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AIA Oct 9
Do you still love me? I asked him.
Are you still happy with me?
"I'm not sure."
he answered.
I did not ask him the reason why *** I don't wanna get hurt more.
Dedicated to Jayvee Vallejos.
AIA Aug 28
I don't know which one is hurting me right now:
My hungry stomach or
my breaking heart.
I am hungry and at the same time heartbroken. Can anyone tell me what to do?
  Aug 10 AIA
when i was younger i begged time to go faster
i wanted to grow up right then and there
but now that i know the horrors of growing older
i wish i could've stayed young
...but the years are short. -unknown
AIA Jul 30
Ocean, desert and the world
Everything, same thing
Different night
I see the ocean, l see a desert
I see the world
Everything, same thing
Different night
It's life again
- RM
English translation of BTS soundtrack titled "Sea" a hidden track from their album Love Yourself: Her.
PS. It's Namjoon's Verse :)
You can listen to it through youtube or soundcloud. :))
Thank you.
  Jul 23 AIA
I thought
I knew everything
About love
And when
I lost you
I realized
There were things
That I should’ve
And shouldn’t
Have done.
  Jul 23 AIA
Poetic Eagle
some people break your heart just to see you bleed
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