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Ironatmosphere Jun 2022
My love chains me
I resent you
for tying me so tightly

I am not enough
I am not enough

I have vowed my life to you
and I will fight forever to be worthy
i just hope I don't end up hating you
Ironatmosphere May 2022
You told me I am your sun
but I am the moon
I only shine because of you
Ironatmosphere May 2022
I need to see your love
And I don't know how to ask for it
because I don't know if it is there
Sei la ragione di ogni mio sorriso
I love you to the very core of my being
Can you say the same?
Ironatmosphere Jan 2022
I don't know where those people went.
Somehow they are missing
and there are others
living in their skin

Someone else is controlling her breath
feeling her sweat as she is building,
building walls
higher than ever seen

She is right there,
but still
She is missing
is this just how it goes?
Ironatmosphere Dec 2021
I stand before you
Completely bare
You've never been like this
You've never been this naked
Even though I've seen you without clothes
You've never been this bare
Ironatmosphere Dec 2021
Lines have appeared on my face
It's uncomfortable
Evidence of a life lived
Even though it has just begun

And I wish that I when I'm old
And the lines have deepened
And my skin is sagging
I'll look in the mirror
And see only a life well lived
Ironatmosphere Mar 2021
It is back
It's not supposed to be here
Why am I like this
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