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King Panda Apr 2016
I have this glass in my
I found it under
the park bench
where I lay
drooling on the
this glass reminds me
of you
this glass reminds me
of earth
the shade where
sand melted
I cut so
so correct
is this blood
I spill
Emily Tucker Feb 2015
I sit here thinking, about you. Nothing more, nothing less...

I think about us, I think about the way you use to look at me, when your eyes sparkled with a perfect smile. Then I look at myself and all I see is pain, regret and loss.

Sometimes I wonder why I still fall for you, why I still love you. But it's a question I can't answer, maybe it's because you made me feel special, little by little I realize all you’re doing is the same thing to every girl you kiss, every girl you trick into your own joy and happiness till you feel like you should move on. I hate you with a passion yet I still love that sparkle in your eyes...
OpenWorldView Sep 2018
I was blinded, stunned,
by a thousand bright suns.

A star so young and charming
raised my spirit to never known highs.

But the sparkle only lasted moments
for my courage descended into night.
BandedEarth Sep 2017
Do you know you make me sparkle?
When your name is in my notifications.
When I see you in a crowd of people.
Whenever you cross my mind.

Fizzy, bubbling up from inside.
Each time I watch you smile
Each time that we converse.
Each time you cross my mind.

Effervescent excitement
Charming with your brilliant mind.
Charming with your soul's vibrancy.
Charming as you cross my mind.

Do you know you make me sparkle?
You sparkle
For me
Midnight skies
In my eye
You ask me why
And I reply
Y's a crooked letter
And you can't
Make it straight
As a child, as children do, I asked many questions. My one grandmother's frustrating response to me would be "because Y is a crooked letter
And you can't make it straight."
Mena Mulugeta Mar 2018
Love that
She's older now,
she is more clever things don't seem
to bother. 
She would shatter you
with a bit of her consciousness
while she scortches you with her intelligence.
She is the definition of sparkle something that you constructed.
Through the destruction you once had started. It no longer exists. I displayed out loud I'm no longer your bih I'm out.
You've taught me to love myself thank you.
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
It is the sparkle in your eyes
Not the curve of your lips
That smile in your eyes
The smile that never lies

Charming, tender
I'll always remember
The first time you smiled at me.

Like magnet to metal
Your smile draws me in
You taught me how to smile
Your smile; I hope it never lies
The kind of smile that comes from deep within.
CK Baker Feb 2017
it falls through the glow of the wintery trees
building a cover under the breeze
luminous lights sparkle and hatch
snow pack high on the briar patch

pine cones fall from majestic fir
squirrel and robin rustle and stir
sitka spruce at tunnel bluffs
ravens roost on cedar rough

dusted peaks at hurley pass
snowline cuts the avalanche
fox and lynx are on the prowl
hollow eyes from spotted owl

cool winds up the valley trail
whirling snow from diamond vale
chilling flakes in candle hands
moonlight shines across the land

northern lights in krypton green
the sounds of verve are bitter sweet
curtains hang on a cold dark sky
counting stars, a lullaby

What an "ANGELUS" time it is
These times of LOVE

The "SALATS" of the moment
embraces everything around us

Is it the "FAJR" of birds kissing?
Is it the "ASR" of cats stretching?
Is it the "MAGHRIB" of peacocks screams?

Those are the sound of LOVE I suppose

I can see on the cheeks
The wetness of the kiss
That has not dried yet

Who is the LOVE
(BELOVEDz /  LOVERz) who causes
The tears swell in the eyes
Of the one who LOVES?

Why is the eagerness to touch
The bare shoulders so enticing?

Why the heart longs to
drown into LOVE
(BELOVEDz / LOVERz) core?

Placing one's face on the lap
The flower smells jasmine rains

Close eyes and experience my LOVE
When I seal your pores with my lips?

Can I sing you lullabies
When you sleep besides me peacefully?

Can I snap a new art sculpture
Out of your hair every morning?

Forget your thoughts
While feeling my LOVE
By being in LOVE with me

Why the words become worthless
When we share
A common breathing between our lips?

Who is listening to the music
Of our heart-beats?

Why do roses rain over us
When we share our chromosomes?

Who are they?
There, below the waterfalls
Behind the mountain caves
The two magical unicorns in LOVE?

Who will pray "TEFILLAH"
When we are in
Ultimate union of LOVE?

Who will "TENEBRAE" our lives
To illuminate our souls?

So that we "THEOPHANY" the

Now tell me...

Will the clouds answer our LOVE-call?
Will the first ray of sun ever find us?
Will the moon ever illuminate dark lives?
Will the stars sparkle over our springs?
Will the dew drop give birth to seedlings?

To save the cosmos & planet EARTH
Let us embrace into
Single semantic of LOVE

This is a love letter to myself that I’ve never received.
For all the times you almost forgot about your worth crying ,and sleeping anxiously. Merely realized how your heart is honey mashed into gold, and your sweet laugh is the taste of
tiramisu. Your eyes sparkle like a shooting star.
You are everything you’ve ever wanted.
Sweetheart so continue to do you.
Robin Lemmen Aug 2018
I smell summer on your person
Tan is your toffee colored skin
Chlorine the scent of your hair
Bright skies and warm nights
A promise for tomorrow
I see summer in your smile
Soft loving and a bit of longing
Touch me gently and let me know
I am real and make me feel infinite
Water splashing in my face
I hear twilight in your voice
Bring laughter to my eyes
Sparkle brighter than the stars
You, you have a way
Of making me feel
Like I could be summer to you too
Do I have a tongue,
Can I speak too?
In this strange world,
Am I a human too?

Do I have a heart,
Can I live too?
In this strange land,
Am I alive too?

In the midst of Oblivion,
I search my visions,
I once used to dream,
As a young teenager,
In Sea of Paro s
I try to remember,
The faces of people
I had once lived with
Father, mother, brother
Of all those people
I had once called family.

I came here as girl,
I am shared in the family,
I born plenty children,
I am sold and re-sold
In and around
To any men who
Can afford to buy,
I am kept but
Seldom married,
Each street have
it's own paro,
They all have
But the same story.

After some years
I cease to exist,
For the people
Who bought me
I am an old cattle
Who no longer
give them pleasure,
I am now a burden
A liability soon
To be shedded..

They don't throw
me though,
They leave me alone
In a small room,
I have become a mother
Of a girl or two
I have new family
But no identity
fits me ever,
When I come here
I became a Paro,
When my times up
I die a Paro!!

Paro is short for
Pardesi, a foreigner,
I am the girl
Bought for men
From another land
Into there land,
To born son's
For there motherland.

This is ordeal of
A soul that once lived,
Now it's just a body
With no role,
No fiction this
It's a real story
A reality of some
Distant land !!

That land for you
Is so very strange
Where eight young man
**** a pregnant goat!
And the strangest
thing is they
go away and
Roam scot free..!!

Soon the elders in the village
Will have a big meet,
They will give compensation
To the owner of the goat,
And free from the sin
There precious young boys
The martyred goat
Will also have new name,
And so it will soon
Be christened to
A new species of
a first of it's kind
A Welcome from
an animal world!!

And so I ask again
Do I really exist?
What form of life
Do I have here?
In this strange land
Are they human too??
Does even a little atleast
A thing called
Humanity exist???

Sparkle in Wisdom.

Wrote this poem after reading this article.
She climbs rainbows
Touches the other side
Opens up her windows wide
Let’s in some sunshine
Takes a magic carpet ride
Through strawberry fields
Leaves a sprinkling
Of stars in her trail
Sweet sparkling spirit
Keep your hair flying
And stay free ***
Purcy Flaherty Jul 2017
Your eyes sparkle,
Your lips smooth like silk,
Pink peaks,
Your body speaks,
Anticipation swells,
Delicate to the touch.

The pulse quickens,
You smell so good
Little sounds,
Our hearts pound
Fold me in your arms,
It’s not just a poem.

It’s infatuation!
It’s not just a poem it's infatuation
w y n n e Feb 2017
you keep looking for light in others,
when maybe inside you lies a bright glare
that could sparkle a dark night
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
Poetry is the air poets are the breath
poets sparkle like jewels of paradise
flourishes in garden of great poetry

poets matured like pearls in oysters
of vast ocean of their sub conscious

no need to ****** it from jaws of
crocodiles or to combat dragons

don't have to climb Everest
cross the burning Sahara
crawl in the dark belly
of the Pyramids

all they've to do is let the ink flow
let inspired words pass through prism
minds let contrive and conceive aglow.
Laura Labno Aug 1
I'm going
Into crowds of
Unexpected neural impulses

Blood circulates
In a complex system
Of ant-like interactions

Words, I take
Which come wanting
To heal things
Which can not be


Your words
And light
Give me

A promise

Of few Smiles

But what is a smile -
Just a ****** deformation
One of many

That's all.

You've met a person
With a low
Love Potential

Whose eyes are opened too wide.

Who looks for a



To escape from
sensing and empathising

She Has recently started buying
glittery seeds of selfishness.

I'm not like I was 2 years ago
You'd love the sparkle in my eyes
From these innocent days

But now I'm somehow too old for this


Things are just different
That's all
Stargaria Oct 2014
The way he looks at me,
Flirtatious and full of life,
He doesn't yet know me,
Nor my fabulous *** life.

He is not ***- that I can tell,
But the way he looks at me,
I’m under his spell.

The sparkle in his eyes,
The secrecy of his smiles,
Butterflies in me churn,
Ones which fly for miles.

We have never spoken,
But I can't start now,
Because he wouldn't accept me,
Not then, not now.

He is so kind,
Filled with courage,
Rugby ball in his hand,
In the gym he takes his stand,
Well, what can I say,
That is my boy.
#*** #secret #crush #lover #comingout #struggles #love
ryn Apr 2015
Welcome the new day
As night lifted her screen
The sun had brought its palette
Boasting of colours never before I've seen

Rays like paintbrushes
As they dove into the water
Light explosively burst into emeralds
Ripple and eddies would sparkle and shimmer

Bolts from the orange orb
Speared the tops of trees and sprawling ground
Tinting their leaves with green of olives
And grass with freshness abound

Its wand touched the tip of the distant lighthouse
Turning it the brightest green
It brought life back to my surrounding
Layered my eyes with the greenest of sheens

Such beauty laid bare
The difference was literally night and day
But my heart is also green
To readily accept what my mind has to say

As if a child
Or yet still a greenhorn
I should ignore the stains of yellow
And enjoy this new day that had just been born
To Sing a Song
Of Love, full of Life
Consumes your Inner Carefree
And Compassion.

A Distinct Act of Tones
Bond into One
Notes which blend those Tunes
And squeezes Music-Juice.

A Happy Sound for All
To which when Played,
And Played,
And Played again
It is Finished. But not all.

It stands Forever; Lurking always
In your Memory
A Dainty Feeling to One's Heart
From the very Start
Till the End of your Time.

A Magical Compensation
To Children, Men
Or even to Animals
And Plants who could Hear,
And Feel,
The Warmth of a Song.

The Feelings it Brings,
Is Now and Forever,
Joy and Happiness to All
To Summer, to Fall,
To Winter, to Spring,
And to Everyone's Ears can hear,
And wear,
Like a Ring.

A Gem from your Mouth,
Eaten in Past Times
As One Grows and Improves
The Stamina
It becomes a Jewel
Which can sparkle when opens,
And closes,
And opens again.

It's Fun to know
Why many People would Show,
And Portray,

A Song,
A Grace,
A Feeling,
A Wonder,
A Mystery,
A Medicine for Sadness to All.
Jeannery Aug 2018
Dark times, sad hours
When I look into the night sky,
They sparkle, stars.
What a perfect scenery for me to cry

As I look up into them,
Tears are starting to flow
Memories, they are my gem
Stars, you know how much I wanna go.

Thankful to you,
You make me wanna hope for more
You make me feel pink when I'm in blue
I love you just like before.

-jeannery a.

to the stars who listen, thank you for you make me feel less alone
T Mar 14
I miss that sparkle in your eyes......and holding you tight under clear blue skies
You had that sparkle that lit up a room.....and made me smile.......just to see it I would walk a million miles
After a long hard day and I would come to the door.......that sparkle would meet me that's for sure.............. as the time goes by the memories will not fade .......and I will always remember the ones we made........
Late at night when I go to my dreams ....that beautiful sparkle is all that I see.
Please forgive me as I reminise......and drift off in thought about that that sparkle I miss.
#that sparkle is one thing I miss
Sophia Apr 2018
there was a sparkle in her eyes
I saw it
I saw it
no one else paid her any attention
and only I noticed the apple cores of her hands

so she resorted to magic
the crazy stuff of existence
like the wheat she stashed in her sandbag heart
and when it found her not
despair shook the earth
around her sorrowful body
permeating disillusion
immersion in nothingness nothingness nothing

lonely lonely
and bottle caps launched from her fingernails
from the spiraling stems of madness that rampaged through her bulging pulse
with piercing shards of nothingness nothingness nothing
splitting her glowing veins

and sweetening her ever-kind
brain brain brain

and where was the world?
mariamme Apr 2018
if god is a woman
then i'd love to crawl inside
her womb and feel regeneration
feel the cosmos sparkle
in the sweat between her thighs
know what it is to taste creation
is this blasphemy? indecent?

if i am a woman then
why can i not love the power
she has gifted my body
in the marrow of my bones
layered gently in my curves
her names multiply
between these two lips and
i'd love to hear her whisper-

how very much the world needs her
patient, fiercely love-filled
vocal cords that sing our memories
into existence; her hair is
the curtains dividing the seas
of night & nature & the blood in us all

she weeps when we spill it
every ruby drop is falling from her lips
we break her bones when
we dig into the earth, ****
her precious body and destroy
the bounty that she's given us
but still does she love us?

she is more than mother,
than lover and artist,
fire-haired horizons and
opal eyes that span the skies

i love her with everything i have
is she listening to us now?
she makes me nervous,
how she sits naked in the heart
pregnant with our destinies
endlessly listening to our songs
of pain & lust & death's grinning hatred
and quiet, she is still in my soul.
diosa mío
s Apr 2017
A little white fluff on a green stem.
The green stem blends with the surrounding grass.
When I wanted my dreams to come true my eight year old breath would blow the white fluff.
The sun would make the flurries sparkle and dance in the summer breeze.
It truly was magical.
I believed in fairies and wizards.
I remember the day my uncle got upset because I blew magic all over his perfectly green lawn.
My uncle informed me that apparently the fluff was a ****
not magic at all.
There is an innocence to not knowing.
The part of me that believed in magic and princesses disappeared.
I guess people have two choices in life
They can see a ****
Or they can see
This was an assignment for my english class and I really like how it turned out. Try to see the magic in life.
The uniVerse Oct 2016
All the passers by stop and stare
at the girl with the sparklers in her hair
a crown adorned with precious jewels
to blind those mere mortal fools
as many men have laid at her feet
to form a blanket on the ground
but her Prince shes yet to meet
her true love has not been found
the one that will look past the glitter
and see the sparkle from within
this one will remain with her
through this turbulent life of sin.
Lights sparkle all around
Presents sit, waiting
Paper covered in sap
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