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Nana Jun 2018
Just thought about this life
and I realised that
we're all never equal

you'll have someone prettier,
more gorgeous,
more brilliant,
and much more better than you
someone will always be better than you in something.
you cannot be the best at everything darling.

but be proud of who and what you are
you are beautiful, smart and gorgeous ,just the way you are.
no one should tell you otherwise.
Nana Jun 2018
If you’re to fall in love with me,
I request that you love me for the person I am
I will cry because I love you so much,
And the cries will be,
Because I’m insecure
And I’m insecure because
I fear losing you
Losing you to someone better
Someone prettier and more gorgeous
Even though I know
That no one loves you or will love you
As much as I do

I will think of you everyday
Even at times when I’m busy
I’ll still think of you
Because you’ll own my heart

I won’t want to talk to other guys
Just to be loyal to you
I’ll even find it pointless talking to other guys
Because I only want you ,only you.

I will get jealous
So jealous
That I’ll feel like you don’t love me
That’s all just because I love you so much
And I never want to lose you

If you’re to fall in love with me,
Please love me
And never let me go
Give me very tight cuddles and hugs
Because I feel so safe with you

Always tell me how much you love me
Please do remind me
So that I don’t feel neglected
Please love me forever
Because the way I love you,
I cannot explain either
I love you,today and always.
Nana Jun 2018
I love you too much I donno even ;
but I don’t think I’ll stop loving you any sooner ..don’t ever leave me please..
this is the first time I’ve ever requested someone I swear.
Nana May 2018
Seated a few blocks from my house,
And I can’t stop thinking
Of how I’m
So sick of loving someone who doesn’t love me the same way

He thinks i love him like a bestfriend,
Well ,that’s what I thought too
But I just realised a few weeks ago
I love him more than I love myself
I get jealous when he talks to other girls
It’s like I want him all to myself
Well I thought he’s mine
And that’s because he gave me a bit of attention
Calling and texting me everyday for 5 months
That’s really long to me
And I’ve never had anyone look out for me like he does
Someone who tells me he loves me and I feel like it’s real
Never in my life have I loved someone like this

I hate the fact that he’s ever there for me ,and wants to listen to me,
He tells me all that goes on his life
What hurts most is when he tells me about some other girls
How they have eye contact and all
I don’t think I’ve ever been hurt like this before
He practically hurts me himself,unknowingly or knowingly
And it’s the most hurting thing in this world

I just wish I could get him out of my head

I wish I could just stop loving him
And get him out of my life
But I try,
but I can’t unlove him
I just want to distance myself from him
Which is difficult because he will ask me why I’m doing so
But I have to put myself before him
Even though I love him too much
I have to let him go

I don’t ever want him to know of how much I love him ,
and not like as a bestfriend but more
I don’t want him to know
Because I feel like
I would have betrayed him
Because he loved me as a best friend
And maybe if I also tell him,
Our relationship might get dismantled
And he might be the one to distance himself from me
Which I wouldn’t want to happen
Because I’ll be hurt the more

I’m just trying to unlove him.
Nana Apr 2018
I just realised that I have to love myself more
in many different ways
like appreciating me
that I'm beautiful and I have brains like no other
even with all my flaws, I'm beautiful
and no one has to make me feel bad about being me because there's no one else like me.
I realised that I also have to make time for me
the same time I give to other people should be
10 times more that I give to myself

This is all self love and it comes with self confidence.
Nana Apr 2018
I just get so confused why people pretend
the pretend so much
and it just gets to my mind

like why?
why do you pretend to love me
and yet you don't?

you say you love me
for your own benefit ,basically,
for society to think you're a very good person to me

but why?
please be real!
be real!

if you truly love me,
and it's from deep down,
please take time
spare some valuable time
spare some cash
spare something, so that you prove it to me
that you truly love me

however much you say it,
whether 10 times a day,
or twice an hour you see me,
it doesn't do anything to me or make me feel loved,
it only makes me realise the dishonest, unloving, selfish person that you are.

But why are you so not real?
Nana Mar 2018
I sometimes don't want to talk to people
like everyone just gets so annoying
and I just need some 'me' time
some time alone.

and when you ask to be alone,
people find it rude and they even call you antisocial.

and when you stay amongst people with moody you
they say you're giving them attitude

like what am I supposed to do exactly
what do y'all want exactly?
why is society so freaking confusing and unappreciative
Someone tell me, Someone give me an answer please.
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