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AIA Oct 23
You, the one who was like my universe,
left me.
The rest of the world was paying attention to something else and my sorrow seemed to be ignored just like that as something petty and normal.
This is from a POV of a Korean Drama Series "Go Back Couple."
AIA Feb 27
"I live because
I can't die.

"It's terrifying to open my eyes
just to breathe.

from a song So Far Away by Suga of BTS.
You can listen to it through Spotify and Youtube. :))

P.S. Suga or Min Yoongi was once suffered from a depression. But he overcome it. So if you are suffering from a depression you can listen to BTS Love yourself Album. I am a victim of depression too and I overcome it because of them. ^_^ Fighting ARMYs!
AIA Feb 27
"Mind your pride.
Never mind the broken heart.
Just keep your pride.
− Azrael Ian Montefalco III
This is from the book of Until Trilogy of Ms. Jonaxx.

P. S This thought me that no matter how broken you are, just hold your head up high. Don't let them know that you are hurting *** they are the one's who will rejoice if they saw you suffering.
AIA Oct 2019
Do you still love me? I asked him.
Are you still happy with me?
"I'm not sure."
he answered.
I did not ask him the reason why *** I don't wanna get hurt more.
Dedicated to Jayvee Vallejos.
AIA Aug 2019
I don't know which one is hurting me right now:
My hungry stomach or
my breaking heart.
I am hungry and at the same time heartbroken. Can anyone tell me what to do?
  Aug 2019 AIA
when i was younger i begged time to go faster
i wanted to grow up right then and there
but now that i know the horrors of growing older
i wish i could've stayed young
...but the years are short. -unknown
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