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The water was so blue it hurt my eyes
but I
stop staring
I miss you
I fell for you
But you weren't there to catch me
So I scraped my knees
And I can't stop picking at the scabs
Will I ever heal?
My heart used to be whole
But then I met you

You brought a shovel
And buried yourself deep down

You made yourself a home
Decorated it with your favourite pictures

And then you left
Leaving the door open
Letting in a storm

And now there are weeds growing from the floor
He was a crash course
a lesson in love

he bought me a one-way ticket  
to an express train around the sun
I told him I loved him
for the first time
as I stepped off the ride
and waved goodbye
you needed to know
You were intoxicating
I got high on your perfume

I melted into your touch
Tangled my body and my heart into yours

Sometimes I think I catch a whiff of your scent
as if it is still clinging onto the walls

Somehow you managed to untangle yourself
while still leaving me tangled
I kissed him because he smelled like you
and that is just a little bit ****** up
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