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Apr 2014
How do I unlove you? How do I unlove my sweetest downfall? How do I unlove the first person who taught me how to love? These questions kept me wondering.How? Can I? Will I?
I always wanted to know,how will I unlove you? I know that you don’t love me but that didn’t stop me from loving you. I don’t even think that any dense reason could stop me from doing so. Yet,I came to this realization, that no matter how much I love you, you could never reciprocate the feeling that I have for you.
I even came to this point where I asked myself,until when? Until when will I love you? Until when will I endure this pain? Until when will I drown myself in the sea of tears that I created just because of the agony that you put me into? That’s when I realized that I was holding onto something that didn’t exist anymore. At that moment, all I wanted to do was to cease my love for you.
But I don’t think I could do that. Well I can,but I won’t. Maybe some can,but if you love someone, that love you have for them just won’t go away. Yeah,you may meet someone better,but once you let someone into your heart,there will always be a piece of them in there. Every person that we love leaves a mark in our hearts. And you left a big mark in my heart. Scratch that. You left a massive scar in my life.
Adeline Dean
Written by
Adeline Dean  Paris
     The Sick Red Carnation and ---
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