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Thursday Night

praises turned crucifixion,
a mother's milk gone sour
to boil its lamb son alive.
We lament, and remember
(upon this Thursday night)
the actual retail price paid,
the victory won from defeat.
James E. Roethlein ©2021
Jim is the author of two books of poetry "Musing on the Cricket Game of Life Part 1 1\2" and "An Extravagant Way of Saying Nothing" both available on Amazon
Zee Feb 11
I will surely feel lonely again
I might die inside too
But if it makes you happy,
I'll celebrate my death with you.

Don't look over your shoulder
And wonder how I've been
You already did enough for me,
You've given me your best.

But if we ever meet again
Ask me how Im doing,
I'll give you a sudden smile
And say "I'm fine" again
You did it again. You left me , broke all your promises. But I'll be fine.
Andrew Rueter Jan 22
They meet every Thursday
They're a worship team
They meet every Thursday
To develop a worship scheme
To show how the Lord leans
Through musical means

They meet every Thursday
That's not quite church day
But it's their rehearse day
So they don't play the first way
Which would be the worst way
When worshipping on the church stage

They meet every Thursday
To rehearse their music
They've got the Holy Spirit
And there's no way they'll lose it
They'll continue to use it
To save brothers from bruises
They know what the truth is
And they want to exude it

They meet every Thursday
So surely I even heard they
Come in on their birthday
They say it's worth praise
Not of their own ways
But of the Lord's grace
Glorifying Him is first place
So they meet every Thursday
ketjil Oct 2020
I once wrote poems
spilling my darkness
onto paper
I wish to write poems
spilling the light
I have found within myself
I seem to have lost my touch

if it was ever there
Kofi ye Oct 2020
through my gallery
to find the epitome of throwbacks
to be posted on social media
the struggle
i’m tired
thinking out loud
on what’s really important
the memories gone
the present ?
dear reader please enlighten me
Robert Rittel Oct 2020
It’s always Thursday

Between Sundays and the week to come,
it’s Thursday wondering where the days have gone.
The flow of tick tocking the passing through,
when the rushing of the important is to pursue.
Days just disappear to wondering grieve,
while nights to sleep are to short to believe.
Moon tides smile growing full of restless sleep,
when that exhaustion only ask for that deep.
The tragedy about time that just perish,
when we cannot get hold of the now to cherish.
Taking life by the day that forever last,
so that we can celebrate it with a blast.
No more promises for tomorrow as hope,
and yesterdays regret a habit interlope.
Thursdays from Latin is Jovis related to Jupiter,
called the remover of all obstacles for the better.
Then as we know everything can happen,
on Thursdays even when you don’t know Latin.
Sarah Rejoice Sep 2020
On a day like today
There seems at play
Enormous confusion that clouds my way
As I breathe, and walk, and speak
Thoughts and feelings I long to leak
If just one were to reach an ear
My mind would surely be shrouded in fear
Liberation from self-doubt seems far
Common yet elusive as a falling star
Returning to tasks that call
Pretending to give it my all
leechyna Aug 2020
Took another trip in my heart😔
No new news.
But wanted to confirm
How sad is it??
No new love
Just ***** heart😅
Lu Wilson Jun 2020
Thursday you've finally arrived
Work is over and I'm ready to imbibe

You've become my favorite day of week
Most of my jobs done and giving Saturday a wink

Late enough in the week to relax a little more
While Friday's shadow lurks closely under the door

Early enough to fantasize about Sunday
Yet still so far away from Monday

Pour me a glass, or two or three
Unplug my brain and help me let it be

Since I only have one more day of work
Will one more hour really hurt?

So sweet Thursday you may not be part of the weekend
But since the quarantine, it's upon you I've come to depend
Cheers to Thursday - the under rated day of the week
You’re sad but there’s no reason to be sad
Heart is throbbing
But you can’t tell nobody
As you have no reason to feel these things
Make others laugh
In hopes you’ll get that in return
Heart continues to ache
Why can’t y’all tell I’m hurting for reals
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