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T 52m
forever i cannot be without you this is and always my heart will be hand must be in yours this is fate.....our love is forever and it cannot wait
T 1h
if it is my shoes you must must stand up and talk the talk
my love for you it shall never shall stand alone amongst the bright blue sky
T 2h
time waits for no one and family sometimes is all that you have and that is all......when you get in trouble who do you call?
family is all you can really count on.......people you love sometimes turn there back to you.....true love there is always a hitch....but in there voice you can hear the pitch
the woman i love there is no one that can come close to is just her touch that perferve that prefer
my heart gets full and my knees grow weak....when ever she is near......let this be known and let me make this clear.......the love i hold for this one woman no one could ever and my feelings you could never steer
the love i hold just for the only love that i prefer
for i stand forever on bended knee .......i hope someday she will open her eyes and see
T 1d
the woman i love seems so distant...her touch is what i adore.....from the morning light to the beaches shore
her love is what keeps me alive.......the feelings inside is what keeps alive my drive
from today until my last breath......i will love her until my last step
#I StIzlL BeLeiVe
T 3d
for are my arms not strong my heart not warm enough how can you not feel love for you is strong cant you feel just a little bit
my soul is deeply wounded by just the thought of your cant you give it a little shove
i know that i didnt give you enough but if you give me another chance i will not make same mistake...i just dont know how many times my heart bresk....just for your love..when i know you were sent from the heavens above
T 6d
the tears again have filled my eyes.......this time around they are like hailstones from the sky
the love of my life has strayed again...i have not felt so lost since i don.t know when
these feelings i have i cannot control.........she is the only one that can make my life whole
i guess if they find me dead on the floor it would mean i would worry no more
you are the Angel for whom i breathe.......and my love for you shall never leave
#please you must believe
T Apr 12
the branches have all fallen from my tree......but if you take a close look you will see
together a bond we have must not remember and fotget all of the guilt
forever we will be one...........what we have between us can not be undone
#i ask of you just believe
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