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Tyler Nov 2018
I'll take my own experience,
Wrap it up and tie it in a bow.
I'll take all the things I've felt,
Make it poetic and put it in a show.
I will build walls around my heart,
Then talk about how roses bloom in the cracks.
And I'll tell them how you kisses me where you punched,
But never tell them I punched back.
I will write monologues about the sky
And how it reminds me of your hair
Or perhaps a sonnet
About how I never really cared.
I'll take my abandonment issues and sob stories
Into the palm of my hand
Then crush it into stardust
And try to be the sea glass in a beach full of sand
But no matter how many
Metaphores or analogies I create
I can make words beautiful
But never my feelings fake.
We are poets stuck in a cycle,
Blooming blossoms that never change.
We are artists making art
Out of the beauty of pain.
  May 2018 Tyler
She walks by,
Holding her breath
Everything crashes in,
Longing for escape.
Later it gets by the minute,
Only then might she stop,
Forever she has been walking,
And only now she feels tear drops.
Greater her pain is than before,
In her heart it’s swells like a storm,
Running towards the edge,
Leaping off, she is no more.
Read the first letter of each line.
  Apr 2018 Tyler
The girl with a sense for justice
Along with two red eyes
She looks to you as the leader
But you cannot guide her

The girl with clear, teal eyes
Sisters, you are
Until revenge takes it's toll
Now you're the scourge

The girl with twisted feelings
You take her hate and corrupt it
So she can see again
But only see black

The girl with a wicked smile
You help build a legacy
And friendship, even more
Blows to dust

The girl who can control not her feelings
But the mind she sees
And then tears roll out
Onto her necklace of pyrope
Tyler Apr 2018
You sat outside,
Cigarette in hand,
And told me the stories of life.
You told me the things,
No one dared to tell,
And blow that smoke into the air.
You cigarette *****.
You showed me that beautiful
Was the scars on skin,
And the dope in veins.
You took the shine in my eyes,
And sold it for your dose.
Talk to me three months ago
And I would of said how much I hated Cigarette Smoke.

But nights get lonely,
And tears will fall,
And I still stand alone.
I put people through ****,
They threw me away,
And when I asked for help it was a nope.
Now in the night sky,
I still see your eyes
And find comfort in cigarette smoke.
Tyler Apr 2018
Don't fall in love with my style,
Or the way I wear my hair.
Don't fall in love with my scars,
Or the makeup I might wear.
Don't fall in love with my skin,
Or my lack of self care.
Fall in love with my voice,
When I'm in awe or fright.
Fall in love with the poetry,
I choose to read and write.
Fall in love with my eyes,
Even if they dim and fade.
And save me from my demons,
And the heart they roughly played.
Just fall in love with me,
And the way I live.
This is all I can be,
And it is all I will give.
Tyler Apr 2018
I used to tell people how much
I wanted to be someone new,
And tear off my skin
Through and through,
But it was only after I started to bleed
Did people see my truth.
Tyler Apr 2018
it's not like
i want to love you
but not loving you is a war
with my memories of you
at the front of the field.
and you can only fight in a war
for so long
i still hide you in my poetry
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