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Wendell A Brown May 2017
Each night when I am dreaming
I tenderly think of loving you
Embracing every joyful moment
For I love everything you do

My nightly dreams are very serene
As my heart drinks of tender bliss
Finding my mind easily swept away
During the times we share a kiss

It is such a very beautiful moment
Each night my mind begins to dream
Of your lovely image alive within
Reminding me you are my everything

And with the new day's dawning
I'm never sad as my dream fades
Because I know as I open my eyes
Your love's reality always stays.
A poem for my wife!
Wendell A Brown May 2017
Where have all our beautiful flowers gone
Each so very special in their own way
Where have all our young flowers gone
Why has this world’s evil taken them away

Where have all our young flowers gone
Oh Lord, we miss them in so many ways
And it's hard to accept the reason they left
As our grief overwhelms us so much today

For our souls are broken in many, many pieces
While our hearts are deeply wrought with pain
We know from this moment forward in our lives
Nothing in our world will again be the same

Where have all our little flowers gone to
Though it may seem they are now far away
The jewels of our lives are still very near
For in our hearts, their smiles brightly stay

Even as our hearts deeply weep for all of them
In all their faces an angel’s smile, we'll see
Knowing our Lord has embraced each one lovingly
Giving their spirits the blessing of heavenly gain.

Wendell Arnold Brown
A poem dedicated to the Manchester England Families who suffered much loss a few days ago by a terrorist!
Wendell A Brown May 2017
My world was touched by his hand
And its loneliness was chased away
Into my world entered such happiness
And a greater need for his love to stay

He taught me to love all of mankind
Also to love His father first of all
Promising me if I did all these things
Never hard would ever be my fall

He filled my heart with a believing faith
Which he promised I could always keep
He told me not to ever  doubt again
As he would always be on call for me

He gave to me many sweet treasures
That to others he allowed me to share
He promised that even while I slept
That his love would always be near.
Wendell A Brown May 2017
Why is it each time I see you
I fall in love all over again
Why is it when I embrace you
Loves fires will begin again

Why is it each time I kiss you
I want to hold you much more
Why is it when I'm near to you
Of one thought I am quite sure

I need you like the grass the rain
Or the sky above the soft clouds
For without your love in my life
I would not know what loves about

I only know each moment I see you
I will fall in love all over again
And when I reach out to touch you
The flames of love will still begin.
Wendell A Brown Apr 2017
I knew you were someone special
When I first saw your smile today
I knew because the way you smiled
In my life, you would have to stay

Filling my world with the loveliness
Which I greet daily when I see you
I found my heart deeply falling
And my mind knew not what to do

I had to try to find new ways
That would get you to notice me
I wanted to get closer to you
So my presence you would need

I had to convince you, darling
In my world, you had to stay
I found each night as I slept
Your image would never fade

I knew what I was praying for
Hoping you would grow a need
To have me close to you in life
And you too would dream of me

Many new things start to happen
As one begins to fall in love I say
I find many pleasurable emotions
Since my eyes saw you that day

What I embrace now I find I need
To fill my life  in so many ways
As love continues to grow I know
Your reality of love will never fade.

(April 1977)
Wendell A Brown Apr 2017
True love blossoms into forever pearls
Polished by eternity's lasting kiss
Moments that started within a tiny dream
Lay on a foundation that will always last

As separate hopes and dreams now become one
Never having to struggle alone again
Two inspired hearts both took a leap of faith
For a life of love that will never end

And as we reach for the others warm embrace
Our lips still meet sharing a tender kiss
We find that as time has gently passed
How our union has become so truly blessed

For we were always meant to be
Forever living by the others side
While our love has kept us so very close
Tied together where eternity lies.
Written for my 30th Wedding Anniversary
Wendell A Brown Apr 2017
My heart embraces you daily
As your smile sweeps me away
And I am now as always
Of your love a willing slave

It does not take much to please me
For it's  very easy when it comes to you
You provide such simple pleasures
With everything you say and do

I try each day not to ever think about
How my life would surely be
If I spent it alone without your love
Right here so very close to me

So I speak each day in silent prayer
To my God who has blessed me so
Who graced my life daily with your tender love
Making it a treasure I will not let go.
A love poem for my wife for our 30th wedding anniversary
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