japheth 2d
i’m writing
a eulogy.
it’s not
for someone close to me
who died recently,
for someone who loved me dearly
whose love died
when i presented my demons
and couldn’t take them individually.
i’m writing a story for film and i felt like my character is so selfish. so here’s what the character is feeling when she’s crying her eyes out writing out the pain and consequence of her actions
japheth 6d
our love is poetry:

a series of rhymes
of words with identical ending
having different beginnings.

an assonance
of words totally unrelated
but were fit together as intended.

a consonance
of words that invites a trance
as if urging me to dance.

an alliteration
of words i hear that ignites a flame
but soft and as warm as fleece.
i read this book and really tried hard to understand the different ways to write and the word association. miss u guys.
japheth Oct 10
just keep writing;

write as if the sentences you create
were new languages waiting to be translated

write as if the words side by side
were meeting each other for the first time

write as if the letters on your keyboard, or the ink of your pen
were only created just to make the masterpiece you’re creating.

and don’t doubt yourself ever.

for the words you write,
may be someone’s sorrows,
may be someone’s joy,
may be someone’s hope for tomorrow.
japheth Oct 3
i wish i could write
when i’m happy.

i wish i could write
without reminding myself
that i should be happy.

i wish i could write
not only for myself
but for those whose hearts
were broken
reminding them
that it’s alright
and one day,
they’ll be happy.

i wish i could write.
it’s been awhile, my friends.
i have been focusing on my mental health which is actually doing great.

i’ll practice writing now in this state of mine
japheth Sep 27
i’ve always wondered
why it was so easy
for you to move on.

then i remembered,

when i was
moving out
of your heart,
lifting box after box
of clothes i own,
of items i bought,
outside your porch,
trying to take
everything i had left
— making sure i leave as little to no trace of me,

you were already
letting someone else in.

as i was cleaning out the pictures of us,
you were already replacing the frames with new ones.

as i was removing the covers of the bed, the sheets, the pillows,
you had a whole new set ready,
just waiting for me to leave.

as i was waiting for the cab to
pull through your driveway,
you were already expecting someone
coming your way.

and that’s how i knew.
and i don’t think i’ll ever move to another place sometime soon.
japheth Sep 22
if i wrote
a book,
the dedication
would be
like this:

“to everyone
who broke my heart,
who helped me
put it back together:
gave me
all types of
to those who
watched and cheered
as i build it back.”
i haven’t been writing and it’s all because i’m in a really happy place. i wrote this piece while i was thinking of compiling everything i wrote and then self publish it.

i hope i really push through with this one.
it’s gonna be hard work but if this works out, i’m all in.
japheth Sep 13
i hope
that when the time comes,
the pieces of
your heart
that were
taken away
from you:

some you gave away

but mostly were stolen
and you realizing it was
gone too late,

come back to you in another form.

another face,
another smile,
another embrace,
another set of hands to
hold again,

i hope it does come back to you

— replace what’s been taken

as if it was never broken in the first place.
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