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Mary Ab Oct 2018
Take a moment and ponder upon your life,
The moments you were depressed and hopeless
Aren't they over,
Didn't you find a better situation,
Reflect upon all the things that happened to you,
Even if it might seem that you've been alone and no one was there for you,
In fact Allah was always there,
Helping you through and providing you with all what you need while you were away consumed by your fears..  

Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart,
Shout to it to calm down, Allah is here always to help you ..

End your worries and start a peaceful fresh beginning with the chapter of your life,
Name it "Reliance and Certainty"

Be forever grateful for your lord for every single bounty that He provided you
You are  blessed to be here and do ardently know that Allah will give you the power and patience to continue and shine in your life..

because you are a S U R V I VO R ...
Mary Ab Oct 2018
Close your eyes and open your heart,
Can you hear the silence!
Can you see the darkness!
Be grateful for the little things you have in life,
For all our lives are full of bounties and blessings..

Mingling with other people from different backgrounds and Ethnicities inspired me and made me wondering in the deepest meanings of life

Allah created us for one aim which is to worship Him alone..
He empowered us with all the tools that would help us to achieve life's goal
The holy Quran will heal your heart and the sunnah of our prophet Muhammed PBUH will enlighten your path..

A letter to one's self..

Thank you is the least word I can utter to express my gratitude for you my lord
You created me out of love before I was nothing,
You gave me everything..
From the beauty to the health and wealth
The eyes, ears, hands, legs and heart :")
A muslim family that helped me through,
The Arabic language that allows me to enjoy Quran,  
You made me walk through your path to discover your light
Thank you for the awakening moments you granted me
Thank you for the air I breath the beauty I see and the food I eat
Thank you for the birds and trees
For the water and leaves
For the seasons and planets
For the sun and the moon
The clouds and the sky
If I ever start I can never count all the blessings you granted me

It is really important to step back on your life and start thinking and Talking to your self
To give your soul the boost to continue this life
To empower your faith and renew your tawakul (reliance on Allah)

I felt the need to cry when I attended today's speech by one of the sisters
She spoke about how insan needs to always rely on his Lord
Yeah sometimes you really get confused in the realms of life and you forget all the bounties that you've been blessed with
Shaytan comes to you  and start whispering that you always need more..
It's okay to always need more because Allah loves when his servants
pray to him and asks from him,
But this doesn't mean to forget all what you've been blessed with

It's really important to specify an hour each morning to reflect upon your life and to thank Allah for every single moment you have

Allah has created you out of love,
You are a unique version of your self
Nobody is completely like you
You are you and you should love yourself because Allah wants you to be like that..

All praise is to Allah!
Humans should always thank Allah for all the blessings and bounties! you will certainly face difficult times in your life because this life is a test!
all you have to do is to rely on Allah and always seek his help and satisfaction <3
Mary Ab Oct 2016
P===>Put everything aside, get away from your worldly problems, let your soul fly in the skies of faith by the starting point of "takbirat elihram" Allah is the Greatest , and everything is just none ...

R===> Relax your soul and refresh your mind , let your every vain of heart be filled with the purest glimpses of light, of pure love and eternal true belief ..

A===> Awaken your soul from its oblivion and remember that every single creature on earth is praying to Allah,  the Almighty ..

Y===> Yearn for paradise, imagine its eternal beauty and enchanting rewards with every move in your prayer ...

E===> Engage in your salât with the deepest concentration and embrace Allah's marvellous bounties on you ! Be a thankful grateful servant !

R===> Repent to your Lord whenever you sin ... Repentance is embedded in your salât, Allah is the most merciful , just be sincere and declare your honest repentance ...

Rule your life the way you want , YOU ARE THE LEADER OF YOUR OWN LIFE.  

أقم صلاتك ... تستقم حياتك !
by : Meriem.A
Salât : Islamic prayer
Mary Ab Mar 2015
I Came to Know LOVE ...

I came to know love the moment I knew you
I came to know love , the moment I came close to You

It's only when i remember you that i feel secure ,
That my heart reaches the highest degrees of faith and declare that it's pure,

I closed my heart from everyone except you ,
And I started whispering knowing that you already knew
what's there in my heart and what I've been through. ..
"Oh Allah,the ONE who sees secrets of hearts while we don't see you ,
The Most Merciful and Forgiving ,
I declare my repentance for you ...
For you are the only one who loves me more than I even do love myself ...
Oh my Lord,
With each hearty glimpse of love I do possess in my heart ,
I ardently have two types of love for you ...

The love of inclination when your remembrance keeps me away from everything but you ...
And truly the love you are WORTHY of is when you unveil the veils for me to see you ...

All praise is for you my Creator ,
You privileged me with every purchase of happiness,
The very significant of love and care ...
From creating me a human being and not other creature ,
For the fancy perfect religion of Islam ...

Oh Allah,  my heart beats would speak more eloquently than my words would be able to do ,
Cause no word is worthy in front of your greatness , no meaning could be shaped ******  ...

Ya Allah , please grant me deep faith and belief in you ,
Mold my heart into a precious pearl ,
One that encompass pure love,  benevolence and grace ...

Oh Lord of el3alamin;
Make me close to you the way you want me to be righteous and pious ,
Guide my steps to ensure the right path of true belief and happiness ...
And make me contribute in spreading peace and happiness ,
Through spreading the light of Islam all over the nations ...

Ya Allah don't let my heart beat for anyone except you,
For your love is the pure and all the rest is just an illusion ...
El3alamin : all the mankind
Mary Ab Oct 2014
As I sat in the library waiting for my lecture to start,
A beautiful girl came along  and stood near to my heart

As she sent me peace with a smile full of delight,
Revealed such a beauty of hidden appealing light

Her eyes somehow met mine in a sudden peep
Took me somewhere over the rainbow leap

her eyes were iridescent with every shades of hope,
kindling sparks of spiritual faith and defeated mope

As I was wondering among her beautiful face ,
I heard her voice ,tingling my heart to race

She asked how to improve her langage to fulfill a dream,
To call for Islam and invite people to know this perfect Deen

She loves Allah more than you could ardently imagine ,
Her eyes glowing with the radiant of this noble message

I was fascinated by her alluring faith and love ,
by her appealing beauty and optimism shining above

Her heart was a precious peace of sincerity and faith
Studded with the most redolent shimmering gems

A full blossming hour spent without a doubt ,
Bringing faint hint of smiling sunshine ,

Pure love of Allah mingled our spirits ,
refreshingly flourished my heart and lissomed my soul

Islam is our biggest bounty so let's be grateful,
Let's relax our hearts and spread this bliss all over ...

The tips I gave she kept with an excited determination ,
To realise her dream and be among the callers
For this native religion and truthful decision,

With a glorious gratitude we ended our meeting ,
Promised our souls to get to strengthen our faith,
To noble our path and find our truthful basement

Speechless expressions are all we were able to keep,
In  front of Allah's super mercy and grateful deeds

she was  a pretty faithful soul that entered my heart,
Took me higher , and sowed love in every single part ...

Thank you Allah for all your bounties and fascination
Blissful we are to belong to your super fetching creation ...

I've been inspired by her faithful soul , embedded between her radiant light and fascinated by her pure love for Allah ...
Masha'Allah ♡

I met a precious jewel this morning who stole my heart and melted my soul ...
Mary Ab Oct 2014
So radiant and fascinating is a flower's beauty ,
Protected by its thorns revealing a loyal duty ...
So inspired by roses *_*
Mary Ab Oct 2014
Even though you made feel like i was invisible for no clear reason ,
Ohh dear , I forgive you but I couldn't Forget that tough season ...

That's why I kept my smile when I saw you ..
No hatered would be kept in my heart , I assure you ...
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