

of unscathed bliss,
Enamour for success,
And it's sweet sweet honey.
That slowly melts in my heart,
On top of the mountain,
Where everything is

the top,
the hardwork,
the giant path looks small,
As the heart prepares to climb,
Another                              mountain.
No goal is small. No dream is small. And neither the sacrifice and hard work involved to attain them. And dreams come in all shapes and flavours, just like the paragraphs of this poem!
Mahnoor Kamran May 2017
She was made of Pearls
Her skin a delicate graft
of Sapphire
Soul sophisticated emeralds
A most valuable treasure
in the world

He lit a fire in her heart
Bright flames Burning bright
Enough to burn galaxies
And reduce mountains to ash

A passion so masochistic
A desire so strong
It consumed her


She was made of Pearls
And all he wanted was
To dig treasure
And so he did

Carved the delicate sapphires
from her skin
Where deep Scars remain
Like giant pebbles in a river

Stole the precious emeralds
from her soul
As he broke her heart with his
soft spoken lies


She was made of Pearls
And he got none
He was a red herring
Which soon drifted away

She thrifted in the Pain of love
A black fantasy, a black hole
That punched a void in her chest
And rendered her heart stale


She was made of Pearls
And the pearls fell in her tears
And weaved down all the oceans
Until she was no more

Now he looks for her pearls
In the oysters of the oceans
More valuable than

Love is strange. One moment, it is the the most beautiful thing in the world. The other, an existential nightmare. Hope, it is always the former for you.
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