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T Jan 12
If you have any problems or just need to talk ears are wide open from you I would never turn away and walk
If you feel the need to shoulder will always be here and I will never question why
My love for you goes far beyond words so it doesn't matter it all comes in a flurry......I will never be far from you so there are no reason to worry
Until the day I die I will always be here.......just because my little princess I really care.
So late at night and you can't sleep and you need to shed some light or just need to say a little ........I am always here and will never get in the middle....just.....listen..
My shoulders broad and ears will be wide is its anything there is no reason to hide.
From now till the day I breathe no more I will always be there so don't hesitate......because if it is in your head you must not keep it in so there is no reason to wait.
# believe we must
T Jan 10
I love you so much I can't even comes from within my heart so deep
The pain I feel it is just too hurts so bad because it is your skin I want to touch
When I think of you the tears start to fall.....the pain is so deep I stumble then crawl
The warmth of your body close to mine.......when we were together the sun would always shine
I love and I miss you oh so much.....never in my life have I had feelings like such
You are in my head and in my dreams.....forever and ever so it seems
There is so much that I miss about you ......a love like this I could never forget I know it will last a lifetime this much is true
##in my heart I believe
T Jan 9
In my head life is beautiful and there is no end......there are no wars and there are no bills to send
In my head it is just you and I .....beautiful weather as we walk hand and hand as we walk through the sand under the moonlit sky
In my head we are so in love .......but when I snap out of it and open my eyes ....and I see there is no you I would rather be dead.
#we still must believe
T Jan 7
The words to that song it pulls on my heartstrings.........the lyrics and the beat and I love the joy it brings
It plays over in my head the perfect words and sweetest melodies......just one word and I will be yours to please
Just choose wisely my princess.....this was made just us and it's with our love that's why it's a big success
So when you hear it play look to the stars and I will be there......our love makes the world spin and with it you will never have to fear.
#I still believe
T Dec 2019
you think i forgot you this is not think i can't still love you but i definitly do
missing you more with each passing day.......time cannot change the way i feel that's what i needed to say
the way that i feel i will not hide........i hold my head high when i think of you inside
do you remember how we felt we said we would stay forever
your blood forever flows in my is not being beside you is why my heart it pains
# I do believe
T Dec 2019
The hand of God has come down and taken another one from dear brother your time had come you were tired and in need to be free
Now you are in paradise with Dad and Mom and our dear well Oh brother of mine your soul will still be here and no more pain or fear
I will be there with you guys when my time comes....but right now the world needs me ...strength inside I must bring to all that needs so the light they will see
$may god be with you all
T Dec 2019
I spend the holidays with tears in my eyes.....this year it is under blood red skies
You know I walk this path all alone.......I don't know how I can deal with all this pain on my own
This constant feeling is like a knife piercing my heart......and it all has my life falling apart
On the outside I look like I am doing just fine.....but on the inside it's like the pain is breaking my spine
The light at the end of the tunnel it must be out there somewhere
I was not meant to walk this earth alone......there is no woman that shall stand  beside me....except her....this is all that i prefer
the life i live is my own ........for without her hand i shall stand alone.
#this is what i believe
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